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Information war in Syria: a view from Damascus
Material posted: -Publication date: 05-02-2012

Recently in one of my interviews, I specifically said that in the next 2-3 months will not believe anything that is fed as "news out of Syria". In particular, various "evidence" of "atrocities" and other variety plums discrediting the government of compromising. Living in Syria, visiting various regions of the country, especially felt keenly the shameless all those who are trying to destabilize the situation in Syria by creating a smoke screen fabricated from the same virtual reality.

When I read that a few hundred metres from your house "there are fights", when you read otkrovennichal a foolish lie about the suspension of "deserters" international airport, when you know that the main accusers of "atrocities" were not in Syria, not once in the last 10 months and don't live in it for 20, 30 and even 40 years, it begins to seem that the world has gone mad.

Robbed a hotel in Palmyra (the damage is estimated at 360 000 dollars). Tightly closed concrete inserts Windows and doors in another property in the same place... buses... Burned the Wounded in hospitals... Shelled from grenade launchers Dorm for girls... the bandits Killed the people, whose pictures are posted on the Internet in support of the lies about "the crime army"... the Blood of those killed in the attack under his feet... and total calm where no bandits.

Syria – the country is small. Here the rule is five handshake turns into a rule two or three, tops. Any information you can double-check. You can go outside to make sure that broadcast on "al-Jazeera" allegedly broadcast anti-government demonstration – fraud. You can call friends in a nearby village. You can, in the end, buy a bus ticket for 2-3 dollars and one hour to drive this thing called "the stronghold of the opposition" HOMS, where people live who are waiting for when the city will return the army and will save them from the bandits who so stubbornly to announce the residents of the city the accomplices.

From approximately January 23, the world community started to think about that in Syria "it's bad" and "the days of a bloody regime are numbered". It was said about the fighting in Damascus, about mass anti-government rallies, etc. All this Potemkin village has been systematically built during the week with the sole purpose of believing in the reality of the events of the disaster, not in Syria, the people easily accepted a different, more brash, lies the attempt to escape from the country of the President's family. And this lie, in turn, was to give additional aggravate the situation: the supporters of the President, which country the majority should have thought that they had been betrayed. The representatives of those who for more than a year trying to destabilize the situation in the country, was to open a "second wind". And the international community at the highest level was supposed to think, time runs, so wrong. And start to make even more strenuous efforts in pulling through the UN security Council anti-Syrian resolution.

Also predictable, and predictable was yesterday's lie that the military shot hundreds of civilians in HOMS: really needed to sway the determination of Russia and China, in advance declaring the inadmissibility of the adoption of a wholly anti-Syrian resolution.

Call your friends in HOMS: the bandits shelled residential areas. The army, like the army tries to protect its citizens and neutralize presumptuous fighters. "Jazeera" reveals "army of victims" - the people in shorts and with his hands tied. It is alleged that the soldiers shot at houses and it was precisely these attacks have led to what we are shown on TV. Of course, the "Jazeera" could wriggle and say that seasoned house was a brothel in disguise and there was held a session of group role-playing games... if some people in HOMS are not identified among the killed "army" of their loved ones. Dead look like shot from an automatic weapon, but not as victims of shelling. Moreover, among those killed neither women nor children nor the elderly: only adult men. Of military age. Kidnapped and killed by bandits by the military. Some of them may, before his death was forced by gangsters to give on-camera "confession about the orders to shoot people" or to play the role of deserters.

In Arabic there is a wonderful phrase about the killer, who, as if nothing had happened, is to attend the funeral of his victim. Recently in Syria we see this situation almost every day. Killed by bandits children whose faces are known all over Syria, hold banners as a "rebuke to the bloody regime". The boy, whose mother says that if in the city the army, her son would be alive today announce a victim of the army. Blow up the pipeline, and then say that it's burning something, blown up by the military. We live in Syria. We see the truth. During the year we learned to distinguish it from a lie.

The lies, of course, will continue. But main – the most terrible wave of this political "tsunami" Syria has withstood. Syrians need a little more time and they'll handle it with came to the house of trouble. Come out from the cesspool into which they tried to push "friendly" countries.

For the second time in the history of the UN security Council used double veto. And the second time – against anti-Syrian resolutions. But the most important thing in this situation, not only the veto, but the fact that it was pronounced on the whole world with such a high rostrum: in Syria there are armed militias and foreign mercenaries who are terrorizing the civilian population and forced to fight the army.

The awl pierced the bag. It became visible to the world. And now the truth can not be put back, not to hide. Neither the truth voiced from the rostrum of the UN security Council, nor the truth "rebellious" of the Commission, the Arab League, who saw and described the truth and not what I wanted from it representatives of the company "Qatar and Co".

4 February is not only the day of the second ever double veto.

Now few people remember that a year ago on 4 February did not take place the notorious "day of rage" on which the Syrians had shot down the men sitting at the border activists. People didn't come. Not let themselves be deceived. And then, after several other unsuccessful attempts has been applied"plan B": a provocation in Deraa...

One of the victims of the bandits in Syria was the youngest son of the mufti of the country. Mufti Ahmad Badr al-DIN Hassoun – a highly cultured man, each performance of which is a real event.

In his beautiful speech at the funeral of his son, in particular, said: "Satellite channels are willing to kill and deceive each other. But now their goal is Syria. The children of beloved Syria: do not fear! Even if we lose a hundred thousand dead, Prophet will be ashamed of what is happening. The prophet said that the angels spread out their wings over the lands of Syria. Hey you going to the conference.. in five star hotels.. Muslims.. and not only Gracious and merciful God sees our tears ... You require our enemies to defeat us. Let us judge God himself!
Syria will remain Syria. With all his sons, with scientists, with all what God gave her. "

A year has passed since the early attempts of destabilization in the country. The Syrians are more together and understand who is friend and who is foe. Including, and among their own citizens. The white strands slipped out and torn. There is no revolution that we year told stories of "defenders" from London and various committees support the revolution, now send out the counter-revolutionary activists threatening letters and promise to attack the Syrian Embassy in Moscow. The battle is not over yet. But the Rubicon, no doubt, already passed.

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