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Operation Hitler-2 and swingology presidents
Material posted: Publication date: 13-04-2011

Our world is changing, and changing rapidly. Despite the fact that what is happening today in the middle East is strongly reminiscent of what has already not once or twice has happened in the region - Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., the most astute observers note - all this is of course very similar, but not exactly... In the current situation, guess a whole new element. Is undergoing a tectonic shift, it still felt rather than realize it. However, many feel.

What is happening in the middle East? ...

However, many feel. It is clear that the current revolution in the Muslim countries of North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula and the war in Libya mark a new stage in the history of the region. For all impartial observers the most obvious direct U.S. participation in all these events, no one ever explained clearly enough and plausible, why did America need it. What goals does it pursue? There are many versions that are pronounced different wording from the usual "war for oil" and "controlled chaos", to "psychological discharge" (the weaker the opponent, the undesirability of war with a stronger Iran). However, all these versions have the same main issue.

- Why?

What is the meaning of overthrow of moderate Arab regimes, or even, as in the case of Tunisia, the most moderate?

What is the meaning of liquidation with uncertain consequences leaders, who long and faithfully served the interests of the West in General and USA in particular?

What is the meaning of the war against Libya, which have long made concessions on all interested questions West and would have gone even if she demanded it?

What, finally, is the meaning of destabilise already unstable Yemen, which is essentially a wick, fuse, to key oil producing countries in the region - Saudi Arabia?

Maybe Barack huseynovich Obama the night bit angry, not for the season, the fly and he suddenly decided to install in the Muslim world a real democracy? Something, however, prevents believe in such, is offensive for any non-zero intelligence... Proprietary version of the word-brand "democracy" does not explain anything in the events taking place in other regions of the world, in our case, its use looks like something especially absurd.

Democracy you say?..

The reaction of the rest of the world on recent changes in the middle East and the war against Libya is also quite revealing. We all remember the war in Iraq, which was at first glance very similar to what is happening today in Libya. The reaction in the world on these two seemingly similar events were surprisingly different. In the case of Iraq, protesting not just lazy. Germany was against France - forgiving, pacifists around the world organized thousands of marches, advocacy training dragged on for months with varying success. The discussion in the UN passed long and hard. In the end, the Iraq resolution was not adopted, although the war followed by occupation is not prevented.

In the case of Libya before all the loose American vassals suddenly stood in disciplined formation. No debate, the UN security Council resolution was adopted with lightning speed, the propaganda machine in all countries operates synchronously and repeats the same wording.

Germany is silent, but doesn't mind. France led with the evil little man BEHIND. Italy, despite its obvious economic interests. The League of Arab States, despite all the interests, which only you can imagine. Carefully vypyachivalis self-importance President Medvedev, FOR.

And all this despite the fact that Saddam Hussein was the ruler of a much harsher and less acceptable to the Western world than Muammar Gaddafi. And with democracy, even if we assume that this word still has any real meaning, in Iraq was no better than Libya.

Where such discipline and unanimity?

It seems that the Iraq issue was a tactical question, on which were various opinions. In the case of Libya is much more serious, and disagreements are not allowed. With great certainty we can assume that these two decisions were made at different levels. Iraq was entirely on the conscience of President Bush and his entourage. They could (and sometimes should) criticize the current middle East tectonic shift, it seems, was planned at the top, and no discussions will not.

All of the above, it is rather strange at first glance, the circumstances only emphasize the main question - what exactly are the goals of the owners of the Western world in what is happening in the entire region of the greater Middle East avalanche changes?

To answer it we have to deviate from international politics in a rather unexpected, in this case, the scope - criminology.

Hardened criminals who commit violent crimes often have their own special "handwriting". From crime to crime remain the same motives, weapons, places, ways, and just different small parts. What man once did, then he tends to repeat again and again, and, as a rule, in the same way.

Seeking world domination, referred to as the modern political language of globalization, forces standing at the head of the Western World, and in particular the U.S., have not changed for a long time. Of course, individual figures, both public and shadow, come and go, but the continuity of the policy, its goals and methods is maintained. There is nothing that was done by the elite of the West in the past, what it could be repeated in similar circumstances in the future. Moreover, a short excursus into the forensics tells us that the methods with high probability will remain the same.

The events that come to mind in connection with the recent changes in the middle East, occurred in Europe in the late twenties, the early thirties of the last century. These events - the coming to power of Hitler in Germany and the outbreak of the Second World War.

Why is it, you ask?

A lot of in common.

