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Lukashenko: "Russia has no money, no brains"
Material posted: Publication date: 16-08-2016
Russia in violation of its obligations to its allies refused to supply to Belarus of arms and intends for nothing to seize the assets of the Belarusian military-industrial complex, said Lukashenko.

Russia will not wait for the implementation of the "five integration projects, in particular — will not get control over OJSC "Minsk wheel tractor plant" (MZKT). On 24 July, said Alexander Lukashenko while visiting the state enterprise.

Walking through the plant with a film crew, Lukashenka harshly criticized the leadership of the Russian Federation, which allegedly refused to help its nominal ally. According to Lukashenko, Russia "shpynyat" for "a turn to the West", and that it was not necessary to show the true face of Russia", and it is greedy and not allied.

The head of the post-Soviet republics complained about the lack of opportunities to produce planes and other high-tech weapons, moving away from external dependency. He was ordered to produce components for aircraft, to enter the production of missiles and abandon the Russian armored vehicles, purchasing Belarusian counterpart — "Cayman", which is supposedly better than the Russian "Tiger".

Lukashenko said that Russia "needs" to provide him with weapons, because in Belarus is allegedly "common army". He noted that Russia refuses to supply not only weapons, but even the accessories, trying to put pressure on the head of the former Soviet republics, and nothing to buy such plants as MZKT which produces chassis for rocket launchers.

"We are afraid that Russia, they say, invent their "centipede" and will carry nuclear warheads on their — and on health! If they have today's brains and money, which they have — let them invent!", — said Lukashenko, referring to the Director of state enterprise and the group accompanying him officials.

He stressed that Russia does not seek to acquire MWTP at fair value, which is in Minsk, someone estimated at $3 billion. "If you sell! We have the same for a song they want to pick!", — said Lukashenko.

He later developed the theme during the meeting with the representatives of the employees of the plant". A small group of "ordinary workers" in white shirts and suits and ties Lukashenko asked a few questions, clearly pronouncing the difficult language. They were interested in the topic of trade Union life, rental housing, etc. the head of the former Soviet Republic marked its position on a number of urgent it issues, including the implementation of ' five integration projects."

We will remind, one of these projects is a fusion of MWTP with the Russian GK "rostec (Russian technologies). 16 March Alexander Lukashenko when appointing Igor Letov MZKT Director General said that the MWTP will remain a Belarusian state-owned enterprise. "No game in sale, resale. The state has estimated the enterprise, Lukashenka said. — Pay the money — get a promotion. No money good — bye. Keep in mind that your task of any leader is not to sell the company, to privatize it or something, and save. It is the people's business".

"Very active in this direction is the Russian Federation: "We want, we want, sell us this plant." When we begin to name the price they widely open eyes. Then I say, "goodbye", — said Lukashenko details of the negotiations. — That is, if something to sell, it must sell for money, and for big money. But we often say, "You know, we can for a billion dollars to build a plant, and you need us to two billion". I say, "Try it!". The plant can be built, walls are inexpensive, equipment to buy, and give credit to those who produce the equipment. But people learn to work with this equipment and these walls, to create a school in order to get a quality product — it's not even years, and this decade."

Lukashenko is sure that replacement products MWTP in Russia, as well as replacement products "MTW". He urged to work more actively on the Russian market, to hold him.

"We have to sell the company does not intend, — Lukashenka emphasized. — It must work for us. It is a measure of how difficult circumstances to work."

At parting the Director of the MWTP gave Lukashenko a copy of rocket launchers "Polonaise", which is produced on the chassis of the plant. And here Lukashenko did not hesitate to Express his resentment against Russia, noting that without his timely guidance, Belarus would have lost the protection afforded by such a technique, because "we are our brothers the Russians stopped helping us to protect themselves".

Recall, February 6, 2012 Alexander Lukashenko during a meeting with Secretary of the security Council of Belarus Leonid Maltsev and defense Minister Yuri Zhadobin said Belarus protects the Western borders of the Union state of Belarus and Russia and counts on the financial help of Russia in the issue of the money allowances of the Belarusian armed forces. The President of Russia at the time was Dmitry Medvedev, who did not respond to the statement of the head of the former Soviet republics and in Belarus itself the scandal broke, warmed unsuccessful attempts of high-ranking military to justify Lukashenko and shame and wrote official reports on dismissal. In the same 2012, there was a "Teddy bear airdrop", which revealed the failure of Belarus to defend the Western frontier of the Union state. After that, Russia supplied to Belarus of arms and sent some of the crews of the Russian air force, which, as it turned out recently, loss in an unknown direction.

Note, the entire post-Soviet period Russia was the sponsor of the authorities of Belarus, whose people on the referendum of 17 March 1991 clearly in favor of preserving the Soviet Union (83%) and never wanted to leave the single state. Alexander Lukashenko became President of Belarus in 1994 as a Pro-Russian politician, promised "to restore the broken bonds" and "rebuild the country". In 1990-e years he was seen as an integrator and "statists", and in the early 2000s as one of the typical post-Soviet rulers, whose power is in your destiny stands as the highest value, and for this they are willing to invent any justification and very often at Russia's expense.


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