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World entangled "Islamic Cosa Nostra"
Material posted: Publication date: 11-07-2013

Special correspondent of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Daria Aslamova tried to untangle the traces of Muslim "secret society" that spread their network across the world - from Turkey to Russia.

Midnight on the Bosphorus. European shore. In a drunken stupor, a fashionable Istanbul restaurant, I lean toward his interlocutor, the successful journalist, to hear his words. Shrouded in cigar smoke, he philosophizes: "to Hell with them, with protests! The crowd and the crowd leaves. It's like a tide. It doesn't matter who makes the revolution. Usually, this Horny hot young men with an excess of hormones. It is important, who will use its fruits".

"Until I see who the winner is, - I shrug shoulders. - Yes, Prime Minister Erdogan has resisted, but in the Foundation of his power cracked. Yes, the opposition actively used the protests, but she's too weak and lacks the charm to score points. Yes, the protesters in the literal sense of the word "blotted out" from the streets with water cannons, but the authorities actively planted flowers in saved Gezi Park, demonstrating good intentions. So who is it?"

Strong wine hit in the head with my counterparts. He grips my hand with such force as though wants to break my fingers.

"Did you hear anything about Fethullah Gülen?"

"Of course, - I answer. - The world famous Islamic preacher, fifteen years living in the United States, in Pennsylvania. Fled Turkey after being accused of attempting a coup. Loves to rant about world peace and the dialogue of civilizations. Their soft "beardless" anti-Wahhabi Islam, is ready to cooperate with the West and Israel. There is little doubt that backed by the CIA, which is quite logical. It would be foolish to grant him asylum without receiving anything in return".

"Is that all? - lop-sided grin in response. - And you, Russians, should know more. It concerns you too".

In the morning I'm getting panicky letter from his sober drinking companion with spells to forget our late-night conversation and not mention his name.



Noon on the Bosphorus. Asian shore. Villa from fairy tales "Thousand and one nights", surrounded by the gardens of Paradise. The owner of the Villa — real Istanbul Effendi ("mister, the master") with the refined manners of an aristocrat. Guru of the Turkish journalism, chief editor of the newspaper Sabah Mehmet Barlas. Said slowly, knowing very well worth. He's an old friend of Prime Minister Erdogan, a devout Muslim believer. Meanwhile Mr. Barlas is a big liberal. I'm allowed to drink very good brandy. "What I'm drinking rakia, and the Prime Minister - tea, believe me, does not interfere with our fellowship, laughs Mr Barlas. - Erdogan does not impose their views."

Then he sereznee. "What happened in Turkey, not a revolution. Call it rebellion, revolt. In the last decade Turkey has changed. And who changed it? Prime Minister Erdogan. When he came to power, the average income per person was $ 2000 dollars a year, but now $ 11,000. Exports from 35 billion dollars grew up to 150 billion. Rose towns and villages, improved roads and infrastructure".

"Yes actually anybody, even opposition, does not deny that Turkey improbably grew economically and politically over the last ten years, - I say. - People worry about personal liberties, about the slow Islamization of the country".

"Let us not forget that Turkey is a Muslim country. Until Erdogan the country was governed by secular, secular minority led by the army. Erdogan changed the system and annulled, abolished this so-called "military democracy". Came to power people from small towns of Anatolia".

"Well, they're provincial, awkward, conservative, they love traditional clothing, tradition of honor, their wives wear the hijab, I say. - Urban classes consider them Hillbillies."

"But even these people from the village have changed! They adopted the European rules. Turkey changed its Constitution at the insistence of the EU. Our criminal law is Italian, our trade laws — German, our civil law is French. We Europeans! Erdogan has changed Turkey, but he is conservative. He is a Muslim. Alcohol he considers sin. And when he speaks, his speeches reflect his faith. Urban classes, standing in Taksim square, is a secular people. They don't go to mosque, they pray five times a day. But they are the minority!

Where you came from your Putin? From the KGB. Where you came from Erdogan? From the world of Islam. Both firmly believe that the discipline and order above all else. Both hate chaos. Putin sees a strong, great Russia, and that goal requires obedience. Erdogan is the same. He believes that people must obey strict moral rules. I drink, do not pray, but who support Erdogan, because they see changes in the country. Yes, I criticize him when he says to voters: you should have three children. How you can invade personal lives of people? But he honestly won the elections three times in a row, gaining more and more votes. And I am sure that he will win the next election. Five or ten years, the authorities provided to it, in one capacity or another — the Prime Minister or the President of the country."

