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Pax Sinica in the middle East?
Material posted: Publication date: 01-11-2013

The English-language media completely ignored a noteworthy statement that caused the facing to the China's call for German website Der Spiegel "to take responsibility as a world power" in the middle East.

From the pen of a Beijing correspondent for the German news organization Bernard Zand, it succinctly and to the point: now that China imports from the Middle East has more oil than any other country in the world, he should be responsible for security in the region. "America's interest in the Middle East diminishes day by day" as it moves towards energy self-sufficiency, wrote Zand, adding:

In contrast, China's interest in a peaceful middle East is enormous. Beijing is not only the largest buyer of precisely those oil powers who are currently fanning the flames of conflict in Syria; as a VIPbuyer, a Beijing increases political clout that it needs to openly use. The Minister of foreign Affairs of China has in Tehran and Riyadh as much weight as his American colleagues.

China is in a situation, Zand continues, which to some extent resembles Germany after the reunification – the state whose economic power is growing, in the end asks what it has to offer politically. He concludes:

The days when Americans could count on in ensuring security of supply lines of Beijing, will soon come to an end – the budget deficit of America itself will take care of that. Whoever wanted to be a world power, it needs to take responsibility.

I have no idea what China sees its future role in the middle East. Americans will learn the intentions of the powers, gradually filling the vacuum left by the departure of Washington from the world "until much after is done the fact, if they learn at all", as I wrote on 16 September (see "US plays Monopoly, Russia – chess"). That's why I moved away from foreign policy analysts. It is useful, however, to note what the whole world says, especially when this is not mentioned nor is one English source. Public call Der Spiegel to China to assume a leading geopolitical role in the middle East, however, from the General background is not distracting.

U.S. commentators have treated China as to the pest, the source of nuclear technology of Pakistan, ballistic missiles of Iran and other alarming examples of the spread of nuclear weapons. Worth considering radically different view of China's interests in lands between the Himalayas and the Mediterranean sea – no world power can't lose from the instability more than China.

The nuclear weapons program of Iran represents the greatest risk to the region, and China was viewed by Western diplomats, trying to tighten the economic screws on the Tehran as extremely reluctant party. Moreover, Chinese companies have helped Iran to evade trade sanctions, but a high price and ambiguous result. 30 September The New York Times talked about the problems the country was under sanctions Iran's economy and highlighted the country's dependence on China:

One economist, Mohammad Sadegh, Hanseat, said that the government was taken hostage by countries that profit from the sanctions – particularly China, which he called the worst business partner ever was from Iran.

"China has monopolized our trade – we are subsidizing their goods, which have to import, he said, adding about his work in the energy industry. – They destroy local production and leave oil and gas projects unfinished so that no one was able to work with them".

The possibility of China applying pressure on the Iranian regime impressive. In addition to his interest to prevent nuclear proliferation in the Persian Gulf, China has a number of conflict issues with Iran, is well summarized in the review Zachary Keck in The Diplomat, 17 October. What should compel Tehran to be alert, is the border of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. On October 26, Iran announced that it had hanged 16 alleged Sunni rebels in bordering Pakistan's Balochistan province, and this is just the latest episode in a long series of violent incidents.

"With a population of 170 million, Pakistan has 20 million men of military age, the same number as Iran and Turkey combined; by 2035 this figure will grow by half," said I in 2009. He also has nuclear weapons.

Iran lies between the two Sunni countries – Turkey and Pakistan – are heavily dependent on Saudi funding, and have also excellent relations with China. Still causing disputes agreement Turkey purchase Chinese air defense system is a revolution in Chinese-Turkish relations caused by China's promise to provide Turkey with a package of relevant technologies and to help the Turks with the production of these systems is a much more generous offer than that Ankara had received for all time from the West. Turkey is a logical endpoint of the "New silk road", railway, pipelines and high-speed channel, which China has proposed to build in Central Asia.

You can also add, that China has excellent relations with Israel, the first technical University which has just proposed a $130 million grant to co-Finance the construction of a branch in China from Hong Kong tycoon Li Kashin. The remaining $ 147 million will make the administration of Chinese provinces and municipalities. Organic fertilization of ideas and personnel between the Israeli military, universities and entrepreneurs in the high technology sector is a success story in miniature, which China hopes to replicate in its scale. According to Singaporean analyst Michael rusk, the military modernization of China requires the promotion of dual-use technologies in private industry.

Without attributing any geopolitical plans to Beijing, the known facts clearly indicate that China has opportunities to exert strategic influence in the middle East, and he has a clear interest in maintaining stability. That may decide to do China, Washington learns, if he learns at all. If China wanted to influence, for example, on Iran, it has a significant tools to do this, and many other.

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