Humiliated, robbed, partially occupied, after the First World War, Germany, still retained sufficient economic and human potential, and most importantly the will to further resistance to enforced dissolution in the Western global project and the protection of their national identity.

On the other hand, the Muslim world, partly occupied, partly controlled by puppet regimes, natural resources which are subjected to continual plunder. Human potential of the world of Islam is huge, the will to uphold the values of their religion and civilization is constantly growing, as awareness of the unjust situation in which this civilization was. A continuous series of aggressions against various Muslim States, only reinforces these feelings.

Limiting factor that prevented the release of accumulated during the long years of humiliation of the protest energy of the German people, served in the twenties of the last century a number of externally supported Pro-Western governments of the Weimar Republic, not used in people, the slightest support. The German people in those years, tired of the corruption, reparations, humiliating occupation of the most important industrial regions of the country, and longed for national revival. For straightening this spring unpopular Pro-Western government had to go along with the occupying forces.

In modern Arab and wider Muslim world valve restraining accumulated over the years couples people's anger, are extremely unpopular Pro-Western governments, affected all the vices of the governments serving the interests of external forces. Corruption, arbitrariness, failure to ensure the economic development of their countries, the plundering of natural resources by multinational corporations and the local oligarchy flourished in the Arab world lush with color. To release great energy of discontent of millions of the Arab people lacks two things - a Pro-Western government must be overthrown, and foreign troops have withdrawn.

In Germany of the twenties was "such a party". At its helm stood a man, firmly believing that elected Providence, fanatic, ready to achieve their goals to shed a lot of blood, and at the same time, entirely inadequate to the purposes of national revival, which faced the country. Neither the man himself nor his entourage did not realize any of the global nature of the war, i.e. victory on the European continent itself does not guarantee success, nor one who is a potential ally, or even someone who is the main enemy. Moreover, all these delusions, a false belief in the unity of the European civilization, all the Aryan peoples, the theory of racial inferiority of the Slavs, the direction of future aggression to the East, there, where the coveted Lebensraum, were well known in advance. Known primarily from the program document, - the book Mein Kampf written by Hitler in the early twenties.

In the modern Muslim world there is the analog of the Nazi party, radical Islamists or the so-called "al-Qaeda". People who believes that doing the will of God, which is not to take the fanaticism and willingness to shed blood. They are confident that we have achieved at the time of the victory in Afghanistan over the "little Satan", the Soviet Union, and that with the same ease can defeat the great Satan. The favorite methods of the Islamists is well known. They believe that Western people value their lives above all else, not willing to die, and therefore, will have no resistance. Out of this their beliefs to be the right way - a weapon of struggle. Islamists believe that the threat of terror, mass murders, the West is forced to retreat. They don't realize or anything to achieve their goal, the elite of the Western world happily sacrifice millions of lives, nor the fact that without a serious reduction in the technological gap, no struggle is impossible, nor that the aim of this struggle should be to protect their land, but not an attack on the neighbors, or the fact that only the threat of weapons of mass destruction capable of stopping the aggressor, its actual use will cause a retaliatory strike by a much larger force. But most importantly modern Islamists don't realize the simple fact that their main weapons are not bombs, not terror and Jihad, and a strong family and numerous posterity. All these, in advance condemning them for subsequent inevitable defeat, delusion known now, but how many in their ranks of agents of Western intelligence knows, probably, only the Almighty.

In the late twenties of the last century the Western world was shaken by the Great Depression, from which the U.S. finally came out only after the Second World War. Out by capturing vast territories with their resources, new markets in Central Europe and Asia. A significant amount of military orders also played a role. During the war Germany and Japan, by contrast, has depleted their resources and had lost the will to further resistance. They, their satellites and colonies, were entirely engrossed in the world of capitalocracy. There was a big repartition of the world, without which, probably, out of the great Depression would have taken much longer time.

The contemporary crisis of the capitalist system is growing. What are the proposed solutions are being developed today in the brain centers of the West, we can only guess. But all know more - what the U.S. and the Western world came out of a similar crisis last time.

The thirties with the West continuously retreated before Hitler. The position was surrendered without a fight. The authorities in Germany got him easily and in full accordance with democratic procedure. Pro-Western puppets were commissioned. Ahead of Germany, which was still weak, were not restored nor the military industry and the armed forces, the West began its inexplicable retreat. Moreover Hitler's Germany constantly pushed to the next steps. Concessions followed one after another - the withdrawal of the occupying forces from the Rhineland area, American loans for the development of industry, indifference to the restoration of military capabilities, painless annexation of Austria, the Munich agreement and the surrender of Czechoslovakia, invasion of Poland, accompanied by strange war in the West. And even approving the words of Churchill that "some system of Hitler may not like, and yet impossible not to admire his Patriotic achievements."

