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Libya is a battleground between the West and Eurasia
Material posted: Publication date: 13-04-2011

The theme of the events in Libya is really in the focus of the expert community. Recently was dominated by expert assessment of these developments, analysts are trying to figure out what really hid behind those events that we see on TV. Of particular interest in this context are the estimates and judgments expressed by foreign experts. Today we offer see the opinion of the Italian expert Alessandro Lattanzio expressed in the pages of the Italian press. Period prepared by the permanent expert TSSOP Vladislav Gulevich.

So, according to the Italian expert, all that is happening in the Arab world, it is a long ahead of time and planned action to undermine the emerging continental (Eurasian) block. The culmination of this process was the armed intervention by NATO against Libya.

Itself the Libyan operation is part of the Brzezinski strategy. Don't forget that he is the ideologue Barack Obama. Likely that the election of Obama as President is also included in this plan. There were suspicions that Obama may not even be a U.S. citizen, and may be associated with that part of the ideological spectrum, which stands for "democratization of the Arab world". However, this did not prevent Obama to become President of the United States. Such a liberal person, how it seems, helped to attract disillusioned with the policies of the neocons people. Centre-left liberalism, mixed with the environment, was only an instrument for carrying out in the future a new interventionist policy in the agreement left the Western camp, Pro-Western or leftist Zapadnaya much of the leftist European social Democrats, environmentalists, North American, Asian and Arab progressives...

Speaking about the Arab uprisings, let us not forget those who acted as agents of Anglo-American propaganda and strategy, and those who think that the main engine of democratization of the East have become Pro-Western layers of the Arab population. But these bourgeois elements of Arab society, which Washington bestowed prizes and travel to the United States, can not guarantee that after the revolution they came to power in their countries. They are just a tool of control over the process of liberalization of the Arab East. It combines two factors – the French and English colonialism, when London acts as a faithful servant of Western imperialism, and the oil aspect, which in the Arab world is almost fully controlled by the Saudi princes.

Saudi Arabia is a loyal ally of the West, through control of Islamist forces, which Riyadh uses more than one decade. Enmity in the Arab world is a colossal clash of the feudal Islamist ideology and the backward Islamic regimes with historical and political legacy of Nasser, the BA'ath party, of Marxism and Leninism, which were popular in the Arab world for 60 years.

The obscurantist backward parts of the postcolonial world are allies of the West. Wahhabism and other extremist movements have been able to evolve and influence the minds of Arabs only where governments have been associated with the colonial metropolis. Especially with the London base of Islamic extremism. Now in Tunisia, and Benghazi, London was again put Islamists in the saddle. Operational base of the West and is the television "al-Arabiya" and "al Jazeera" is the killing centers of disinformation and reactionary propaganda in the spirit of Islamo-liberalism. Their hands takes place in the information space campaign in support of "color revolutions", the projects that shape the worldview of young Arabs and their sympathetic attitude to intervention in the Affairs of the Arab East from Washington, London, Paris. They play the role of the intelligence centers of the United States and NATO in conflict zones, as we have seen in Libya.

It is understood the Yemeni authorities. After the withdrawal of Saudi forces from there (with the permission of the West), the Yemeni President was expelled, "al-Jazeera" outside the country, accusing it of inciting people to anti-government demonstrations, once again showing us the hidden connection between pan-Arab telecommunications network and the Saudi regime.

It's not just that TV slave revolts is a method of attacking countries that oppose Anglo-Saxon hegemony Sudan, Syria, Libya, Yemen... Started the defragmentation of national States, and there is a danger that this process will not be retained under the control of the West. The ideology of Islamist revanchism can take precedence, merging with retarded anti-national Arab movements, and lead to destabilization in rather stable countries, such as in Syria. Geopolitical axis Washington-London-Paris will entrust this Islamist Emirate in the hands of the Saudi princes-compradores. The main goal is to prevent socio-economic and technological regional development, spreading and antiprogressive parasitic modes (like Western racists, obsessed with the ideology of Orientalism) and preventing the formation of the Asian-Eurasian block of countries. In the backdrop of backwardness of these countries, the West would have looked like an attractive partner. He will be able to buy up natural resources in those countries where modernisation of the speech could not be, and where, under the guise of civil liberties will prevail Islamist ideology.

These events inspired the sabotage of the strategic development of the region, which will ricochet to the plans of the convergence of the Eurasian States – Russia, China, Turkey, Pakistan and Iran. And if the Islamic-colonial Emirate will be still created, it will act as a convenient platform for destabilization of the Russian Federation, people's Republic of China and India. It will have a devastating effect on Iran and Turkey, will undermine the fragile stability in Pakistan, in the Caucasus and Central Asian republics.

Manner Brzezinski is a typical manner of London to divide and conquer. This colonialist heel is easy to see those who are willing to look into the eyes of reality.

In light of recent movements by the UN, Moscow and Beijing understand that no time should be lost in futile diplomatic dance, and mutual kadavath when you're the next target on "the reformatting".


Alessandro Lattanzio

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