"Who is Fethullah Gulen, what is his influence in Turkey, and what he did not agree with Erdogan?" - I ask directly.

A long pause, which allows Mr. Barlas to light a cigarette.

"Gulen started out as a preacher, and later he headed the Islamic community on an international scale. But now this is not just a religious organization. Banks, schools, universities, shopping centers, large companies around the world. This giant Corporation, whose dimensions are difficult to imagine."

"Can I call gülen a Muslim Soros?"

(With a grin). "Can. The correct definition".

"In Istanbul it is rumored that gülen is through his influence in police circles provoked a hard line response to the protests of environmentalists in Gezi Park, thereby substituting Erdogan?"

"I don't know. Hardly. But it is true that gülen has a major influence in the police, the Prosecutor's office and law enforcement bodies of Turkey".

"Why gülen has made in criticism of erdoğan, in the newspaper "Zaman" in a couple of days after the protests? What does he want?"

"He wants to share power with Erdogan, to have more influence in Turkey and propel his people into new positions. But they have a different vision for the future of the country. Gulen wants Islamic Turkey, Erdogan of Turkey developed. Gulen lives in the US and is not going to go home now."

"Why the U.S. patronize Islamic preacher?"

"Gulen believes in dialogue. He gets along well with Jews. He met with the Pope. And most importantly, the U.S. plans to use a giant network of Gulen against al-Qaeda and Hezbollah".



As a rural boy, born in 1941, near the provincial city of Erzurum in Eastern Anatolia, has become one of the most influential people in the world? As a humble student of the madrasah, and in fact self-taught, who began to preach at the age of fifteen, took charge in 2008, the list of the hundred leading intellectuals of the world (according to the magazine "Foreign Policy")? Who is he — humble hermit painful from Pennsylvania, himself preparing potato dishes and Udovolstviya olives and cheese, or the head of the mysterious, powerful transnational corporations, enveloped in a network of educational institutions from all five continents?

"I know gülen for many years, - says the chief editor of TV "Kanalturk" and an enthusiastic admirer of gülen Mr. Tariq Taurus. He lives in a tiny room surrounded by his companions, and prays constantly and does not want personal benefits for themselves. He does not want to return to Turkey for fear of provoking political chaos in the country. When he wants to send a message to the world, he does this through video messages on the Internet. Gulen is one of the most effective leaders in the world, but he doesn't want personal power. He just created his educational system through thousands of schools around the world."

"What is humanism? It's like this "Islam-Lite", says the Russian Islamic studies Rais Suleymanov. Is an attempt to present Islam to the Europeans and the West in an accessible and understandable form, in a cute wrapper. That is not the bearded men calling for Jihad, a very intelligent and educated people who actively talk about dialogue and mutual understanding of civilizations. Humanism is the Islam, what would like to see his Western world".

"That is a tame Islam?" - I ask.

"That's right. Where was gülen himself? From dönmeh (Turkish Jews who converted to Islam)".

(Dönmeh — mysterious cabalistic Jewish sect that arose in 1683 in Salonica, Ottoman Empire. Founder Shabtai Zvi, a Kabbalist, one of the most famous Jewish lumasi that caused mass euphoria to death in the Jewish communities of Europe at the time. Was arrested and brought before the Sultan's court, who offered him a choice — death or conversion to Islam. Along with his wife converted to Islam. The followers of Shabbetai Zvi, the dönmeh are a small but highly influential community in Turkey. Proponents of conspiracy theories argue that the father atatürk who transformed Turkey into a secular state and drove Islam underground, is a native of the dönmeh. The Turks themselves believe dönmeh insincere Muslims who converted to Islam under pain of death, and for the sake of penetration into power. Most of the dönmeh Jews considers apostates, but there are those who see in Islam the Shabtai Zvi his great sacrifice for the liberation of the Jews from the rule of other Nations. Anyway, blood is not water. Exactly Gulen (according to in Turkey, the descendant of dönmeh) was the first to condemn "freedom Flotilla" attempting to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza in 2010, which was comprised of the Turkish ship "Mavi Marmara". - D. A.)

