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The events in Hong Kong and the battle for the U.S. dollar
Material posted: Publication date: 09-10-2014

Attempting to execute the classic "color revolution" in Hong Kong (Hong Kong) for many became a surprise. It seemed, Washington, wasawasa simultaneously in the war in Ukraine, sanctions confrontation with Russia, fighting against the "Islamic state", now before the deterioration of relations with China. However, the United States took such a risk....

That from the Hong Kong riots American ears stick out, we can hardly doubt. This is evidenced, in particular, is almost an exact match scenarios Hong Kong "revolution of umbrellas" and the Ukrainian Maidan. Media China pointed to the fact that the leaders of the movement Occupy Central were trained in the programs of U.S. intelligence, and the movement was born in "Hong Kong-American center". As in Kyiv, to protest visited the Consulate General of the USA, and the head of the center M. Holbrook and Hong Kong media Mogul Jimmy Lai, financed organization riots in Hong Kong, close to one of the key figures of the neo-conservative lobby in America, former U.S. Secretary of defense Paul Wolfowitz.

The official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of China Hua Chunin said: "We are against any third-party intervention and foreign support of the movement Occupy Central. We encourage countries that are behind the organization to carefully monitor the words and actions — their own and their wards". And Chinese foreign Minister Wang Yi in talks with us Secretary of state John Kerry. Kerry strongly hinted that other States should not interfere in the events in Hong Kong.

The desire to undermine the stability of the PRC in Washington do not hide. Like copying their application in Ukraine].Kerry urged Beijing to exercise restraint in relation to the participants of the mass protests and allow them to peacefully Express their opinions. Again blocking administrative buildings declared peaceful shares, and attempts by the authorities to restore order pronounced violence against citizens...

Several days later, on October 17, the U.S. national debt once again reaches the established ceiling of 16.7 trillion. $ . – and will again be raised, because neither the Americans nor the US lenders are not interested in the uncontrolled collapse of the American economy. At the same time, the accumulation of debt cannot continue indefinitely. According to the banker and financial adviser J. Rickards, during the continuation of an existing policy following the crisis broke out, "in a year or two, but six years will not have to wait".

Meanwhile, Beijing, rejecting Washington's offer of creating a "Big two" (USA – China), in September 2013, announced their own project of Eurasian integration – the New silk road. In addition to the friendly China Central Asian States and Russia were supposed to take part in this project and Ukraine. During the visit of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych to China in December 2013 between Beijing and Kiev, agreement was reached on the construction of the Chinese in the Crimea, near Yalta, a deepwater port with a turnover of 140 million tons per year and a deep-water channel, as well as airports, shipyards, refineries, LNG plant and other facilities.

In November 2013, the Central Bank of China has decided that "the accumulation of foreign exchange no longer meets the interests of China" and it has struck such a financial instrument USA, directed against gold as the virtual currency Bitcoin. The Central Bank of China has released an official statement on what financial organizations do not have the right to trade Bitcoin. Meanwhile, on the Chinese sites are approximately 62% of the total volume of all Bitcoin transactions in the world.

Can't be afraid in the USA and of China's policy of accumulating foreign reserves, which is regarded in Beijing as one of the "key strategies of China, regardless of whether it is for economic security of the state or to accelerate the internationalization of the yuan". In China operates the Shanghai gold exchange, which trades are maintained for the yuan. In addition, Chinese banks have adopted new standards of the Basel Committee on banking supervision "Basel-3", in accordance with which the gold is recognized as a full-fledged financial asset, which in the calculation of equity is quoted as the most reliable of Treasury securities or cash. Banks USA and Western Europe, except Switzerland, were not ready to adopt the new rules, which came into force on 1 January 2013, the Danger for the dollar increases and a significant presence in the banking capital of Hong Kong Rothschild, has long harbored a plan for the return to the gold standard, which would mean the complete collapse of anything not secured to the dollar. For example, in 2000, associated with the Rothschild Bank Standard Chartered bought retail business Rockefeller Chase Manhattan Bank in Hong Kong, displacing American competitors from China.

Numerous risks to the US dollar existed before, but the situation around Ukraine has strengthened the Sino-American confrontation.

Moscow and Beijing took the decision to move in mutual national currencies. In addition to reached in 2012, the agreement of China and Japan, a similar decision is accepted and the trade of China with Argentina in RMB. The total volume of currency swaps will be $ 11 billion. Making steps to failure in foreign trade from the dollar, and Russia. As stated by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, speaking at the forum "Russia calling!", the country intends to move to national currencies in foreign trade settlements with China and other partners. "Gazprom Neft" has already made the first trial supply of oil for rubles in China, two in Europe. The transition to full trade black gold for rubles will need to create exchanges that will be set oil prices in rubles, which should serve to strengthening of the Russian currency and weakening the petrodollar.

Impressive recent developments in the gold market. September 19, 2014 held its first auction on the Shanghai gold exchange, which was attended by 40 foreign companies. The new exchange has 58 certified vaults, located in 36 cities in China. Large flow of physical gold, in contrast to the impersonal gold on the London stock exchange and futures in new York, the exchange is making China a formidable competitor. Also located in the Hong Kong Chinese gold and silver company (kzsk) has announced that it plans to build a new huge storage for precious metals in Shenzhen, which will integrate the gold markets of Shanghai and Hong Kong. The project start is scheduled for 13 October 2014. Not does this explain why September 30, flashed to Hong Kong?

Due to the high availability of the yuan, China's currency receives international recognition. Thus, the Ministry of Finance of great Britain has announced the release of the first bond in yuan, the proceeds of which will be part of the foreign reserves of the UK to Fund the stabilization of the currency. Considering adding yuan as one of its reserve assets and the Swiss national Bank. In 2015 possible inclusion of the yuan in the "special drawing rights" of the IMF.

In parallel, other countries are increasing their gold reserves. According to the survey of the world gold Council the World Gold Council, over the last 6 months, Russia increased its reserves by 54 tons and came in fifth place in terms of gold reserves in the world. An impressive volume of 24.7 tons of gold purchased by the national Bank of Kazakhstan. In the opinion of the representative of the Official forum of monetary and financial institutions D. Marsh, the trend of accumulation of gold in Russia and Kazakhstan can be part of a coordinated monetary policy. The actual size of the gold reserves of China is unknown. When Beijing will provide an update on its gold reserves, it will be possible to assess the combined gold reserves of Russia, China, Kazakhstan and other SCO members.

Let's not speculate whether many of the chances of the paper dollar to stand in the fight against currencies backed by gold, but most likely, this question will be decided not so much in Finance, but in geopolitical clashes. U.S. resolve to fight attempts to end the hegemony of the dollar finds support in the middle East, Ukraine, Hong Kong, and the States of Eurasia is fighting time itself. Quite Chinese.



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