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Submarine warfare intelligence. For which he was nominated for the title of Hero of Russia Gennady lyachin?
Material posted: Publication date: 11-01-2012

After the death of 118 sailors of the nuclear submarine "Kursk" its commander, captain first rank Gennady lyachin was posthumously awarded the title Hero of Russia. Many then were perplexed: what for? Not for other human victims of the tragedy in the history of Russian submarine fleet? Or for the exploits during a top-secret tour to the Mediterranean sea in August – October of 1999? Accurate answers to these questions will be given only after 38 years. Exactly half a century has been classified logbooks for this unique submarine. And other official documents too briefly tell me about the swimming.

And so far with the operation Damocles sword hanging top secret, divers and scouts only within permissible share their thoughts about the secret war in the depths of the sea.

The response from France

Lthe any journalist always looked forward to feedback on your materials. Especially valuable is the opinion of professionals. Explorer "an" was glad when the screen of the tablet, appeared the smiling face of Sergey Ivanovich. This is on Skype on the phone old friend.

Bonjour, the Colonel, – Serega was in his repertoire.

When twenty years ago, after returning from long trips abroad, we washed my Colonel's epaulettes, then young captain playfully addressed me in the German manner "Herr Oberst". Then depending on his country of residence the word "Colonel" was pronounced in different languages. Now the video call was from France.

On the Internet read your material "Squall "in a web" spider". Overall fine, but... – Sergey Ivanovich, talking on Skype, was, in my opinion, sometimes too honest. He believed that this communication channel is not yet tapped. – About the Pope and naval U.S. intelligence written enough. But they are real scumbags. Don't play by the rules. Consider themselves to be a sort of marine the James bonds, the elite intelligence service. And do not disdain anything: torture of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, in Russia wads of dollars scattered, buying agents. A little tail pinned to them, just pretend to be innocent lambs. This is your captain Pope, so all the faker. When he was put in Lefortovo, the American defenders were trumpeted to the world that he has a rare form of skin cancer and he lives in the dungeons of the KGB last days. Under pressure from Clinton, Putin pardoned him. But it turned out to spy on the freedom, and all sores disappeared so fast.

– What is indignant? I had to interrupt this monologue. – A common stratagem. You know, exploration in white gloves do not.

But a gentleman's agreement they are trying to observe. And kill – doesn't kill you, ' returned the monitor iPad Sergei. – And these, bitches, because "Squall" was ruined by our submariners with "Kursk".

Any evidence for that?

– Access cites French Director Jean-Michel in the movie "Kursk". Submarine in muddy water", – answered Sergey Ivanovitch. – It was shown on French television. In the film it is alleged that "Kursk" was torpedoed by the American submarine "Memphis". The teachings of "Kursk" was performing a demonstration shot of the upgraded launch torpedoes. Supposedly these tests were observed by two American submarines, "Memphis" and "Toledo". One of them bumped into our submarine. And the other, whether from fright, or revenge "Kursk" for old business, but I shot it with three torpedoes.

– Do not thicken French Director paints? What did annoy Americans our submarine? again from snide questions.

– Ask about their admirals. You interviewed Eduard Baltin, the session ended.

Help "an"

March 3, 1882 by order of the Ministry of the Navy of the North American United States had formed a new division – the intelligence division in the Bureau of navigation, which later became the Office of naval intelligence (ONI – Naval Intellingence). This date is considered the day of Foundation of naval intelligence of the United States of America is the oldest of all U.S. intelligence.

In 2000, the naval intelligence of the United States "lit up" two times in the case of Edmond Pope and around the disaster of the submarine Kursk. During the accident in the area were American reconnaissance anti-submarine ship "Loyal". It is always accompanied by 1-3 nuclear submarines – anti-submarine destroyers submarines of the enemy. Using helicopters and space detection, "Loyal" effectively locked on a target their anti submarine destroyer. This is the first ship passed on August 13 in the Pentagon and the Office of naval intelligence message about the accident on "Kursk".

The story of Admiral

To regret, Hero of the Soviet Union Eduard D. Baltin, former black sea fleet commander, never open the door to his cozy apartment in the house on Rublevsky highway. Three years ago he was buried on the small homeland – in Smolensk. Other admirals talking about the Mediterranean campaign of "Kursk" did a stone face and silent. And only Yaroslav Aleksandrovich, asking not to name his name, has agreed to answer questions from Explorer "an".

What tasks are performed "Kursk" in the campaign?