"The Gulen organization working in 180 countries, says a leading journalist of the newspaper "Radikal" Fehim Tastekin. Only in Turkey they have at least five million followers, as rumor has it, and about ten millions of secret supporters! You have to understand the mentality of these people. This is a state people who are against anarchy and chaos. They believe in the system, but create this system themselves. Not they began the protests in Turkey, but they used the mistakes of Erdogan, to raise their prestige. The only one who scored points in the internal struggle, is Gulen. Where did the organization money? A wide network of sponsors and benefactors. Where do they recruit people? They created a system of language courses, schools and universities around the world. This is a very cheap or even free education to the brilliant teaching of English, mathematics, physics. Best teachers, great atmosphere! Religious teachers, but the education system does not impose Islam. Everything is done very gently. Gülen has been and there are schools in all the former Soviet republics and in Russia — Karachay-Cherkessia, Chechnya, Tatarstan. Recently the school was opened in Abkhazia. Authorities close schools, but they open up again under other names and on behalf of other funds".

"Gulenist have relied on the education, says the Russian Islamic studies Rais Suleymanov. - Need to disseminate their views through a very extensive network of quality education, where people will send their children. Thus they are raising a generation of people who are strictly focused on them. Schools take children of all nationalities. Often from very poor families. Religious propaganda on the level of the elective. No obligatory Muslim rituals, no one insists on the hijab, even ballet. Over time, these children, the most talented, dedicated and hard-working of them, will occupy key positions in the bureaucratic and business elite. They help with money, connections, everything. And they will owe everything from organization raised and gave a start in life, and your spiritual leader. They will be included in the Empire of Gulen".

Well, what's your novel by Boris Akunin "Azazel" on Pets alternativ lady Esther? "The inhumans? Martians? Aliens from another world? As it is not so! They are all Pets of alternativ, here they are! They are foundlings, thrown not only to the door of the orphanage, but the orphanage planted them in society. Each was appropriately prepared, each had skillfully identified and carefully nurtured talent! If the world knew how brilliant careerists out of the kennel lady Esther, inevitably alerted to. And everything happens as if by itself. The push in the right direction — and certainly the talent will show itself. That's why everyone from the cohort of "orphans" has achieved such amazing success in your career! And quite naturally, that truly all these men of genius devoted to his community — because it is their only family, a family that protected them from the cruel world that has nurtured and revealed in all its unique "I".



"I'm dead ass in politics, and I'm not afraid of blows with a stick, says my friend, political scientist and journalist Altai Unaltay. - Blame everything on me, most importantly, don't mention the names of my friends. They don't want to lose my job".

Smart, lazy, and important, this large in all senses of the people already drinking the tenth Cup of tea in the teahouse, while his friend (let's call it the political scientist D.) draws on a napkin scheme.

"How does an ordinary religious movement? Take, for example, the organization "Muslim brotherhood", - said D. - It's like a peach, inside of which is bone, the core. Pure ideologues, Holy men, fanatics often is the core. The next circle is the people in power who share and promote the views of mentors, using them for political ends. The third circle — the people from the world of crime, who need to atone for sins. It's no secret that many mobsters regularly go to Church. Killed, robbed and a portion donated to charity. Two of these circle — people power and the bandits — are closely linked and vzaimopomoshi. But third, the criminal circle contributes to the degeneration, the degeneration of the movement and discredits it in the eyes of society.

This system worked before came Turkish religious preacher Gulen. He built his pyramid. At base — fair, - poor, deeply decent people, sincere believers of the teacher in many international schools, activists, preachers, ready for faith in sacrifice and suffering. But they are at the bottom. Among the students selected the most intelligent, ambitious, hungry for money and power careerists who go to the next level. They are officials, administrators, businessmen. But there is no way back, because they can corrupt and corrupt people down there. The smartest of them get to the top of the pyramid — generals, the highest ranks of the police, bankers, politicians. And Gulen — as a good shepherd for the bad sheep."

"But sheep are bad!" - I say.

"I'll ask you a simple question: the Pope is a bad guy or good? - laughs Altai Unaltay. All the Gulen Empire is built on the principle of the Catholic Church".

"Guys, don't piss me! This same Islamic Cosa Nostra!"

