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Great Arab Revolution

Began repartition of the African continent and the chain revolution in the Arab-Islamic world, comparable in importance only to that of the collapse of the USSR and the "socialist system" - no wonder the US president likened these events "with the fall of the Berlin Wall." Naturally, the revolutionary process has generated a lot of questions that tries to answer analytical community.

Peacekeeping hook for Russia in Syria

Russia are trying to catch the hook on peacekeeping in Syria. So it should be regarded actively discussed since February 12 the initiative of the Arab League towards the Syrian territory, "a joint with the UN blue helmets". If Russia agrees to it, Assad's fate will be decided. Under the guise of "peacekeepers" LAG opponents of Assad will begin preparations for its overthrow.

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Syria and UNSC: new provocation against Russia

On 4 February the UN security Council held a new meeting on Syria. At this time, the directionality of the strike against Russia and China are not only evident, but also demonstrative. The art of provocation is becoming more refined. The sponsors of the draft resolution were no longer four countries (as in the case with the October project 2011), and nineteen. Along with seven members of the Security Council (the US, France, Britain, Togo, Portugal, Germany, Colombia), in the "authors" of the project were recorded Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia and even Libya. Was also attempt to present a new project as a "pan-Arab position."

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To stop one step before chaos

I think that the position on Syria resolution as two permanent members of the UN Security Council - the Russian Federation and people's Republic of China is justified.

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Resolution on Syria: the West is blackmailing Russia

Russia and China, despite regular warnings of the first persons of the West, "dared" to Express their opinion that cried of extreme irritation to our geopolitical opponents. Some politicians in both the U.S. and abroad, have taken the trouble to describe what will happen to Russia if she, like China, will continue to go against the wishes of the global hegemon.

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Information war in Syria: a view from Damascus

Recently in one of my interviews, I specifically said that in the next 2-3 months will not believe anything that is fed as "news out of Syria". In particular, various "evidence" of "atrocities" and other variety plums discrediting the government of compromising. Living in Syria, visiting various regions of the country, especially felt keenly the shameless all those who are trying to destabilize the situation in Syria by creating a smoke screen fabricated from the same virtual reality.

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