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Yemen: union of ISIS , the United States and the Arab monarchies
Material posted: Publication date: 20-10-2015
Western Union and "Al Qaeda". This is not fiction fans "conspiracy theories" and the very real situation in Yemen. In early September, the country was invaded by the troops of the Arab monarchies, supported by the United States and radical Islamists, with whom Washington is noisy, but more than a strange war.

Chronology of the conflict

Close connection of the western powers with radical Islamites not the one ten years - is enough to remember Afghanistan or the Chechen Republic. But rather strategic this symbiosis became after the Arabian spring. In Libya the West used Islamites for overthrow of Muammara Kaddafi, in Syria the main striking force in struggle against the government also are extremists.
However, financing and directing "soldiers of jihad", Washington tried not to pass certain line behind which real danger to lose the image of fighters with "the international terrorism" looms. Therefore contacts were generally confidential, and, except that, the USA abstained from communications with the most odious groupings like "al Kaide".

But, as it is known since Ekkleziasta, there is time for everything. Geopolitical interests of the United States force them to get rid even of it, and without that rather conditional, a camouflage. As, for example, in Yemen where the West, the Arabian monarchy and Islamites have created a uniform coalition. These events are presented by world mass-media rather dozirovanno, therefore it is necessary to depict their background in brief.

The 25-million population of the country in the south of Arabian peninsula is divided approximately fifty-fifty between sunnitami and zejditami - representatives of one of Shiism directions. In modern Yemen they are the poorest, socially and politically restrained unit of the population. In 2004 it has led to revolt which the leader zejditskoj has headed communities Hussein al-Husi. Participants of performance have accused the authorities of corruption, discrimination, and also in vassal dependence on the USA and Saudi Arabia. Mutiny has been pacified, Hussein al-Husi - is killed, but resistance did not stop. After some years risen, named movement "Ansar the Allah", or husitami, have established control over northern province of Saada. In the answer the Yemen authorities not only have involved in suppression of revolt of supporters sunnitskoj parties "Ислах", thereby having given to the conflict mezhkonfessionalnyj character, but also have addressed for the help to Saudi Arabia which has entered into a rebellious province of troop. The mite have brought the USA putting aviablows on strong points husitov.

In 2011 "Ansar the Allah" participated in overthrow of president Saleha, however new head of the state Abd-Rabbu Mansur Hadi has not solved any of the problems which have led to revolt. The power continued to float in a fairway of a pro-American and Prosaudi policy, having started up in the country of hundred military men of the USA ostensibly for counteraction to "al Kaide" threat. Without changes there was a support on sunnitskih radicals.

Two events became "trigger" for new performance. First, without the coordination with husitami the project of the new Constitution according to which Yemen should be divided into six states with a wide autonomy has been approved. The Zejditsky community thus managed the poorest regions - without an outlet to the sea and access to oil fields and gas. Secondly, in the country the heavy economic crisis has burst. In these conditions husity have developed a scale peace march on capital, demanding acceptance of urgent measures on bridling of crisis and a formation of a government, defending interests of all groups of the population. Without a uniform shot having occupied a Dignity, protesting eventually have achieved from president Hadi of concessions among which were refusal of administrative-territorial reform, formation of a new cabinet of ministers, and also a number of economic measures. It seemed, the consent is reached. However powerful patrons of Hadi were delighted not with influence growth husitov with their Antiamerican program, support of Bashara Asada and ideological affinity to Iran. In the western and Arabian mass-media campaign with charge husitov in reception of the military help from Teheran (though any fact it is presented and was not) was developed.

The USA, and about their givings and United Nations Security Council have entered against leaders of movement "Ansar the Allah" sanctions. But the main thing, Mansur Hadi has addressed for the help to "al Kaide". Insurgents began to receive the weapon from military warehouses and have developed the most powerful terror against zejditov. The West, despite obvious contacts of the Yemen authorities to Islamites, has closed on it eyes. To rebels of anything else does not remain how to pass to resolute actions. They have occupied the governmental buildings in the Dignity and have concluded the president under house arrest. After some days Hadi declared resignation. Leaders of movement "Ansar the Allah" initiated the beginning of procedure of national reconciliation. The called transitive council included representatives of the majority of influential forces of the country.

