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Fabrication of civil war in Egypt: "unknown" snipers inflicted shooting of Morsi supporters
Material posted: Publication date: 16-07-2013

A week after the Egyptian army ousted President Mohammed Morsi, there was a massacre of supporters of ousted leader allegedly during a sit-down protest at an "elite army base" in Cairo. At the moment, reported more than 50 dead and hundreds wounded. "Muslim brotherhood" accused in the incident of the Egyptian army and police, but the military representative said that the responsibility of "terrorist group".

"Our people shot in the head, the bullet exploded when entering the body, turning to mush internal organs and body parts", – said the representative of "Muslim brotherhood" Gehad Hadad.

Firmly convinced that the role of the police and the army – to "protect people's revolution" regardless of their specific political affiliation, the military representative Ahmed Ali said security forces acted "in self-defence against armed men attacking them from various points, including from the rooftops".

Does not cause problems between Morsi supporters – at least some of which, apparently, was also armed and had the intent on violent acts and security forces aimed to liberate them from the territory, there was a collision, it is not clear just who were the arrows:

Eyewitnesses, among whom were present at the scene supporters "Brothers" reported that the army fired only tear gas, and only did fire warning shots and shoot to kill were "thugs" in civilian clothes.

Consider the bloodshed occurs immediately after, perhaps the largest mass demonstrations in modern history, and almost certainly it will get out of control and plunge Egypt into chaos.

This is not the first time since the start of the uprising in 2011, when "unknown arrow" started shooting people in the head. In March 2013 an investigation of Mursi's government on the death of some 900 protesters in Egypt at the end of Mubarak's rule came to the conclusion that "the police were standing almost behind all the killings and used snipers on rooftops overlooking over Tahrir square in Cairo to shoot the huge crowds".

Official police representatives told the Commission that the rig snipers, similar to what was used during the uprising, it was possible to find only among the members of an elite counterterrorism unitthat worked with omnipresent state security of Mubarak and receiving orders directly from the Minister of internal Affairs.

The report said that most victims were shot in the head or chest, which suggests about the use of snipers, were killed or injured and the witnesses who watched the clashes from their homes.

So, Mubarak ordered the teams of snipers to shoot protesters in the head to justify large-scale repression against the rebels in a desperate attempt to retain power.

The case is closed?

Not quite. During the short rule of Morsi attack the snipers continued, and as recently as January of this year, people in Port said "was" new "unknown" snipers.

Considering his forced removal from office in early 2011, the Mubarak cannot be blamed for the recent coordinated attempts to wreak havoc. But throughout his reign it in much greater extent was the reign of the Egyptian elite than Mubarak. Many changes can be expected in a society in which removed only the nominal head of the political and military elite?

So although the identity of those who has always preferred a policy of shoot to kill on the streets of Egypt, may forever remain unknown, their methods of work as always the same. We saw them in Tunisia in 2011, we've seen them in Iran in 2009, was seen in Venezuela in 2002 and in Syria until today. Always shoot at protesters indiscriminately, usually in the head – to maximize mass panic and to initiate civil strife.

The people who are behind this, you realize that "regime change" – in Egypt's case, perhaps a more accurate definition would be "mode management" – depends on instability. The media always report about its impact in General terms, breaks down over "a tragic escalation of violence", but never focus attention on explicit and conscious efforts of parties unknown to provoke a bloody mess, designed so that people are left in a state of schism and permanent impotence.

Recently, "new York times" printed a few notes that shed light on this topic:

When in his last hours as the first elected leader of Egypt, President Mohamed Morsi huddled in his guard room, said senior advisers to the President, he received a call from a foreign Minister from an Arab country with the latest proposal to end the standoff with the highest generals of the country.

According to advisers, the foreign Minister said that he was acting as an emissary of Washington, and asked, would Mr. Morsi to appoint a new Prime Minister and Cabinet, which took away all legislative authority and replaced them with appointed provincial governors.

The aides said they already knew what the response from Mr. Morsi. He responded to a similar proposal, pointing to the throat. "First this," he said to his assistants, repeatedly repeating a promise to die than to accept that he believed the actual coup and, accordingly, a crushing blow to Egyptian democracy.

Then his senior adviser on foreign policy issues Essam El-Haddad left the room to call U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson and inform her about the failure of Mr. Morsi. According to aides, when he came back he said that he spoke with national security adviser Susan rice, and what now needs to happen a military coup.

"Mom just said that an hour before the game is over, "wrote assistant in the SMS to a colleague, playing the sarcastic nickname of the Egyptian Western patron, "mother America."

However, thanks to the concept of "plausible deniability," the CIA, Obama can relax, enjoy a round of Golf and with a straight face say that the USA "do not participate in the events by supporting any particular Egyptian party or group."

But what does this mean when coming from the lips of the representative of the country effectively and implicitly ruled Egypt for tens of years, on a formal basis through a massive military "aid", as well as directly, through the machinations of the CIA on the ground?

It means roughly the same as that of Lavon affair...

Lavon affair associated with a failure of the secret Israeli operation under the code name "Susanna", held in Egypt in the summer of 1954. Acting as part of operation false flag, Israeli military intelligence had recruited a group of Egyptian Jews, which consisted in laying the bombs inside Egyptian, American and British civilian targets, cinema, library and American educational center. Responsibility for the attacks was to go on "Muslim Brothers", Egyptian Communists, "unspecified malcontents" or "local nationalists" with the aim of creating an atmosphere of sufficient violence and instability to induce the British government to leave their occupying troops in the Suez canal zone of Egypt.

... these sniper shootings serve one purpose: to create "an atmosphere of sufficient violence and instability" that would allow the members of the ruling elite of Egypt and their counterparts in the USA and Israel to destroy, by all means, dreams of ordinary Egyptians about the implementation of self-government by the people, for the people and comprised of people.


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