"First, unlike the goat-Nostra people gülen try to refrain from direct violent acts, says Unaltay. - Secondly, what bad do you see in the very principle of the Cosa-Nostra? We can help you, but one day you will help us. In this sense accession to any community. Why no one calls the head of the mafia of Soros, who through his charitable Foundation "open society" prepares future thinkers and politicians? The problem is that gülen has recruited and enlisted so many businessmen, intellectuals, journalists, government officials that they did not obey him. The organization has grown so much that is out of control of its founder".

"Gülen has created a monster that started to live its own life? I say. - It's understandable. But why are the Turkish authorities and the U.S. were so supportive of gülen?"

"Why at the time of ex-Prime Minister of Turkey Turgut Ozal made a bid for a famous preacher? says political scientist D. - Islamic ideology was to facilitate the transition of rural provincial Turkey to capitalism. How to explain to the young people of the village that need to borrow from banks, to pay interest, use credit cards? Needed a respected person speaking in religious language. And someone had to help government officials to learn the language of transnational corporations".

"But Islam and capitalism contradict each other! - I exclaim. - What about the ban on usury?"

"Yeah it's like in Christianity, - grins Altai Unaltay. - Few Christians follows the Covenant: give his possessions to the poor. Former Turkish Prime Minister Ozal came in and immediately established Islamic banks to see how poor the Turkish people to become familiar with the international capitalist standards. How does a normal Bank? You want to open a factory, you go to the Bank to take out a loan for the purchase of equipment. And then repay the loan with interest. And Islamic Bank said: we you themselves buy the equipment and you gradually will pay its price for several years. But a loaf of bread can be bought for two Lira, but you can for four. Same with equipment, you redeem it on the banking."

"That is usury under Islam?"

"Exactly. It's hypocrisy, says a political analyst Etc Gulen is a religious leader of the era of global capitalism. Outwardly, it looks like a return to Islam, but it is an international banking capital, transnational corporations, total privatization".

"In fact, we are dealing with a neo-liberal Islam. I don't know what's worse! Outright jihadists or capitalist, Washington Islam? But what Gulen did not agree with Prime Minister Erdogan?"

"Here's another example from Pope, - grins Unaltay. - The Pope as the shepherd needs to control not only the sheep but also kings. From the point of view Gulen as a religious leader, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan — arrogant king who needs to be put in place. There is a conflict of religious and political power."



More recently, Prime Minister Erdogan was a strong supporter of action in Syria, which should lead to the overthrow of his former "brother" Assad. Turkey opened the borders to hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees in Istanbul has settled all relevant Syrian political emigration, but on the border with Syria have any camps so-called "Free Syrian army", which the Turks, and through them Saudi Arabia and Qatar (no longer secret) actively assist with money and arms.

A little over a month ago there was a "fateful" meeting of Erdogan and Obama. Of America after Erdogan returned to Turkey hushed, and in its antiacademic rhetoric diminished the fervor. What happened?

"The Turkish government lied to Obama that the conflict in Syria can be settled in a few weeks, well, months, said a leading columnist for the newspaper "Radikal" Fehim Tastekin. - The Turks charged Americans a false scenario in which the main argument was made by the fact that the majority of Syria's population are Sunnis. Antiacademic forces victory looked likely. Obama said Erdogan. You want Turkey has become a major regional power in the middle East, and we promise to resolve the conflict? Forward! We will support you however we can, but not by military means. In fact, the U.S. gave Erdogan the benefit of the doubt. All the weapons went to insurgents via Turkey. Salafi (Wahhabi) groups almost destroyed the Syrian Alawite city. The fact that Syria lies in ruins, the merit of Turkish politics. And a month ago, Obama asked Erdogan: you promised me to do away with Assad in a few months, and where are the results?"

"But why is Erdogan so persistently advocated the overthrow of Assad, while 68 per cent of Turkey's population opposes the country's involvement in the Syrian conflict?"

"First of all, Turkey will get enormous benefits from the destruction of Syria, because according to the plan that she had to get major contracts for its restoration. It's like with Iraq: the Americans even bombed Baghdad, and large construction companies have already received orders. Secondly, to be in Damascus is politically very important. There are the keys from the Middle East. And Lebanon with the Beirut — historically and politically part of the larger Syria. To be in Damascus — it will have an impact on the question of Palestine, and therefore Israel, it's control over Lebanon and Hezbollah, as well as the impact on Iran and Iraq. Understand, this is a big dream of Erdogan! An ideal scenario of a Large Turkey to the borders of the Ottoman Empire. I'm talking, of course, not on territorial borders, but the borders of influence of political and economic".