Further events developed under the scenario obviously developed far outside of Yemen. In February husity have released Mansura Hadi on parole to leave a policy. However the ex-president, having located in the largest city of southern Yemen - Aden, instead has declared own legitimacy and has addressed to the Arabian monarchy with the request to enter into the troop country. On March, 25th this year Saudi Arabia with support of some other countries (Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt) the beginnings of bombing of Yemen. Full approval of operation was expressed by the West.

The USA help the Arabian coalition a military information, fill its planes in air, and also have established the sea blockade of the country interfering delivery of the humanitarian help. Approach on husitov the beginnings and "al Kaide", at intermediary of supporters of Hadi seized power in provinces the Ale-bejda and Hadramaut.

War about which are silent

For half a year in the country are killed over 5 thousand persons, the majority - civilians. Does not pass week that from Yemen messages on destruction of the next hospital, schools, a factory, did not arrive inhabited quarter... The Indignant voices are heard even in the West. The organisation "International amnesty" has accused Saudi Arabia of war crimes and has considered it necessary to specify that women and children in Yemen perish from bombs on which there is a brand: "It is made in the USA".

As a result of bombings and blockade Yemen will cast into humanitarian accident. 13 million persons starve, have no access to elementary medical aid even more. "Degree of the human sufferings tested now by the population of Yemen, simply does not yield to the description", - head of the Humanitarian program of the United Nations Stephen O'Brajan has declared after a trip to this country.

However attempts to pay attention to a situation in Yemen are similar to a voice scandalous in desert. The notorious "world community", pouring crocodile tears on perishing refugees, about war in Yemen as if did not hear. The Security Council of the United Nations which in due time have named with Hadi with the legitimate president, laid all blame on husitov and by that actually authorising foreign aggression, shows now amazing indifference. In the resolution of Security Council accepted on September, 11th the appeal to husitam contains and to supporters of Hadi to begin negotiations and "to refuse violence", but words is not told about blows of a coalition and its war crimes!

Meanwhile massive air raids have not overcome opposition. Husity not only have not been broken, and have managed to occupy new regions. In this connection the alliance has passed to land operation. In the end of August - the beginning of September Yemen included military subdivisions from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. The aggregate number of a foreign contingent reaches 10 thousand persons. With support of aircraft and hundreds units of armour these forces have begun approach to the Dignity simultaneously with the south and the West. However essential successes, short of capture of Aden to achieve it it was not possible.

It is indicative that the West, not ceasing to accuse Russia of mythical intrusion to Ukraine, has shut eyes more than real aggression concerning Yemen. But attention deserves not only it. The coalition headed by Saudi Arabia and operating with support of the USA, took to itself in allies "al Kaide".

Lesson for Russia

In the end of August foreign journalists in Aden have lifted a panic: over office buildings and city port there were flags of "al Kaide" and "the Islamic state". It was found out A bit later: with Islamites not only do not collect to struggle - their groups are included in antihusitskuju a coalition. The commander of approach the Saudi brigade general Ahmed Asiri has openly declared that the unique opponent of an alliance is "the Proiranian" movement husitov, and with "al Kaide" "the tactical union" is concluded. It the general from the United Arab Emirates has confirmed Nasser al-Otejbi. In interview to the influential American edition "dzhornel" he has declared Uoll-strit: "al Kaide here everywhere. But at us with it the treaty on non-aggression". In practice insurgents-Islamites actively participate in battles, including near Taiz and in a province the Ale-bejda.
However neither in Washington, nor in Bruxelles to it have not reacted in any way though AKAP ("al Kaide on Arabian peninsula") it is entered in the list the terrorist organisations and has incurred responsibility for sensational act of terrorism in edition "Sharli Ebdo" in January of this year. Anything sensational in it is not present: the West conducts struggle against "the international terrorism" as blind, actually using islamizm for struggle against objectionable modes, including Syrian, Iranian, Chinese (Sintszjan-Uigur independent region) and, in the long term, the Russian.

For Moscow events occurring in Yemen - a serious call and an occasion to reflect. That is why, to put it mildly, decisions of the Russian authorities on the Yemen question are strange. In United Nations Security Council Russia votes in support of the American resolutions the same as also the West, shuts eyes to crimes of the Arabian coalition and its union with Islamites. In Moscow have not accepted stretched husitami a friendship hand though "Ansar the Allah" repeatedly declared that sees the ally in Russia. The similar toothless policy, certainly, only harms to interests of the country and demands immediate revision.

Sergey Kozhemjakin

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