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Russia and Belarus: estimates and projections

The project examines the problems and prospects of development of the Union State, as well as issues of bilateral cooperation between Russia and Belarus. The problems of an economic, financial, technical, military-strategic and other interactions. The project is a platform of cooperation between Russian and Belarusian experts.

The Internet operation "Belorussia". The experience of using Twitter in online information opposition in Belarus in June – July 2011.

Events in Belarus in spring and early summer of 2011 rapidly gaining momentum: the devaluation of the Belarusian ruble, the subsequent growth of prices for foodstuffs and manufactured goods have exacerbated social tensions in Belarus. Part of the opposition decided to seize the moment to organize large-scale performances to the removal of the President of Belarus A. G. Lukashenko and his team from power. They organized via the Internet two protests: STOPANGIN" and stage a "silent" action in the "revolution via social network" (RCSS).

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