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Great Arab Revolution

Began repartition of the African continent and the chain revolution in the Arab-Islamic world, comparable in importance only to that of the collapse of the USSR and the "socialist system" - no wonder the US president likened these events "with the fall of the Berlin Wall." Naturally, the revolutionary process has generated a lot of questions that tries to answer analytical community.

Libya is a battleground between the West and Eurasia

The theme of the events in Libya is really in the focus of the expert community. Recently was dominated by expert assessment of these developments, analysts are trying to figure out what really hid behind those events that we see on TV. Of particular interest in this context are the estimates and judgments expressed by foreign experts. Today we offer see the opinion of the Italian expert Alessandro Lattanzio expressed in the pages of the Italian press. Period prepared by the permanent expert TSSOP Vladislav Gulevich.

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New old friend is better than two? The meeting of Medvedev and Saud al-Faisal

Reports of the meeting held on 25 March between the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and Minister of foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) Prince Saud al-Faisal were extremely skimpy and fit in a couple of paragraphs of news feeds as Russian[1]and Arabic[2] news agencies.

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Six myths about events in Bahrain

The tragedy of Japan and the events surrounding Libya is "scored" in the information field of what is happening in Bahrain. However, the events of the already full can not be named – after the brutal crackdown on Pearl square, mass arrests even in the hospitals, full-scale Stripping the punitive forces (including other States) and Shia parts of Sunni communities – it is possible to say that the opposition are suppressed. And these events have become history. So, it's time for analysis and conclusions.

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Events in Libya and the security problems of Israel

Tripoli, Benghazi, Gaddafi – the rebels and the provisional government: all that pine, which hides the forest. Forest of the true meaning of what is happening. The words of analysts and a few politicians that started the global repartition of the world, and essentially the third world war, drowned in the stream of operational messages from the North African coast and repetitive TV images. On them the motley crowd of scruffy looking Arabs furiously firing from automatic weapons and anti-aircraft installations in the blue sky of the desert or somehow elated at the same gate of the city of green.

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Curious opposition to Gaddafi: the symbiosis between the CIA and al-Qaeda

The so-called Libyan opposition is a mix of political opportunists, and trained in due time the CIA guerrillas, the Mujahideen, such as Abdel Hakim al-Hasidy of the so-called Libyan Islamic fighting group, who openly admits his close ties with "al-Qaeda" from Afghanistan. And it definitely increases the level of mistrust to the strange recent military crusade of Washington.

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