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The Arab revolution and the "Great Israel"
Material posted: Publication date: 25-02-2011

At the time (2000-2001) at the invitation of one of the leaders of the party "Rodina" Dmitry O. Rogozin I was a member of the Advisory Council on foreign policy under the State Duma Committee on international Affairs. In the Council of 32 people were invited as professional analysts (Director of the Institute of USA and Canada Sergei Rogov, ex-KGB generals N. With. Leonov L. V. Shebarshin, professors, academics) and a few independent leaders of the Patriotic opposition, including me as proposed in the newly published the book "Taina Rossii" (1999) an alternative conception of Russian foreign policy.

My contribution to the discussion of the emerging international political issues was based on the combination of two criteria: 1) political: who benefits? 2) spiritual: what is the place of the discussed problem in the coordinates of world history from the point of view of Orthodox eschatology - given my proposed triangle of opposing forces in the world. While my analysis largely coincide with the opinion of retired generals, but sharply disagreed with the assessments of Directors and academicians. (See, for example, my intervention during the discussion of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 in the United States - only session, which managed to find on the Internet.)

Unfortunately, this Expert Council ceased to exist with the arising difficulties of the faction "Rodina" and the D. O. Rogozin transition to another job. For me, both before and after, never had an opportunity to participate in the discussion of international political issues at such a high level. Only in separate publications, which were written as responses to important events mavie.

And here began the so-called "color revolutions" in the Arab countries of the Middle East, give reason if not to analyze them (important information is not yet significant, and the development is not over yet), then at least to apply to their analysis noted above, the principle of combination of two criteria. The more I think it is appropriate to do, at least on my modest website, since the official "analysts" don't.

1. Who benefits?

It should be noted that the raising of "the wrath of the people" (due to "poverty", "deprivation of rights", etc.) as a conventional explanation of revolutions is not tenable. Especially given the known facts about their driving forces and socio-political results, from which "the anger of the people" would only increase... And if the so-called "bourgeois revolution" in Christian Europe (which gave equal rights to Jews, or rather the unhindered domination of its financial strength) and the so-called "Russian revolution" of 1917 (holding toppled the Empire of the Third Rome and the world Union of Jewish funding of all anti-Russian forces) could still many "scientists analysts" masquerading as a "natural course of historical progress", the results of the "velvet" revolutions in the collapse of the Soviet camp, not quite "velvet" 1991 and 1993 in our country, and then even more "progressive" (the U.S. perspective) the so-called "color revolutions" of the last period in the splinters of the former Soviet Empire gave a completely candid style of the main factor of the revolution as manipulation of the masses and "public opinion" through the dominant media.

"Colour" revolution can be organised on artificial demagogic about it, imitating in the media "popular discontent" to bring to power in the state of new politicians more dependent on world shakers and more obediently and faithfully serve her purposes (unmatched sample: Saakashvili). And displace the rulers, under the threat of publishing compromising personal, behind-the-scenes offered a deal on the terms of the peace of care - and it works (because of all the stigma of a gun). On post-Soviet territory for the purpose of "color revolutions" was the expansion of NATO to the East and the geopolitical weakening of the current balance of Russia (despite the "democracy" and political concessions to the current rulers of Russia). Only about Belarus, thanks to the peasant mind Lukashenka and his people's support, the US has broken more than one tooth, but in General in the post-Soviet space the objectives were achieved - including through "tolerance" of the rulers of Russia (which is also threatened with compromising materials and their finger in the pie).

At the beginning of a new series of similar revolutions in the Arab countries in their implementation of the same method "hoopty" is much easier - due to actual poverty, lawlessness and vulgarity significant part of the population, laid to the same envy of material goods available in developed countries. Even without a special underground training sent a group of provocateurs is not difficult to organize the riots, which the government does not hold under the pressure of the crowd of looters and fools, blinded by the Mirage of a "better future". (In particular, in Egypt caught my eye as the unknown group of "masked men" had released thousands of criminals; and groups of looters in the city were delivered in an orderly manner on the buses...).

So the first question: who benefits? Western countries these developments are disadvantageous because of the revolution in this region threaten the supply of middle East oil, lead to its appreciation with other negative economic consequences. (For the same reason going to be disadvantageous for the economic interests of the United States, but their middle East policy have not considered to be independent, she has other priorities.) To guess who benefits from the Arab revolutions, at least enough to slightly increase their scope of consideration, not looking at internal social problems (by the way, with this perspective, Tunisia has been quite successful), and on the political map of the entire Middle East. Why there is so strange a "Domino effect" for countries that are very different in socio-political terms?

For this region since the mid-twentieth century, the main contentious issue is the opposition to Zionist expansion and opposed it to the Arab world. Egypt in this confrontation has always played an important role even at the "moderate" President Mubarak at the international level has supported the interests of the Palestinian resistance. As Tunisia and all other Arab countries, where there are also this kind of worry (Jordan, Sudan, Yemen). "Progressiveness" of new forces in Tunisia and Egypt, coming to power in the Wake of these riots, in mroueh media will certainly be measured more tolerance toward the Jewish state and the intolerance of the so-called "Islamists", the danger of coming to power which are also being discussed as a scenario that must be prevented at all costs.

Given the fact that many patterns "Islamists" (from "Alqaida" bin Laden) is specially designed as a Scarecrow or protected by the CIA and the Mossad (which has been proved worth in many papers, see, for example, the book of the West German Minister von bülow "in the Name of the state") is Scarecrow works and data evaluation in the Arab revolutions as the "lesser evil". A special kind of Scarecrow that is used in the Russian Federation in the form of "Islamist" attacks whose primary purpose, as told and izrailskie, and American political scientists and the leaders of the Institute for the study of the Middle East: Russia in a geopolitical harness with USA and Israel because we share a common enemy: "Islamic terrorism".

