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The word "LIH" is written in the same font as the "Hollywood"
Material posted: Publication date: 22-10-2015
Militants executed ISIS Director architectural reserve town of Palmyra. 82-year-old Khaled Asaad was beheaded and his body hanged on the ancient column in the town square. ISIS has created a name for himself and became famous not only because of exceptional cruelty. You never know who is cruel. But usually the countries, organizations and people hide their cruelty. Hide, even if not ashamed of it, and ISIS cruelly paraded defiantly.

But also it not news. Whether who is not enough of whom has killed, has decapitated, has broken off bombs or is at least simple hands on a unit? Whom with it you will surprise? People hang up each other on the areas, decapitate on parking places, send in gas chambers and put on electric chairs.

IGIL differs from other executioners that has not simply transformed death and an atrocity into show, and that has transformed this show into art. ISIS does not hesitate of that it - angrily. It does not hide it. It tells about the harm, about the hatred, about the inhumanity, even about antihumanity - with the Hollywood scope and a Broadway glamour.

That does IGIL, is not amateur harm, it not angrily for the sake of a profit, it not angrily for the sake of the power. It angrily for the sake of its demonstration. ISIS is the state of artists, poets, directors and directors, costumiers of harm.

There is such concept - "hallmark".

The word "ISIS" is written by the same font, as "Hollywood" on hills to California.

These orange uniforms, convulsions of the person burning down alive, the blood whipping in the chamber, the conveyor from executions - all is tasty, different plans with high-quality work of the operator.

The scenario, statement, suits, the chamber - all gives out professionals with the western culture.

As should declare itself angrily, from the point of view of the western person? It should fall from above and destroy a symbol of civilisation, freedom and power of the West. Harm should throw down a challenge.

Remember terrible shots of the planes flying in skyscrapers? Remember mute shout of people running from falling buildings? Remember, how they fell? Removed at once from set of points - slowly, smoothly, it is majestic - as if plunged into the earth.

Two symbols of the American greatness - shopping centre towers. Towers of Money. Freedom towers. Force towers. Potentialities. National and man's pride.

Both that and another (and indicative executions ISIS, and attack on towers-twins) had, first, the general target audience - the person of the West, and secondly, the general hallmark.

I believe that I will surprise nobody and I will not open anything new if I will tell, as "al Kaide", and ISIS are generations of the West. It not news. It is simple a reminder. And the hallmark of their last acts speaks about that, as the purpose at them one. No, not the state in Lebanon and Iraq or Afghanistan. The purpose - the West.

If it is impossible to unite separate subjects in the union by means of a common interest, it is possible to make it by means of the common enemy. If it is not present - it doesn't matter, he can be created own hands. It is possible to give the chance for it to grow, give it the weapon, impunity and to set it free.

The main thing in such creation - it should be awful. It should be intelligibly awful. So that everything, even the most stupid, have understood that here it is all in blood, with the torn off human foot in a hand - unique alternative to the union from the USA. That burnings alive, mass executions, otrubanija the goals, the legitimated rapes is a unique alternative to gay marriages, feminism, total shadowing all and to ex-territorial American justice.

The western establishment nurses ISIS as a battle dog, brings up, trains on human blood then to lower it and to give to people and the people choice possibility: or to die from its teeth, or to hide behind a fence, keys from which in hands at global capitalism. And for an input take a payment. Not money. More precisely, not only money. A payment take freedom. A payment take right to decide that there is a Good and that there is a Harm, most. The one who wishes to enter, should refuse this right, having given the right to solve to the owner. Because those who has entered, have an owner.

The history of 30-th years of the last century repeats. A difference only that this time against the forces which have been adjusted on reforming of a world order, the nazism countermodernist style, and a countermodernist style or a postmodern radical islamizma - arhaika with a torch, a knife and a videocamera will put forward not. Its role - to tyre out all mankind to one project, to deprive the world of alternatives, having changed for itself or having destroyed everything that can offer the world alternative paths of development.

The method in this case speaks and about the purpose more exhaustively.

The purpose - the power at any cost. Because the power for them is possibility to establish the price for an input. An exit, certainly, it is not provided absolutely not.

Roman Nosikov

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