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Great Arab Revolution

Began repartition of the African continent and the chain revolution in the Arab-Islamic world, comparable in importance only to that of the collapse of the USSR and the "socialist system" - no wonder the US president likened these events "with the fall of the Berlin Wall." Naturally, the revolutionary process has generated a lot of questions that tries to answer analytical community.

The US is an ally of Syria

Something happened that had to happen: the US realized that in Syria no alternative policy is to prevent the coming to power of radical Islamists. It is fraught not only the mass destruction of a population, but also the loss of the US and its European allies the most important "bridgehead" in the middle East.

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The Arab world negatively assesses the EU initiative on recognition as a terrorist organization the military wing of Hezbollah

The European Union on July 22 adopted a decision to include the armed wing of the Lebanese Shiite organization Hezbollah on the list of terrorist organizations. Assets Hezbola in the European Union will be frozen, and some individuals may be denied entry to the territory of the EU.

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Tinderbox. The middle East descends into chaos

In international politics summer has ceased to be a slow season. After the military coup in Egypt, the situation in the middle East was confused. In Syria, the West and the Gulf Nations put on the local "Muslim Brothers".

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The internal political situation in Egypt and its impact on the situation in the region

As a result many thousands of popular protests and steps taken by the military, June 30, 2013, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi after a year of government was accused of betrayal of national interests, removed from power, and then arrested.

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The world without Qatar

After the unexpected departure of Qatar with the international political scene was followed, a week later, the overthrow of Mohamed Morsi in Egypt. Although these two events there is no causal relationship, they together will radically change the future of the entire Arab world.

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