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Material posted: Publication date: 30-11-2020
In the Armed forces (AF) of the people's Republic of China (PRC) continue to pay attention to the study of the structure and activities of the armies of the probable enemy. In parts of the people's liberation army (PLA) created a new by the nature of the business, studying the tactics of the armed forces of the countries of the probable opponent. Such units carry the name "blue army".

The military-political leadership of the PRC among the countries of potential enemies include the following:

In operational activities, "blue" employs a system of antiaircraft defense (air defense): anti-aircraft artillery, radar systems (radar) on the mobile anti-aircraft artillery systems and electronic warfare equipment for making noise in the communication between UAV and ground control points.

  • organization maneuverable strike;
  • the conduct of offensive operations;
  • the ability to organize the defense;
  • the use of electronic system for evaluation of the efficiency of decisions on the use of personnel and VVT;
  • shipping personnel with the VVT in the area of the UBM;
  • improving the skills of commanders in the practical application of subordinate units and units in the UBM;
  • improving the skills of commanders in the organization of logistics;
  • testing planning and carrying out military operations.

At the end of April 2019 195 65 NBR ST. AND Central operational areas was noted that training for the summer cycle of teachings "Transition-2019". Service in the brigade did the tanks "type 99", the new military jeeps, "DF", cargo vehicles, new infantry fighting vehicles (BMP) type "VN11", new tracked anti-aircraft artillery type "PGZ-07", helicopters "Zhi-8 and Zhi-19".

One of the demonstration exercises "Transition-2019" should be considered "Transition-2015 Sanitize B". Exercise participants:

"Blue troops" practiced the questions of the application of artillery and air strikes on the positions of the "red troops" conduct intelligence.

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