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Fitzgerald W. `Africa. Social, economic and political geography`
Material posted: Publication date: 25-10-2011

The literature on individual African countries is huge, but Africa as a whole is written a very few books, and popular in abroad guidelines for the physical and economic geography of the world, "commercial geography", "geography of trade", etc. Africa is given very little space.

For example, the monumental three volumes in German (Vienna) "the Geography of world trade", revised and published in the late 20-ies, Africa allotted 160 pages, and it is broken into two parts, the truth is placed next: <East" (which included all Western Asia) and "Africa South of the Sahara" Of the more recent monographs devoted to the whole of Africa, deserve the attention of the only major French work, included in vols. XI and XII of the famous series of Geographic univercelle, and English the work of Walter Fitzgerald's "Africa" to the attention of the Soviet reader.

After the publication in 1904 translated (from German) of the book F. Ghana "Africa" in Russian was not published any monograph on the African continent as a whole.

Fitzgerald, W., Africa. Social, economic and political geography of its major regions - MOSCOW: IL, 1947

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