The Admiral pulled out a red folder, some paper and said:

– That's the only declassified official document. Read an excerpt: "during the execution of the tasks of combat service in the Mediterranean APRK the "Kursk" was acting in conditions of overwhelming superiority anti-submarine forces of the probable enemy. Performed the task of monitoring a multi-purpose carrier strike groups of the enemy. Carried out monitoring and producing associated search submarines of foreign countries, maintaining a degree of stealth and combat stability. According to the results of military service, 72 crew members presented to the government awards. Captain I rank G. Lachin presented with the title of Hero of Russia."

– Written governmental and not clear: what did the sailors presented high state awards?

–Latency in our time has shown that Russian submariners on the shoulder to overcome the Faeroe-Iceland ASW barrier and pass to the Western shores of Europe. In the 50-ies the US has placed on this "border" special system SOSUS devices on the ocean floor, locking the noise of the propellers of the submarine. And the "Kursk" thanks to the skill of the crew slipped unnoticed. Thus our sailors have proved that any defense can break through. No invulnerable and PRO PLO. And wonder Americans allocate to them huge money. Anti-submarine and missile defense – it is the billions of dollars thrown to the wind.

– How did you manage to break through Gibraltar?

– Commander of the Northern fleet, Admiral Popov had told me about it enthusiastically: "It was not a breakthrough, but a song!" Indeed, this is a very narrow place, and the chance to get there heavy duty anti-submarine defense is very low. Earlier, in Soviet times, the Gibraltar submarine overcame, hiding behind a civilian vessel in the fleet. Was some old freighter rumbled screws, and under it was a secretive nuclear submarine. But this is not allowed. Lachine for the first time managed to break unnoticed through the Strait of Gibraltar on their own. And how did he do it, will long remain a military secret.

– They say that in the campaign of Lachin became a personal enemy of the American admirals. Who was punished for breakthrough "Kursk"?

Indeed, Gene Lachin, as during the great Patriotic war the legendary submarine Marinesko was declared a personal enemy. Not only the Fuhrer and the great German and American and its naval intelligence. He inflicted a crushing blow to the ego of American admirals. Because after the campaign of "Kursk" several eminent naval chiefs, including the commander of anti-submarine defense of Gibraltar area, lose their jobs. By the way, was severely punished and the commander of the American submarine Memphis, which lost in Sredizeme our "Kursk".

– Is it true that after this campaign Lacina took Putin? How often do I report to the President of the submariners?

– On my memory it was the only time. As told then Lachin, the President listened carefully to his report on the campaign, asked some questions and expressed satisfaction with the mission of the crew of nuclear submarine missile cruiser "Kursk" in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. And we in the Main staff of the Navy noted in a report to the Kremlin that due to good comprehensive preparation for the trip to the ship itself and its crew in the Autonomous navigation when performing combat missions were no freelance, extreme or emergency situations. And the enemy was forced to leave in search of our boat all his strength.

– How much money is spent by the Americans in search of the "Kursk"?

– Fuel only in search of our boat they had spent 10.5 million dollars, plus other costs searches and attempts to track our boat at a cost of $ 20 million.

Why spend the money? One boat in the sea not a warrior. What could make one "Kursk" with the 6th fleet of the USA?

– You won't believe it but, receiving orders, Lacin could destroy the 6th U.S. fleet. Armed boats 949-year project, the "Kursk", there are 24 cruise missiles like Granit. They are able to break through any ship's air defense. Yes, torpedoes with nuclear warheads. When our latest boat in the Mediterranean sea, there has been a change of aircraft carrier groups the U.S. and NATO. One went to his base in Norfolk, the other just came. The task was to detect and track both the first group and the second. The "Kursk" crew found them. And latency even conventionally fired five rocket firings: three in one grouping, two on the other. In reality, the aircraft carriers, which at the time bombed Serbia, could be sunk.


Expert opinion

Captain I rank retired Vitali LULIN, former commander of the nuclear submarine:

– It was revenge. The commander of "Memphis" received a flick on the nose from the Genes Lacina. In Sredizeme American "whipped" more than once because he missed the Russian submarine... let me Remind you that in late 1999, in the midst of the Yugoslav crisis, "Kursk" very strongly spoiled nerves to NATO, suddenly appeared in the Mediterranean sea. Experienced, feisty commander of all the nerves harassed themselves, watching him. And then fate again brought them together with Latinum... to cover up the scandal, on August 17 – on the fifth day after the disaster! – arrived in Moscow incognito, a private jet, CIA Director George tenet...




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