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Russia and Belarus: estimates and projections

The project examines the problems and prospects of development of the Union State, as well as issues of bilateral cooperation between Russia and Belarus. The problems of an economic, financial, technical, military-strategic and other interactions. The project is a platform of cooperation between Russian and Belarusian experts.

Foreign policy of Russia: contradictory outcomes of Medvedev's stage

The analysis of the last four years of Russia's foreign policy is easy to hold, by breaking it into two pairs - early and late; foreign policy in the near abroad and far.

25-05-2012 3799 0

About the fate of our integration

In response to published in "Izvestia" article by Vladimir Putin about integration in the former Soviet Union his opinion on the Eurasian Union voiced by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko

17-10-2011 admin 1783 0

The goal is achieved, the Belarusians want to unite with Russia

Only a third of Belarusians advocated the Union of Belarus and Russia, while half is strongly opposed. As found sociologists with not a very large advantage Belarusians give preference to the EU. Ten years ago approximately 80% of the citizens of Belarus advocated the accession of the Republic to Russia.

29-06-2011 admin 2895 0

Belarus is heading in the ruble zone

Belarusian socialism unraveling. To little to hold a fall, Lukashenko need another loan. Waiting for him in Minsk only from the Kremlin. But he instead offers currencies go to Russian ruble. And cornered Lukashenka could accept.

16-05-2011 admin 1779 0

Elections in Belarus and the Arab revolutions: a comparative analysis

In the last December presidential elections in Belarus almost coincided with the outbreak in the same month unrest in the Arab world (the events in Tunisia and Algeria).

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Возрастное ограничение