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Gaddafi sentenced to death. The verdict is final and not negotiable
Material posted: Publication date: 28-03-2011

Gaddafi sentenced to death. The verdict is final and not negotiable. Not so important how this is done technically. Strike the "Tomahawk" or intelligence operation, the bullet of an assassin or a heart attack. No need to believe completely false statements Westerners - we didn't want to kill Gaddafi. Yes, of course. And accidentally erased missile-bomb strike, the residence of Gaddafi in Tripoli. "As a communication center."

Preparing to murder the last romance of the region, too far eccentric and patriot of his country and people. In 1969 a young 27 year old captain Muammar Gaddafi with a group of Junior officers made a military coup and overthrew the Pro-American regime of king Idris. What to do next Gaddafi and his supporters simply do not know. And went to for advice and assistance in Egypt, the country's President, Hero of the Soviet Union (!) H. A. Nasr.

Returned inspired by hope for a better future, they were followed by Egyptian advisers, who helped to organize the polity and to establish the economic life of Libya. And then there was the younger Gaddafi, who became a Colonel, had a dream to build a state in Libya, the people's welfare on the principles of socialism. All subsequent life and activity of the Colonel was devoted to the realization of this dream.

Simple enumeration of social benefits and a real socialist democracy in Libya will take several pages. Let's name some,- free health care, education, including study abroad, real income redistribution by the state in favor of the poor. Up to interest-free loan (for everyone!) for the purchase of housing or motor vehicles, the state compensated 50 percent the cost. Gasoline by 5 cents per liter!

Gaddafi himself is not unambiguous. Started with support for radical Islamic groups and extremists, and later banned them in the country and even executed the most zealous leaders. Started with calls to destroy Israel, and later put forward the idea of creating a single(!) Israeli-Palestinian state. "The plan "two States for two peoples" will lead to this level of threat to the security of Israel, with whom it will be impossible to agree". Do not think that these words are from the speech of the Deputy of the Knesset of Israel." This is a quote from the article Gaddafi, published in the "new York times" in January 2009.

It is absurd to suspect the Israelites in a special love for the Gaddafi regime. Will give you two statements about the so-called rebels and the Pro-democracy activists in Libya. "Benghazi and Derna are characterized by the dominant ideology of militant Islam are a Foundation of the Libyan Islamic Fighting group, which in 2007 formally merged with al Qaeda. Tribal support is libg harabi. The head of the transitional government of the tribe harabi." "Benghazi and the surrounding region are one of the main ideological and political bases of the terrorist network al Qaeda, the main region supplying the suicide bombers and jihadists, Whom the West supports? Crazy!"

For Western fighters for democracy I cite one more quote. "The conscience Sarkozy, Cameron, Obama the lot of lives of civilian Libyans. What? If they are Libyans, not citizens of France or England, their life is worthless?" Indeed, the pretext for unleashing aggression against Libya more resembles a Fig leaf on the causal place. Surprised by the unprecedented unanimity of the NATO countries, except Turkey and partly in Germany. As one spoke out against Gaddafi, and rushed to defend democracy in Libya. Yes missiles bombs.

What is the true cause of aggression and so friendly actions by the USA and NATO? Want to offer their perspective on the events. Let's start with the fact that aggression was not spontaneous and not prepared. American officials sparingly and grudgingly admit that before the attack on Libya in the Eastern parts (Benghazi) worked some reconnaissance. There is information about early deliveries of small arms made in Italy, munitions and equipment to the "rebels". Therefore, the aggression was prepared before use by Colonel Gaddafi's troops against the rebels.

Now the main thing. The last international initiative Gaddafi was the proposal of the African States to create a single Union for the protection of its national interests and natural resources. Gaddafi has proposed to introduce a new currency, the gold Dinar and stop using the dollar and the Euro. The American attack on the printing press and the sinking of the comment he couldn't forgive her – that's the main reason for the aggression and unprecedented unanimity.

It's no secret that thanks to the tireless work of the printing press, the dollar turned into a piece of paper, which is not provided. The U.S. national debt are measured not in billions, but trillions of dollars. NATO countries (except Turkey did not support), is in essence the same members of the European community with their sick Euro. The emergence of a new, even regional currency for them is tantamount to catastrophe. So I decided to crush the initiative in the Bud. It's simple, Occam's Razor.

What awaits Libya? It is terrible to say - absolute dismemberment of the country and destroy its leader - Gaddafi (unless miracle happens). What awaits the U.S. and its allies? Unfortunate, but more than likely - the growth of extremist and terrorist statements. And not only by Libyans. The most unexpected for them will be the fact that the so-called rebels are actually regular separatists. And to go on the assault of Tripoli were not going and not going. It is important for them to put on their control of oil wealth. And then they start fighting among themselves.

The success of the separatists in Libya will inspire others. Take the Kurdish triangle in Iraq-Iran-Turkey. Everything will start with Iraq after the withdrawal of occupation troops. Then the fire will spread further. Don't forget that Mosul and Kirkuk are home to the richest oil deposits. Support the U.S. Iranian Kurds if they speak against Tehran and would require a "democratic transition"? How. Iran - the next country on the agenda of democratizers.

Finally – a question for the coordinators. Can't You see where this is going? In a flame of fire coming will affect all...



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