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The nuances of the Libyan tragedy
Material posted: -Publication date: 23-08-2011

Western and Russian media assert that the regime of Colonel Gaddafi is living its last days. The rebels coordinated by NATO, has already stormed the streets of the Libyan capital. Gaddafi is not yet giving up. Colonel Gaddafi is one of the few leaders deserving of the title "warrior". He really is a warrior, not one year as opposed to the collective West. Libya under Qaddafi was part of the notorious "axis of evil", where in addition it includes Cuba, Venezuela, Syria, North Korea, Iran.

These States are not subject to the control of the United States, their elites not integrated into the global political order and allow themselves a fair share of foreign policy independence. The trouble is these States that they are located in geopolitically important areas. Cuba and Venezuela South and Central America, the "backyard" of the United States. Syria, Iran – the Mediterranean and the middle East. North Korea - the Northern half of the Korean Peninsula and shares a border with China and Russia, the main competitors of the United States.

If Gaddafi loses, it looks like it will be one of the key from a strategic point of view links "axis of evil" would be Atlanticist. Libya will most likely cease to exist as a unitary state, and will break up into several parts. Extremely weakened Libya, torn to shreds by competing groups, satisfied and USA, and NATO. It is the epitome of the theory "hard" in practice. "Hard" - chaos+ order (chaos+order) – a formula successfully used by the Americans and their allies around the world. Collapses the chain of command, the charismatic leader is eliminated, the country Weleda into a state of controlled chaos and in such a state integrated into the world order the American way. So it was with Iraq, so it was with Yugoslavia, so it will be with Libya.

American control over Libya – and the increased presence of the West in the Mediterranean and North Africa regions, where growing louder and his ambitions declares Turkey. Turkish investments in the Libyan economy are significant. Turkey's refusal to treat Russia as threat No. 1 for your own safety – a clear signal that the Turks are preparing for independent play. With the departure of Colonel Gaddafi positions of Ankara in the region significantly weakened. The Turks were forced to support sanctions of democratic community against Tripoli, being afraid to stay away and finally to lose influence in this country. Ankara has no choice – or she, or NATO. Especially jealously Turkey looks at the colonial aspiration of France, occupying the anti-Turkish position in the EU.

Events in Libya are inseparable from what is happening in Syria. And although it is an order of magnitude different scale of events that they entirely fit into the General outline of the strategy of the West in the Mediterranean and the middle East. Spurred on by Washington to the Syrian opposition, if they come to power, the first thing to get rid of the Russian military base in Tartus, where the point of logistics of the Russian Navy is the only Russian base in the far abroad, where they can build ships of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea. Forcing Russian sailors from Syria, overthrowing the largely Pro-Russian Gaddafi, Americans finally clears the Mediterranean from the Russian presence. The Syrian rebellion will also affect Turkey. Turkey's ally Syria is an excellent opportunity to influence the situation in Iraqi Kurdistan.

There is no doubt that after Tripoli will be the turn of other members of the "axis of evil". Pyongyang, Havana, Caracas, Tehran will experience tremendous pressure from the "world" community, carried out in different ways and for a long time. Washington it is important to include them in his system of the world, to deprive them of the geopolitical subjectness, not be permitted to act as regional centers of power, albeit marginalized. Special focus: Iran and Venezuela. And then we can say that Pax Americana was conducted entirely on a planetary scale.

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