2. Once again on the triangle of forces mroueh

In fact in these Arab revolutions, we are not that other, as non-military form of weakening the Arab part of the Islamic world in the so-called "clash of civilizations". More precisely - in my proposed triangle of forces, from which analysis must proceed of Russian foreign policy. Will remind its essence (from Chapter VII-8 books "the Leader of the Third Rome"):

"1. Orthodox, holding a truly Christian civilization, based on the Law of God, which was embodied most in the Russian Empire - the Third Rome. After its destruction in the early twentieth century it exists in the form of traditional culture of Russian Orthodox people, holds the potential to revive its Orthodox state.

2. Apostasy of Western civilization traitor to Christianity under the influence of the "mystery of iniquity". It calls itself Judeo-Christian, but increasingly comes in under the influence of anti-Christian Jewry. This force in its quest for domination mirovomu crushed Orthodox Russia and leading mankind to the Kingdom of the Antichrist. The core of this power - creep in the USA and Israel mrova behind the scenes - conscious has a spiritual cause to fight against the revival of Orthodoxy and prevent its world domination. In addition, the problems of the stalled parasitic civilization, the United States can be solved only by controlling resources of conquered Russia, and Russia's revival threatens the existence of the United States, and they are obliged to prevent it. With this civilization of reconciliation, it can't - that would require a waiver of the backstage world from its essence, which is impossible. But part of the population of the USA (the Patriotic organization of the local scale and a separate policy the type of P. Buchanan's) and especially of Europe there are still forces that resist the New order mirovomu with which Russia can find common defence interests.

3. Non-Christian countries of the Third world (Muslim as well as China, India, etc.) who know not the Truth of Christianity, but did not betray her; they are usually (with the exception of extremist movements in Islam), and do not claim to world domination. In this world there is no spiritual reason to be deliberately anti-Russian policy; when Russia had happened before the war, he opposed us rather in the form of blind elements, which were used by our enemies apostasy and want to use again. But this element of Russia could turn against them on the basis of common interest of protecting each nation has its national identity from the New mirovogo order. Soros, as an opponent of all nationalism as enemies of "open society", rightly stresses that "nationalism is universal. All nationalists soul mates". Coordination of their actions - the question is purely pragmatic policy that did not involve religious differences".

And since the justification of this triangle of forces is clear only in the coordinates of the Orthodox philosophy of history, turn to the second criterion: what is the place of the Arab revolutions in the coordinates of world history from the point of view of Orthodox eschatology?

3. "Great Israel"

Zionist (or rather: indonesische) the state of Israel, based on the ideology of Talmudic Judaism (only the Jews are humans, the rest are like cattle) is a genuine strategist of U.S. policy and the core of the world backstage. In his quest to mirovomu reigns in the Kingdom of the Jewish "other Messiah"-the Moshiach (see, for example, the Talmudic article "What will happen to the peoples of the world?") the Jewish state initially toying with the idea of "Great Israel" from the Nile to the Euphrates. Now it has become quite important the creation of such state as the governing center of the New mirovogo order with its capital in Jerusalem, with restored Third Temple for the Jewish Moshiach-the Antichrist - mirovogo ruler. (Map taken from the website of Rabbi Abraham Shmulevich. Wanting to please the Zionists, these boundaries constantly reminded and "son of the law" Zhirinovsky in its Israel trips.) The creation of a "greater Israel" is inevitably linked with the "final solution" to the Palestinian question and with the elimination of the States of the region, on whose territory claimed by the Zionists, and those who are able to provide military resistance. That was the main reason for the defeat and then occupation of Iraq (which is now "progressive" government), and that was the reason for preparing the Stripping of Iran. Everything that happens in the middle East, revolves around this question and can't be understood without accounting.

Of course, to disguise the fact in the media as typically run and false at best a secondary analytical interpretation, and masking gestures. For example, Israel initially allegedly "supported Mubarak" (citing "the public" to the idea, saying that we are not doing this); and the U.S. initially showed neutrality, but today still asked Mubarak to resign "to avoid bloodshed"... And the "masked men", diligently contributed to the creation of chaos in Egypt, with the appearance on the streets of groups of Mubarak supporters (arrived from the province on horses and camels!) became provocative to beat and shoot foreign correspondents, saying that it was the work of the police of Mubarak, The joint is configured and the journalists in his comments... is it Profitable Mubarak to rough up the journalists, showing looters and other lawlessness?

The real causes and purposes of the processes of contemporary international politics is now fairly obvious for those professionals who do not bury your head in the sand. Despite the dominance in mroueh media, samaradorligini punctures world of backstage lots. However, to combine it into a single clear picture is possible only on the basis of the Orthodox knowledge of the meaning of history. Without this, neither the Director of institutions and academics (who laugh at the conspiracy theory mirovogo), not the generals-geopolitics and the conceptualists conspiracy theorists (repeating behinds Western analysts like Coleman) is not able to understand even the gist of daily news bulletins and serve true national interests of Russia. And the influential Institute of the Middle East (led by the former President of the Russian Jewish Congress Satanovskiy) will successfully push the Russian Federation the camp of the fighters against "Islamic terrorism" for the speedy establishment of the Kingdom of Moshiach.


Mikhail Nazarov


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