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Its function Israel failed
Material posted: Publication date: 12-01-2013

Historical period that started since the establishment of the Zionist "state", is the deepest level of political and religious degradation of the Islamic world in the history of its existence.

Established in may 1948, Israel was seen by Western powers, which had entered the era of the collapse of the colonial system and involved in the creation of a system of neo-colonial, as an instrument of control of the Islamic world.

In the nineteenth century this function was carried out by the Ottoman Caliphate. However, with the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the First world war the Muslim quarter of the population of earth has turned into potential threat to global Western domination. Saudi Arabia and Israel are the two entities that have been transferred to the control of the main shrines of Islam: Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem – as well as control over the political mentality of the global Ummah. The Saudi monarch was the acting chief religious authority, while "Israel" asked his aggravating presence of the discourse of the military-political situation in the middle East and gave anti-Islamic rulers in the Arab world a pretext for dictatorship over their people. It is no exaggeration to say that the historical period that began with the inception of the Zionist "state", is the deepest level of political and religious degradation of the Islamic world in the history of its existence.

Today, the West, the United States is deeply disappointed in the capabilities of two tools: "Israel" and Saudi Arabia to influence the course of events in the region and considers their resource is exhausted. "Moment of truth" for such the Western "enlightenment" has become Syria. Organized and supported by "Israel" and Saudi Arabia forces have been unable for two years of bitter civil war to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Practically, this means that you need to look for new partners and create other forms of control over the region. The situation is compounded by the fact that "Israel" since 2006, when he was defeated in southern Lebanon until a recent adventure in Gaza (operation "pillar of Cloud") showed the loss of military and political superiority over the liberation movement of the Palestinians and their allies, the weakness in clashes with Hizbollah and Hamas. As a result, the very presence of West in the middle East and special relations of the USA with its strategic partner has entered into a phase of deep crisis.

The specificity of modern "Israel" is that he apparently is a "Jewish state". In reality it turned on the style Jewish enclave of the West in the Holy Land, a kind of sequel to "Kingdom of Jerusalem" crusaders, which was the first conquest of the West in modern imperialist sense. It is fundamentally different from expansion of the pagan Romans, they took place under the ideological slogans and represented the beginning of a global strategy popular the new West project, which, relatively speaking, be called the "Second Rome". The era of Great geographical discoveries, the world's colonial empires will come a few centuries later, but it precedes this "state" of the crusaders at torn with the blood of the geopolitical body of the Caliphate, the land that always was the heart of Monotheism, and that the West has always sought to put under its control.

Modern "Israel's" policy, radically different from the policies of their ancient predecessors (the ancient Kingdom of Israel restored after the Babylonian captivity): in contrast, the current "Israel" is a client of the West, a Jewish glove, worn on the knuckle of the middle East expansion and colonialism in all its transformations. There is no doubt that since the first idea of the Zionist project prior to its implementation in the form of "state of Israel" that "Western fist" was the iron arm of the Anglo-Saxon world.

Today, the myth about the greatness of the West as a kind of the right the human race in the algorithm development is crumbling before our eyes. The world discovers that the West is not the ideal of humanity! With the release of this realization on a global level in the eyes shrivel and wither Zionist project, turning it from kicking axes in the iron arm of the Anglo-Saxons in a heavy and unpleasant burden, from which they plan to get rid of.

Objective evidence of decline "Israel" is more than enough. Every project fails when its members lose faith in him. Today half a million Jews Israel got American passports. Million Jews of the former USSR holding ajar the door back to the country of origin, and another half a million black African Jews are almost on the verge of becoming yordim (or re-of "Israel"). In other words, at least two million Jews have already prepared ways of escape and are on the verge of exiting the game, in which they anyway dragged by the West. It's a collapse!

Not less important indicator of the artificiality of this education is the fact that the Israeli economy is not self-sufficient and depends on subsidies and assistance from abroad, primarily from the United States. Israel leads in the total amount of aid received from the United States after the Second world war. In 2011 alone, Israel received from the U.S. 3,029 billion, 3.0 billion of this on defence spending. Today, American aid is 4.4% of the budget and 1.2% of the GNP of Israel.

In modern America came to power representatives of the financial community and transnational corporations, long-term economic interests are much more associated with Europe than with the USA. Conversely, those forces that represented anti-European trend in classic American establishment today are defeated and lead a rearguard action. In accordance with this "Israel" is losing its role of the American batons for Europe, which, on a plan of developers of the concept of the Holocaust as a tool for financial and ideological influence in Europe, was supposed to help the US keep the former center of the world on his knees by forcing him of guilt in front of mankind once and for all.

