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Russia and Belarus: estimates and projections

The project examines the problems and prospects of development of the Union State, as well as issues of bilateral cooperation between Russia and Belarus. The problems of an economic, financial, technical, military-strategic and other interactions. The project is a platform of cooperation between Russian and Belarusian experts.

Lukashenko is preparing to withdraw from the EAEC and the CSTO

In Moscow sympathetic to the request of the authorities of the Republic to be an independent state similar to the "brotherly Ukraine". In this regard, as noted by the source, REGNUM news Agencyin Moscow will not make loud statements regarding the preparation of Minsk to withdraw from the Eurasian economic Union (EEU), the CSTO and possibly the Union state of Russia and Belarus.

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Minsk again drawn to the West

December 6 ended the visit to Minsk the representative of the delegation of Polish deputies headed by Chairman of the upper house of the Parliament Stanislav by Karczewski. The parties signed a number of agreements, and announced a new era in international relations.

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"Tune on a war footing": Lukashenka returned from Moscow?

At the meeting Alexander Lukashenko and Vladimir Putin during the commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Patriarch Kirill many in Minsk were doing a serious bid. The protracted gas dispute, the issue of oil supplies, the financing of the Belarusian economy and other issues except at the level of heads of two States to solve is impossible. However, persistent silence as official Minsk and the Kremlin as an outcome of the meeting has led most analysts to note that the negotiations are unlikely to succeed, especially for the Belarusian side. And that all for the Belarusian side is not the best way, demonstrated the last few days, events which leave no illusions about how the meeting went in Moscow.

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The transit trump card Lukashenko — card bit?

Recently declared a truce in the oil and gas conflict between Minsk and Moscow today, no one should be mislead — the contradictions in Belarusian-Russian relations went nowhere, and, apparently, everything is just beginning. With today's difficult situation is well understood in both capitals, trying now to prepare yourself for the most reliable position in the upcoming confrontation. While it is easy to guess that the main battle will again hinge on the energy resources and transit position of Belarus. Latest least because it is obvious that Minsk, in addition, is no longer a serious trump card. Moreover, the Kremlin seems intent and from the hands of the Belarusians to beat.

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Under the wing of the red dragon: will exchange if Minsk relations with Moscow on a partnership with Beijing

Thursday, September 29, in Beijing, the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko held talks with President of China XI Jinping. Lukashenko thanked the Chinese leader for his significant personal contribution to the development of bilateral relations. Judging by sounding in recent statements by the highest officials of Belarus, the official Minsk in its foreign economic relations of the faster switches from Russia to China. The figures confirm the start of change of the vector, but, as RT found out, to get away from the full orientation of its economy by Russia, Belarus will not soon.

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