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Minsk has decided to depart from the neutrality of Kiev
Material posted: Publication date: 21-07-2014

BaieBelarusian authorities have decided to radically change the vector of its political activity in Ukraine, i.e. "end" with neutrality, and this is indicated by many facts.

Recall that after the February coup in Kiev, Minsk tried to remain neutral in relation to the new government of Ukraine. Even strict hails Moscow, prompting its ally the "right" steps, could not move of the Belarusian President from the line, which he spent in the Ukrainian direction.

But recently neutral tone of Minsk came to nothing. And the reason for this was two international agreements. On the one hand – the signing on may 29 in Astana the leaders of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan of the Treaty on the Eurasian economic Union. On the other hand – June 27 Brussels and Kiev have issued the economic part of the Association Agreement of Ukraine to the EU. In fact, since the signing of the Agreement, Kiev is practically finally came out of the zone of influence of Moscow. Such actions of the Ukrainian authorities demanded from Russia to take decisive steps on protection of own interests in the military-political and economic spheres. In such conditions of Belarus, because of its Alliance commitments, could not continue to maintain a neutral rhetoric against the Ukrainian events. It is not excluded that without pressure there has not been, but the fact remains – today Belarus were involved in a trade war with Ukraine.

Following Russia, Minsk has restricted the importation of potatoes, beer and confectionery products from Ukraine. The Ministry of health of Belarus has recommended that the pharmacies "in order to implement the complex of measures, directed on support of domestic medical device manufacturers" to acquire a number of drugs only in Russian and Belarusian producers. In connection with the aggravation of the situation in the South-East of Ukraine, the leadership of the Belarusian Railways took the decision to redirect the trains, following in the Krasnodar region of Russia to bypass the Ukrainian territory. Not spared the aggravation of Belarusian-Ukrainian relations and enterprises operating in the defence industry. The Belarusian company "Tetrahedron", creating a promising radio-electronic weapons systems and performing modernization of air defense systems, temporarily suspended joint with the Ukrainian CB "Ray" the development of a new anti-aircraft missile complex "Stiletto". You can not even doubt that the practice of introduction of new duties and prohibitions will gain new momentum.

In favor of the conclusion rendered in the title of the article, says also a fact that the odious Belarusian propagandist Evgeny Novikov, known as the author of anti-American analytical TV programme "human Rights. A look at the world" suddenly gave the "green light" to discredit Alexander Turchinov and other representatives of the new Ukrainian authorities. Proof are his new TV projects "Slavic news" on the website in which the journalist, without shame, uses such epithets as "neo-Nazis" and "followers of Bandera", "Kiev junta" and "Novorossiya", the "militia of the Luhansk region and Donbas" and others. It turns out that the Belarusian authorities through controlled journalists and media actually decided to show a United front with Russia in the information war against the Ukrainian leadership.

Naturally, such hostile steps Minsk has not gone unnoticed in Kiev, and Ukraine has introduced special duties on dairy products, sweets and beer imported from Belarus. Duties will be in effect until 2017. And since the Ukrainian market for Belarus is after Russia the second place, there is no doubt that multimillion-dollar losses for Belarusian enterprises are already guaranteed.

As was to be expected, as we know, such actions of Kiev has only added to the nervous reaction of the Belarusian leaders, who decided, finally openly support strategic ally – Russia – as in the economic sphere, and international issues.

Apparently, Belarus and Ukraine will not stop on the mutual exchange of duties. And the emergence of President Alexander Lukashenko at the solemn meeting devoted to 70-th anniversary of liberation from Nazi invaders and the Independence Day tie in the colors of St. George ribbon, which once again gives a broad hint at the fact that Minsk still to go in the Wake of the policy pursued by Moscow.

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