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Great Arab Revolution

Began repartition of the African continent and the chain revolution in the Arab-Islamic world, comparable in importance only to that of the collapse of the USSR and the "socialist system" - no wonder the US president likened these events "with the fall of the Berlin Wall." Naturally, the revolutionary process has generated a lot of questions that tries to answer analytical community.

Africa and the middle East - killing Europe

In the early to mid-2011 the U.S. are moving to the active phase of the energy war. Ie strike in S. Arabia (simultaneously with the liquidation of the Arabian crude oil, close to all Persian Strait and the Suez canal), provoke Turkish-Kurdish war (cut off southern oil and gas transit to the EU), sponsor new civil war in Algeria and Nigeria, are organizing a new Maidan in Ukraine and tube of Ukrainian-Russian "war."At the same time close commodity exports from the Americas outside of the continent.

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Southern Sudan: new state in the world

Although the official results of the January 9-15 in Sudan of the referendum on independence will be published on February 6-14, it is possible to speak today. The fact of the referendum is much more important, because no one doubts that the vast majority of participants voted in favor of the independence of South Sudan from Sudan. In particular, according to exit-poll-am, held several American and European organizations responsible for the monitoring of the referendum, 90-95% of voters said "Yes" to the independence of South Sudan.

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