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"Think about yourself, not about Russia." Lukashenka has removed all trade barriers with Ukraine
Material posted: Publication date: 09-08-2014

Ukraine and Belarus have agreed to minimize restrictions in mutual trade – and this is contrary not only to the policy of Russia, but with the recent actions of the Belarus. Alexander Lukashenko, most likely, simply with the maximum benefit for themselves trying to use a quarrel between Moscow and Kiev.

Belarus and Ukraine since 19 August cancel restrictions in mutual trade, "with satisfaction" reported the foreign Ministry of Belarus on Friday.

"Note that the date of entry into force of this decision, the licensing of imports of Ukrainian goods in Belarus will not be applied. Thus any restrictions in mutual trade, is completely eliminated. We hope that in the future, any problematic issues in bilateral trade and economic relations between our countries will be resolved by consultation, in a constructive and mutually beneficial basis", – quotes the message of the PRIME Minister.

Recall that from 1 may, the Minsk was introduced licensing of import beer from outside the Customs Union. The grounds for issuing the license was signed by the importer with the Belarusian side the document on minimum prices. The main importer of beer in Belarus remained its southern neighbor.

In response, Ukraine in July imposed duties in the 55-60% – is also on Belarusian beer, and dairy products, confectionery, beer, incandescent light bulbs, fertilizers, tires, refrigerators and refrigeration equipment, electric lamps, mineral fertilizers, rubber tires.

But in late July Belarus abolished licensing of import of certain goods from CIS countries. However, with the caveat about non-use of these countries ' restrictive measures against Belarusian producers. About a week Belarus and Ukraine discussing who will make the first step and will cancel the restrictions. And now, apparently, the parties shook hands.

Thus, it continues to emphatically independent of Moscow's policy towards Kiev. As the newspaper VIEW, as recently as Monday, the head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko unexpectedly promised the Ukrainian colleague Peter Poroshenko "to help with oil products" for the upcoming harvest. And this despite their own "internal needs".

There is a risk of smuggling through Belarus

Experts are not surprised by the further rapprochement of the two republics. According to Professor HSE Oleg Matveychev, during the last twenty years of the Belarusian President is trying to take what he could from the neighbouring States, mainly with Russia. Realizing that Ukraine is very heavy with fuel, and many others, he's trying to exploit the situation and cash in on the war.

"He tries to use this situation to solve their internal problems. Because the level of life he's not good enough. First of all, he thinks about himself and not about Russia, not about their allied obligations, – said Matveychev the newspaper VIEW. – Lukashenka understands, of course, that behaves ugly. But he also understands that because of such of its decisions no Customs Union to tear down will not. But because Lukashenko is using this war for their own interest".

At the same time, the President of Institute of national strategy Mikhail Remizov believes: apparently, Moscow did not expect that Minsk will go to serious restrictions of trade with Kiev. According to Remizov, Belarus is interested in markets in the Ukraine, and Moscow has recognized the legitimate interest.

But the expert drew attention to a serious problem – what will the Customs Union and the Eurasian economic Union.

"The situation is that in Ukraine, as in the West, Russia on the one side and its allies and partners with another will be subject to different trading rules. This is a question to which the answer is now virtually no", – said Remizov newspaper VIEW.

Moreover, warns the economist, there is a risk that those goods, access to which was limited within the framework of the Moscow decisions will come to us from Belarus and Kazakhstan.

"So I think a broader conversation about how to combine trade restrictions with the operation of the Eurasian economic Union, – said Remizov. Solution Belarus will affect the space of the Eurasian economic Union as a whole. To avoid this, we need the initiative and the firm position of Moscow."

"We will have to drag to the slaughter"

Meanwhile, Lukashenko on Friday, as reported by the newspaper VIEW, announced plans to hold a meeting with colleagues from Russia, Kazakhstan and even Ukraine. "In the near future we – the presidents of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, if Ukraine will go to it – we plan to hold a series of meetings in order principally to discuss what's going on here", – Lukashenka said at a meeting with leaders of the Communist parties of Russia and Ukraine Gennady Zyuganov and Petro Symonenko.

"Who would have ever thought that among the three States, Slavic, the most close and native peoples may be a mess in the South of our, not afraid of the word, of the Fatherland?" – asked the Belarusian leader.

According to Lukashenko, he "understood the desire of Americans and Europeans". "I'm still in the very beginning said that we need to fear that we will drag into this slaughter, as in the funnel to create here is not just a hotbed of tension, but what is happening now is to create a new war. And it will be a war very dangerous, he said. – Then it appeared. And now let's see what happens".

Polina Solovieva


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