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Come to the New World Order. What silent on the WEF-2018
Material posted: Publication date: 16-09-2018
Exploration of the future is called to discern the signs of the times and to answer the question why not and why is not in the picture.

So, 4th East Economic Forum (Vladivostok 10-13.09.18) focused the attention of politicians, business and media on the issues of international cooperation and investment projects in the far East of Russia and in northeast Asia.

If we evaluate the big picture from a strategic height and scale of globalization, that WEF 2018 in the signs and symbols of the scheduler behind the curtain, showed that the New World Order will be a priority to turn in the West and in North East Asia (China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia). Financial instrument of change in international payments will be the introduction of northeast Asia, metallic gold, and thus, the disengagement circuit of the U.S. dollar.

And the power cover to switch from the American to the Asian cycle of accumulation of capital and new foreign exchange world in the Asia Pacific region will implement the armed forces of the peoples-heirs of a Single State of Genghis Khan. As clearly saying the maneuvers East of the 2018 with the participation of troops and forces of Russia, China and Mongolia, miraculously coincided with the forum on the timing and the plan of the joint resistance to the "East" (red) "Western" (blue).

As for Japan and Korea, before these countries by the scheduler on the point raised the question of the conditions of participation in the foreign exchange circuit calculations SVA as a tool of recovery from the global financial crisis and the transition to the new monetary world.

Gradually emerged and the timing of change. Demolition of the old world order planner marked with 28.08.18. By November, the process will enter into an active phase (in Israel brought a red sacrificial calf that prophecy is a signal to greet the Messiah).

The trigger acts as military tensions in the greater middle East: Israel — Syria — Turkey — Iran. "Violence is the midwife of every old society pregnant with the new" (Marx) – make "holding" (of the masters of the financial Affairs of wall street) to hold the delayed 2013 audit of payments, calculated in USD. After the balance sheet of global Finance (probably by mid-2019) will be possible branch circuit calculations taking into account the gold from the contour of the USD and the cancellation of the stock "bubble".

If you wonder about the core of a New World Order in northeast Asia, the hint gives the logo "flower WEF".

Namely, the flower is made in proportion of the Golden section:

50% — red (China and the Belt and Road).

31% — purple (Russia and countries of the Eurasian Union).

19% blue (of the Banking house of the Sons of the Covenant).

The flower blooms on a narrow green substrate (the U.S. dollar).

In other words, the transition to the New World Order will happen: based on the USD, in the form of pairing the New silk Road from China to Europe with the Eurasian Economic Union, under the leadership of the Sons of the Covenant (the Plan of Solomon).

The year of breakthrough – 2020. Year of reaching the planned milestones – 2032.

Andrey Devyatov

Tags: Russia , China

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