I must say that in the future, Hitler gave his "curators" a few unpleasant surprises, but in the end, chose the path that chose in the beginning, and turned East. The trap snapped. The fascist beast, carefully grown for slaughter, with the connivance of his aggressive aspirations, was finally eliminated by the hands of others at the cost of enormous sacrifices, sacrificed on the altar of the victory of the Russian people.

Today we are witnessing the first acts of a new drama whose consequences risk being even more fearsome. Pro-Western dictatorial regimes, and relatively independent of the government (where they exist), across the Arab world with the active participation of the United States into oblivion. What will replace them?

Aggressive attacks against Muslim countries, while, continue. The chaos is growing. Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Bahrain is not the end of the list. In all likelihood Syria, the Gulf countries, Saudi Arabia, and probably Central Asia - Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan... to grow the next "beast" and release it at will have to perform all the points of the program step by step. Before the entire Muslim world will finally stand on its hind legs, in a few more years. And only then will the cycle of violence, humiliation and chaos must give way to the next phase. In that moment, when grown in the Pakistani camps with the active participation of American and British secret services, the leaders of the Islamists is, at last, their places in government offices, will begin the second phase - the retreat. Delivery positions and consistent feeding of "the beast" satellites and vassals.

In 1938, the year when Czechoslovakia begged for help against Hitler, British Ambassador in Berlin sir Neville Henderson said: "the Czechs - swingology race. Britain is not going to risk any one sailor or airman for Czechoslovakia." One of the most sincere liberals of Europe, the Czechoslovak President beneš, was rewarded with an even more scathing assessment - "Vinogradovo swingology of his race." Wonder not, the puppet can always be sacrificed as a pawn in a chess game. It does not matter whether the puppet only political leader or a whole people by him. Thus, Czechoslovakia together with its liberal leadership, was just sacrificed to Hitler.

In the same way been recently sacrificed liberal, by the standards of the Arab world, Tunisia's President Ben Ali.

Before modern Russia with its current "elite" looms the same unenviable Czechoslovak perspective. Just as they were left at the mercy of brothers-Serbs in Bosnia and Kosovo, the Russian population of the Caucasus and Northern Kazakhstan has been sacrificed ALREADY. It is easy to imagine what epithets in the near future the leaders of the West will reward Russia's leaders, when they come running, smearing snot, forgive for help against the advancing civilization of the neighboring...

Of course, they will say:

- How can you? We're Europeans, and profess the same values: "democracy", "rights of sexual minorities", etc. In such moments, however, the renewed assurances of devotion, do not play the slightest role. Values, the more false, can not replace the brain. Unfortunately, the cure for the syndrome Kerensky, Gorbachev, in which all mental activity of some Russian politicians completely replaced by false knowledge, not yet invented... Today we are horrified to see new relapses of the disease.

Who is the first exposed to farmed Golem Islamism, easy to guess. A dependent Russia led with a sincere "swingology" liberals, has a chance to become one of the first, and it's still in the condition that she will live till this time, i.e. if destalinization not deal with it before. It is also known and more, the United States, located overseas, the prospect of being the first on the way of the Islamists is not threatened. They have the opportunity to watch the fight from the outside and to be, as usual, in the end, in the moment of sharing of spoils, when all the sacrifices already made.

The number of these victims can be immense.

In the case of coming to power and using the global scale of their terrorist methods, the Islamists risk in response to receiving the terrible blow of immense power. As a result of this strike, millions of people can be destroyed, the resistance potential of the Muslim world is broken and many of its shrines have been razed to the ground. The process of globalization, unification of all mankind into a single unit under a single authority, in this case will inevitably move forward. This, incidentally, is nothing new. This process should always be moving forward in this method.

With the help of war.

His punching power, step by step, first along with the First World War, followed by the Second, and then Cold. The building of the New World Order stands on a base consisting of the results of these wars is a huge mountain of corpses. The world is nothing like the main obstacle to its further construction. Without war, the diversity of the world is gradually increasing, and the unnatural tendency to unification, by contrast, comes to naught. In order again to pull the rusted wheel of globalization and emerge from the unfolding economic crisis, the owners of the West want another war. Preparations for it seem to have begun.


Mikhail Andreev


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