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Let China America to Asia?
Material posted: Publication date: 10-01-2014

Almost a year ago in the American press slipped information that the US is preparing to redirect some of its resources to Asia. Now, however, it became clear that this strategic shift is temporarily canceled, largely because of China and its position in the global economy. It should be noted that in recent years China has grown to a global superpower and can afford to dictate their position to the world, including the United States.

Not so long ago, in December of last year, Vice President Joe Biden went to northeast Asia with the intention to persuade South Korea and Japan that the United States will increase investment in their countries. But in the negotiations, it became clear that China took an unexpected for the Americans the decision to expand its presence and to establish its identification air defence zone in disputed area, Japan and South Korea. Moreover, China did not even pay attention to the speech of Biden in the South Korean University, where he expressed the hope that China will not implement actions aimed at the escalation of violence.

And indeed the U.S. has cause for concern, since China has a very aggressive, at least in regard to the disputed territories. Special concerns regarding China arise from the rapidly growing economy of China, and also huge human resources. Moreover, the Chinese gradually flooded not only the region, but also Africa, Latin America, Europe and Central Asia. The US also did not escape this fate. Trade expansion of China in the world has already become a headache for the Industrialists of these countries.

As for military buildup, China has succeeded here. Not so long ago, commissioned the aircraft carrier "Liaoning", having successfully conducted exercises in the South China sea. In this sea China handles disputes for territory with countries such as Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan. Just at the time when the Vice-President of the United States was negotiating with Japan and South Korea, Chinese military vessel to avoid collision forced to change the course of American missile cruiser. With what impudence it was made, gives some idea. Anyway, the last time against the US China behaves obviously disregard, but fifteen years ago it was different. Now China builds up its military power at the same rate, as has recently stepped up economic, which is justified. With the growth of the military budget improved military technology and equipment. So in the Pentagon there is information about the modernization of missile forces of China, the construction of new submarines, improving nuclear weapons. All this happens in complete secrecy.

From the foregoing it can be concluded that, despite recent steps by the USA – to strengthen its influence in Australia and the Philippines, America is clearly beginning to take positions and will restore the status quo is not yet known.

Race re. To be continued?

Despite emerging in the West, the trend of military budgets, China and Russia, on the contrary, continue to increase their defense spending, including troops, payments to personnel, training, scientific research, procurement of weapons, military construction, operating and administrative costs, etc.

Military expenditure of China in 2013 rose to 114, 676 billion. It should be noted that the spending for defense China is increasing every year. So, in 2012, was spent 103,6 billion, which is 11.6% more than in 2011.

And if the USA intend to reduce their spending on arms, focusing more on the resolution of local conflicts, the Chinese, by contrast, intends to improve its own strategic forces, carrying out a full rearmament of the army and Navy.

It is expected that by 2025 the military complex of China will be the largest in the world. The media predicts that by this time military expenses of China made 238,2 billion. Anyway, the plans they have on this big. So in the next few years China can build modern aircraft carriers and fifth-generation fighters.

Burst if the Chinese "a soap bubble"?

The growth of China's economy in 2013 has slowed down and amounted to 7.7%, which could have an impact on economic expectations around the world.

If you think about it, what happens in China's economy, we can compare it with the economic growth of the Soviet Union in 30-e years, when industrial production grew at a huge rate, thanks to mass outflow of villagers to the city. As a result, the company received a large number of cheap labor, products produced more also needed more raw materials. As a result, the demand for raw materials worldwide has increased dramatically.

But the expected transformation of China as a superpower may not happen, as the economic growth at the expense of industrial production of the eternal can not be. Sooner or later it needs to go into decline. In any case, the slowdown of China's economic growth is already beginning to have a negative impact on the global economy. First from the economic recession affected the main partners are China, Australia, Africa, Latin America. Their economy is largely dependent on the economic growth of the partner. Within the country, also assumed some shocks. Especially the decline will affect the construction industry, which will have implications for related industries.


Source: The Eye Of The Planet

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