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Tiananmen in Hong Kong: China it's time to break the political "neutral"
Material posted: Publication date: 02-10-2014

Already a few days in Hong Kong happen "action of disobedience". A mass rally moved in a sitting strike in the Central district of the metropolis. Tens of thousands of students took to the streets demanding democratic elections in 2017, when the term of current head of administration of Hong Kong Liang Janina.

Peaceful rally can hardly be called – as a result of clashes with police have already affected about 60 people and more detained by police officers. The script of "peaceful expressions of protest" looks suspiciously like the "velvet" revolution in the post-Soviet space. Yes and the analogy with the events in Tiananmen square in 1989 to come of themselves. At this time, in another troubled region of China attacks, while American planes are flying along the Chinese border. It's a coincidence, or someone destabilizes the internal situation in the Russian ally? Details – in the material Накануне.RU.

The information that a large number of Hong Kong students took to the streets demonstrating against limits on the number of candidates on elections of the leadership of Hong Kong, appeared on September 22. It was reported that this action takes place within the framework of a "week of civil disobedience", in which residents of the special administrative region of Hong Kong call for free elections.

Since 1997, when Britain returned Hong Kong to China, this metropolis has the status of special administrative region. In fact, China ensures its sovereignty and armed protection, the political system there, "cooked in its own juice". Functions at the power of the British crown exercised London appointed Governor, performs the chief Minister of administration of Hong Kong. It shall elect a Committee on elections a chief Minister for administration of Hong Kong, consisting of 800 persons who represent the Hong Kong business elite. However, Beijing often accused of excessive influence on the leadership of the metropolis. For the introduction of full direct elections and serving students. The first sit-down strike took place near the Chinese University. The demonstrators accused China that it does not keep its promises. Previously, Beijing had announced that direct elections in Hong Kong will be held in 2017. In August, the Chinese government announced that the elections will be allowed only a few candidates selected by the special Committee. In fact, such a system operates throughout China.

On Friday the protest of the students supported thousands of students who chose to participate in the rally, than to go to class.

Weekend peaceful protest Hong Kong "HireDate" sharply radicalized. The tone here asked "Occupy Central" – the local clone of the American "Occupy Wall street", led one of the University professors. "Okkupati" was going to block the business center of Hong Kong on 1 October, but, taking advantage of the situation, began to operate on September 27. The demonstrators headed towards the business district of the city, where he tried to block the work of the Admiralty, and later an attempt was made to break into the residence of the chief Minister. Naturally, these attempts met with stiff resistance by the police, which used batons, water cannons and tear gas to disperse the enraged students. Instead of requirements on the election rhetoric of the protesters changed to "Down with the Communist party! Down With Liang Janina". And government buildings gathered a crowd of thousands.

On Tuesday there were at least 56 wounded, the Hong Kong stock exchange – one of the largest financial centers of the world suffers a serious loss, and the end of these events have not yet seen. Demonstrators build barricades, stock up on food and water, the police are trying to keep the situation under control. It is reported that in the city practically does not work public transport, many shops are closed, banks is difficult, the Central area of the city is actually blocked. Interestingly, the situation immediately commented on in the British Foreign Ministry. On the website of the foreign office there was a special message, which says that the British foreign office is watching the situation in Hong Kong and reminds the Chinese authorities of the right of demonstration for all democratic States.

We can recall similar words in the entire Western world almost a year ago, when it was promoted unrest on the Maidan. However, those same diplomats was silent for some reason during the armed suppression of protests in the American Ferguson, on the dispersal and the prosecution of members of anti-government million rally in Paris, not to mention the civil war being waged by Washington's proconsul Petro Poroshenko in response to the rallies in defense of the rights of Russian-speaking population of the Southeast.

Probably "pure coincidence" was manifested in the fact that simultaneously with the events in Hong Kong, last week there was a series of terrorist attacks, which killed dozens of people in another volatile region of China – Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region. There is an event related with the condemnation of the professors, calling for the overthrow of the Chinese government and compare them with the Japanese occupiers.

You should pay attention to the fact that the clashes in Hong Kong took place the day after the General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee XI Jinping met with the joint delegation of Taiwanese organizations for the peaceful unification of the country. Later the President of Taiwan MA Ying-jeou said: "We fully sympathize with and supported by Hong Kong residents in their demands for universal suffrage".

The evening of September 28, the Chinese authorities started to block the function of adding pictures and updating tape in Instagram, and in mainland China.

Many users of Facebook change their profile pictures to an image of yellow ribbons and yellow umbrella in support of the protest movement. Supporters of the police post blue ribbons. Hong Kong Maidan - the first analogy that comes to mind, but here it is more appropriate to recall the events of Tiananmen square in 1989, when strong steps were able to keep the situation from more victims and to prevent the collapse of the state to what it was. Like it happened in the USSR when the coup perpetrated Yeltsin, plunging the country into chaos "shock reforms", from which Russia still has not recovered, and millions of people in the country as a result "does not fit into the market" with the population rapidly began to die out.

As far as can be judged, the time for the position of political "neutrality" that likes to take China over, and it's time to decide - will he be able to enter into open confrontation with the demiurge of the Maidan scenario in Hong Kong.

My opinion about the situation Накануне.RU shared expert and military journalist Aleksandr Zhilin:

- I estimate a mass rally in Hong Kong, as an attempt to destabilize the situation in China is not at the level of what is happening in Ukraine, and as a method of intimidation and pressure on the territory in the struggle for anti-Russian influence. The fact that a lot of times said Obama in public and in their private conversations with the Chinese authorities, bowing to anti-Russian course, we are now witnessing. Is blackmail. This occurs by known methods – the efforts of intelligence services and agents of influence in place. In fact, if we draw an analogy with Ukraine, Georgia and other "colored revolutions", it is at the level of information and terrorist operations. On the eve of the study the mood of the protest action are accumulated, then there is a mathematical layout is that the input should be and what you can get at the output. There is no spontaneity, it's all managed processes.

You have to understand that no "color revolution" cannot happen without support from the outside. It is an axiom. This requires: financial support, advice, advisors to destabilize the situation. Typically, this is done by people who the day before are recalled in the Embassy, which houses the control centers. Any "color revolution" begins with chaos. Americans are very clear, I say this with great regret, mastered the method of exposure, manipulation of sentiment through the controlled chaos that we see now in Ukraine. But modern technology is now widely used to create General hysteria.

Another thing is that China is not Ukraine. China understands the difference between large and small losses. This is their theory: when the turmoil begins, they believe that it is better to shed the "small" blood will flow than "large". If you do not hold situation, half a billion people entered the confrontation of "all against all", can splatter blood all over the planet.

I think that the response of China to the United States will be very hard. This will not be the statements "a La Gorbachev", and will be more effective methods associated with the emission of American dollars on the market that can make it fall, and other economic measures. The United States will be difficult to keep the economy at least in the form in which it exists. Any overtures Washington against Beijing – a catastrophic error.

Will China change its position and actions in the international arena? China, of course, adheres to neutrality and independence. I believe that the state has sufficient power to this independence be ensured. I am confident that China will continue to adhere to its position. In fact, we do not see from them the full diplomatic support of Russia. But it is enough for us and his unequivocal silence, or a vote against the initiatives of the Western countries. China tries never engaged in a struggle between two centers of resistance. According to their theory, the energy in this fight flows to the third, that is to China.

Sergey Tabarintseva-Novels, Veronica Kileen


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