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New "cold war" between Russia and America in the country of pharaohs
Material posted: Publication date: 19-08-2013

Cairo, Egypt – Despite a long period of time that has elapsed between the end of the cold war between the Western camp led by the US and the Eastern camp, what is happening today in Egypt, is evidence of the existence in the depths of the soul of each party's motives, forcing them to wait for chance to strike a painful blow each other in order to win the next round or to damage "the enemy".

The middle East was more like a chess Board, which is a game between America and Russia. This circumstance manifested itself after the American invasion of Iraq, which was an important ally of the Russians and China. The game resumed with the start of the Arab spring, the collapse of the old Pro-American regimes and the rise of new powers. Both players are extremely interested in attracting to their side at the expense of each other influential allies and all got in the way naive people.

The new Russia under President Vladimir Putin tries to reassert its global presence and sees the much-touted Arab spring is a great opportunity for this. The U.S. military bases spread throughout the Persian Gulf, Arabia, the Mediterranean, the Red sea and the Pacific ocean, and Russia has only one single base in Syria on the Mediterranean sea. "Free Syrian army" led by "Muslim brotherhood", working with MI6 and the CIA, receive instructions, arms and funding. And Russia and China at the same time trying not to lose the only Russian military base in the region, and the influence necessary for the maintenance of their interests at least at the minimum level.

In Egypt – the largest country in the middle East, which owns the Suez canal linking the Mediterranean and the Red sea – we find that immediately after the fall of U.S.-backed "Muslim brotherhood" in the country began a new game of chess.

Here it is well known that the Obama administration is full of supporters of "Muslim Brothers" who are dissatisfied with their overthrow in Egypt. These are the "Brothers", which for years financed and trained by the CIA for the purpose of achieving the goals and objectives of American policy that became the price for his assistance in the capture of power in Egypt after many years of existence, persecution, prisons and prohibitions.

Unfortunately for the masses of the Egyptian people, the U.S. administration does not know where to direct their policies, looks confused and ignores the facts – primarily related to the new Egyptian reality. The U.S. and its Ambassador, Anne Patterson, has now lost its status in Egypt, and this was the result of their blatant bias in favor of the "Muslim brotherhood" and their terrorist allies.

The Egyptians have the impression that Barack Obama doesn't understand what's really going on. USA just look with one eye and say in a trembling voice. It seems that Obama and his administration backed the wrong horse, and that makes them the target of harsh criticism both at home and abroad.

Meanwhile, the voracious Russian Bear is hungry, and thus highly motivated. After the fall of the government "Brothers" Russians hastily stretched out a helping hand to the new Egyptian government with Al-Sisi at the head. Putin expressed readiness to provide Egypt with the same amount of aid as compensation. The Russian President has even demonstrated a strong desire to visit Egypt with the new government to bless the revolution and to assist the Egyptians in their crisis. This reception Putin got beat up map had Obama and his administration. On Thursday, Obama announced that he will cancel the already scheduled military exercises with the Egyptian army, leaving the hungry Russian bear, another opportunity is to launch military exercises with Egypt.

The official representative of the interim President of Egypt announced that the presidential government is considering the possibility of freezing diplomatic relations with the United States and the closure of their Embassy in Cairo as sanctions for their blatant interference in Egypt's internal Affairs and open support for terrorist groups that threaten the national security of the country.

If this happens, the Russian government will not be able to find a better chance than this to install in Egypt our presence. Putin has made it clear that Russia will block any direction that the Western camp will try to vote in the UN Security Council. Britain and France already require emergency meetings to discuss the situation in Egypt.

In this case, Russia will not be alone. To help Russian China will rush to strengthen their common position on Egypt and to thwart any plan to impose sanctions against the government and Egyptian people.

The biggest losers here will be the U.S. and its allies and their agents inside Egypt, all by hook or by crook trying to drag the country into civil war, with the simultaneous imposition of the Egypt foreign intervention.

The Egyptians love the American culture and way of life. But the recent Obama's policies demonstrates the tenacity of the American administration, which she ignores the right of Egyptians to determine their own destiny and to choose who will rule them.

The people here consider the policy of the American administration as indulging in murders and terrorizing Egyptians. This significantly reduces the love for America in the hearts of the Egyptians. People now remember that it was Russia in the former Soviet Union helped the Egyptian army, including technologically and financially, asking nothing in return.

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