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Material posted: Publication date: 18-12-2020

In terms of advancing the era of globalization and interdependence in international relations such factors as the development of relations of a United Europe and China has become important as the economic, political and military-strategic importance.

This is primarily due to the looming energy and resource global crisis. According to leading, including American scientists, a crisis could erupt from 2021 to 2030.

United Europe in the face of the European Union and therefore United to successfully confront the impending threat, and in order to proactively create conditions for coordinated actions in conditions of lack of resources. The development of the world community as a whole shows that progress in science and technology, although there is, yet he is behind the rising material needs of humanity, especially its Western segment. Meanwhile, the resources of planet Earth continue to dwindle. Despite this seemingly menacing factor, in the West, all efforts are focused not on the search of radical ways to preserve sustainable human development, and the redistribution of seats around the global world of the feeders between the main players. It is generally accepted that the European Union and China in the current situation are not.

With both sides trying to achieve the following political objectives:


  • the integration of China into the world community rules-based "new world order";
  • using China to counterbalance the U.S. in addressing the American-West European contradictions;
  • the use of cheap Chinese labour market;
  • fighting the rise and rise of China as a world leader in military-political sphere.


  • the use of the EU as a whole and its individual members to preserve and deepen the us-West European contradictions);
  • significant expansion of access of Chinese goods to the consumer market of the EU;
  • the use of the EU for access to advanced technologies, particularly for military purposes.

Areas of common interest


  • common interests in maintaining global and regional security;
  • the coincidence of the basic positions of Germany and France on key aspects of settlement of crisis situations and their resolution by peaceful means (with the exception of the UK and Eastern Europe);
  • the problem of global climate change.


  • China's interest in strengthening the all-European currency "Euro" and the extension of its use as opposed to the us;
  • mutually beneficial cooperation in the energy and transport sector, in the nuclear, aerospace, telecommunications and biotechnology fields;
  • the placement of significant volumes of its production of the largest European corporations in China;
  • the interest of individual European States to lift the embargo on the supply of arms and military equipment to China.


  • the involvement of the Chinese side to participate in peacekeeping operations;
  • intelligence sharing with individual European States in the framework of anti-terrorist activities.

Areas of conflict of interest


  • the negative impact of the EU on the balance of power in the Asia-Pacific region at the expense of China;
  • the divergence of views concerning the status of Taiwan;
  • claims by the EU on the issue of human rights violations in China;
  • the displacement of China West European influence in Africa, Latin America, middle East etc. regions.


  • competition for energy resources Russia, the Middle East and North Africa.
  • close economic and trade relations of the EU with Taiwan.


  • delivery by China of arms and military equipment to areas of military conflicts (Africa, middle East, etc.).

Possible variants of development of relations

  1. Relations between the EU and China will remain at the same level. Most likely, China will go on rapprochement with Russia to meet its energy and resource needs;
  2. Even closer cooperation between the EU and China in all spheres of life, which can lead to the creation of a new, more powerful Eurasian power center. In the case of this scenario to be a threat not only to world leadership the US but Russia would be squeezed from all sides;
  3. China will reach this economic and military-technical level, which will allow him / her to occupy a leading position in the world and influence on global processes.

Ruslan Bolonchuk

Tags: assessment , Europe , China

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