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Material posted: Publication date: 19-08-2020
At the present moment the situation in Belarus is such that the card of the pole obviously has the "Russian card". Russian spirit in White Russia and does not smell. All the cards in the hands of the perfidious West. Not in a hurry to go to Beijing. At stake once again, the Russophobia. Russia urgently needs to pull his ACE of trumps, better than pure, and not cross, and to remember that we must cherish the time, like the Gypsies, notorious reads a card saying, the expert of Fund of assistance to public diplomacy Fyodor Pashin.

Alexander Lukashenko himself bent angle, and not just because of his contradictory and controversial character. He drove himself and the Republic of Belarus in force majeure circumstances of geopolitics. Smaller States, which applies to Belarus, in principle, can not have the exclusive right to the unique privilege of sovereignty, independent development. Look around Belarus around someone else's satellites, from Poland and the Baltic countries, ending with Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic etc. In the modern world, only 5-7 countries can claim the right to pursue a sovereign policy. Until recently, one of them was RB.

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