"A personal goal and ambition of Erdogan to become leader of the Muslim world, but it needs to abandon the idea of one country — one nation - says journalist and producer gökhan Eren. - He can't come out on stage just as the father of the Turkish nation, because the majority of Muslims are Arabs. So he negotiates with the Kurds and preparing to recognize the rights of minorities. His dream of a Muslim Union."

"In fact, Erdogan wants to play the role of father of the Nations — atatürk, but atatürk Islamic, says a famous anchor Reha Muhtar. But the project neo-Ottoman Empire, including Armenians, Greeks, Kurds, Arabs, is a dangerous, though exciting game. His critics say: if Turkey would intervene again in the Affairs of the Middle East , it will collapse just as collapsed the Ottoman Empire. We do not want to become once again "the sick man of Europe". We don't know: whether we become a regional Empire, or you will fall, and we were again dissected into pieces. And among the urban classes, speaking in Taksim square, dominated by the belief that Turkey is desirable not to interfere. Neither in Syria nor in Iraq."



A religious war between Sunnis and Shiites have long ceased to be "private affair" of the Middle East. Sunni zone includes Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Turkey and, oddly enough, Shiite potentially Pro-Western Azerbaijan (the closest relative of Turkey, which in case of war with Iran has promised a big chunk of Iranian territory inhabited by indigenous Azerbaijanis). Chief patron — the USA. Shia arc represented, mainly, Iran, Lebanon, Iraq (majority Shiites) and Syria (in power while the Shiites, fighting for life and death. Understand that in case of defeat they all just cut out, like rabbits). Main ally — Russia. (One of the reasons of our sympathy for the Shias that the Sunnis in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, we are nothing but filth, not seen. They have promoted and sponsored terrorism and "wahhabization" of the Caucasus. They brought detachments of radical Islamists who now preach in our mosques). In fact, the hot war in the middle East again turns into a cold war between the two great powers.

"Why the United States opposes the Shia? Shia arc completely hostile to U.S. influence, says columnist Fehim Tastekin. - The U.S. is using Turkey and secret Empire religious preacher Gulen against Iranian influence. Saudi Arabia and Qatar, are temporarily United against Iran, are investing enormous resources in Turkey as an ally.( And Erdogan now desperately need the money from the Persian Gulf as the main trade partner-the European Union has strongly suffered from financial crisis.) The main goal of the Sunni Crescent is to stop Iran. The Sunnis have already lost Iraq, where the Shiites in charge, and want to compensate it at the expense of Syria. But what Turkey has received, by intervening in Syrian Affairs? One headache. Our famous policy of "zero problems with neighbors" policy turned into "zero neighbors", only enemies. Iraq things are difficult with Iran is highly complicated, not to mention Syria. And most importantly, we have spoiled relations with Russia."

"The fact that the US supported the protests in Taksim square, and then connect to this Empire "Soros Muslim" by the name of Gulen is a way to punish Erdogan for the failure of his Syria policy and his attempts to become the new Sultan, says the Russian Islamic studies Rais Suleymanov. - The title of Sultan still has to be earned. The Americans were not going to remove Erdogan. It should have been easy to put into place. And they used a rich resource that they have right at hand, network "St" Gulen from Pennsylvania".

"Look, we are fighting strongly against wahhabization Russia, which sponsored the Gulf countries, I say. - Gulen through its network of schools offers a "soft" Islam, renounced Jihad. What is bad?"

"Illusion! The purpose gulanowski schools in Russia — the re-orientation of the Muslim elite in Turkey and the USA, and in global sense - building a Caliphate, albeit a reasonable and liberal, but in which non-Muslims will be given the role of humiliating minorities. The Russian authorities have long understood that we are dealing with a cunning ideological enemy. For example, in Azerbaijan, Gulen has already nurtured with the assistance of its schools young elite, which gradually penetrates into the leadership of the country. And this Pro-Western, Pro-American elite. Gulen is also actively working with our Azerbaijani Diaspora. No matter who comes to us with a sword or with a word. It is important that the Russian Muslims are OUR Muslims, who should not rely on foreign religious center. We should bet on the national of Islam. Extremely dangerous, if our Muslims will turn into a fifth column in their own country".



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