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About some new element of the strategy of Washington in the middle East
Material posted: Publication date: 30-12-2014

After successful military operations in the Syrian army USA chose a new tactic, which should help to gain time and to adjust the methods of warfare, supplying weapons, providing political, financial and media support to fighters.

The Washington settlement of the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, was aimed at ensuring unity in the anti-Syrian camp. The result should be "updated strategy of exhaustion" offered by the USA, when every victory-Syrian axis will require significant efforts, huge costs, huge victims and demand.

The implementation of this strategy, Washington:

  • to achieve exhaustion in Syria, its armed forces. Among the beneficiaries is, in particular, and Israel. Furthermore, the source believes that "war of attrition" is solely based on the interests of Israel and the Zionists;
  • to be rehabilitated after the defeat in Afghanistan;
  • to continue to deter Iran's nuclear program;
  • to preclude in Syria's presidential elections, which likely will result in preservation of the Assad government.

The theme of the destruction of Arab armies in recent times has been actively discussed in expert circles of the middle East States. Some experts, in particular Moorish Explorer Qatari channel "al Jazeera" al cowries al-Salim al-Mukhtar al-Hajj openly proposes the abolition of the armed forces of the Arab countries. In particular, he points to the following reasons:

  • Arab army in the last 40 years, not won a single victory and not developed, unlike Turkish or Iranian;
  • Arab armies have become the biggest obstacle to democracy and freedom in their countries;
  • the Syrian army during the reign of Hafez al-Assad carried out a massacre of its own citizens in Hama in 1982, the same actions today by the Bashar al-Assad;
  • the Egyptian army serves the interests of the ruler and to suppress the Egyptian people;
  • the above is true for the Algerian army;
  • the Libyan army was the main striking force of Muammar Gaddafi, "which he used when he wanted and where he wanted";
  • for "heroic" by the Mauritanian army, where he made the highest number of coups in the Arab world, it would be better if it was dissolved by government decree.

A number of experts, the Arab army are accused of acquiring political functions instead to protect the country from external enemy. The similarity of the comments on Arab armies, gives grounds to say that in Arabic-speaking information space is formed even persistently and imposed a distorted perception of the place and role of national armies.

Iraqi, Palestinian, Jordanian and Lebanese experts quite often in their comments argue that against Arab armies is the war of attrition. The murder of high-ranking officers and politicians, expressing the point of view of the military is part of that strategy. So, under mysterious circumstances in late April that he was killed by Iraqi Lieutenant General Hassan Karim Hudar. Destroyed not only the army, but combat-ready armed groups of Arab tribes, who also are involved in a war of attrition.

Armine Hakobyan

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