The first sign of a fundamental paradigm shift in American policy towards "Israel" is a political split among Jews in the United States, following them and the rest of the world. The Almighty Pro-Israel Zionist lobby – the notorious AIPAC and other similar organizations – is today in the political and ideological isolation. They begin to point fingers as enemies of American national interests. And the holders of these accusing fingers – also Jews, but Jews who are against "Israel" from the standpoint of American patriots who understand the destructiveness of support for this "education" in the heart of the Islamic world at the price of forgoing opportunities that are much more significant for American foreign policy.

Against the background of this split is a change of a command of Barack Obama. People leave, forced on him in the first period, when the defeat of the neoconservatives was not so obvious. Out Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, representing the bridge between right-wing Democrats and Imperial Republicans, standing on a platform of "Christian Zionism".

Come figures such as Jim Carrey (the state Department) and Chuck Heygel (the Pentagon), who accused the Pro-Israel lobby in the indifference to the interests of the Zionist "state" is not anti-Semitism. We should not delude the soft apologetic tone in which the above-mentioned figures voiced their "repraisals" position. In American Newspeak, "witch hunt" and political correctness it is clear that to decide even in a very mild form of disagreement with the absolute subordination of the "Israeli" dictates only the people who are unconditionally anti-Israel attitude, which they implement, once in power.

Changing teams is one of the consequences of the phenomenon of "Islamic awakening". Contrary to the speculation of various "experts" that large-scale popular movements in the Arab countries were initiated by American experts on "color revolutions", the processes taking place in the middle East, are autochthonous in nature and lead to the collapse of the infrastructure of the American presence and influence in the region. In the end, not the Islamic world now adapts to the most powerful Empire in the world, but, on the contrary, the United States would have to change orientations.

Saudi Arabia, which since the beginning of the postwar period was the main partner of the USA in the Islamic world, is rapidly losing its strategic "utility" and becomes a burden. First, eyes falling influence of the Saudi ideological discourse in the Sunni space (because not all Salafi currents are identified with the Saudi factor) that vividly demonstrate the processes inside Syrian "opposition", in Yemen, in Central Asia. Secondly, dynasty is in deep crisis, and it is obvious that after the death of the now ruling king, it will split into several warring clans and the feud. Thirdly, a significant part of the almost 30 million population of Saudi Arabia is in opposition to the ruling regime and just waiting for the moment to vent their dissatisfaction to the streets. This applies in particular to the Shiite parts of the population, which, although it is not more than 12-15% of the total population, but in the Eastern provinces is the most. And it is the Eastern province are strategically the most vulnerable region of the Kingdom, and the main tank oil reserves of the Saudis.

Saudi Arabia and "Israel" is the operative tandem, which until this time had provided the US control over the Middle East. However, the strategic isolation "Israeli" island amid a raging sea of "Islamic awakening", on the one hand, and instability in Saudi Arabia on the other – forcing the United States to look for a new one, even if at first glance paradoxical center of influence with which they could cooperate in some form be present in the region and beyond.

The objective necessity of distancing from "Israel" exists within the United States. For decades American domestic policy was a function of the complex interests of "Israel". The Jewish lobby has had a decisive influence on presidential elections, the political fates of senators and congressmen, careers editors of leading publications and journalists. Lives and fortunes were broken due to the fact that the politician or intellectual allowed himself a careless word about the role of Israel in the world and its relation to American interests. "With the help of stories about the Holocaust, wrote the American writer Norman Finkelstein, is one of the strongest militarily in the world with a monstrous human rights violations represent "a potential victim", and the most prosperous in the U.S. ethnic group – the unfortunate refugees. The status of the victim gives in the first place, the immunity from deserved criticism." Valid for higher establishment was only a complete capitulation to the "Israeli" agenda. These lobbyists were called Israel firsters – "Israel-first".

Thanks to this established system in the United States bore the heavy burden of financial and strategic commitments. Only official military aid to "Israel" in the year 3 billion dollars, and by the program "modernization Alliance" the total cost to American taxpayers for the development of the Israeli army was from 2007 to 2017 to reach 30 billion While there were also indirect injection, in particular a huge discount on American military products, deferred payments and so on. In the end, even without support from the richest elite of the Jewish Diaspora only of state funds in direct and indirect payments went up to $ 5 billion annually. To this figure must be added the burden and help saratovsko-mubarakovna Egypt as payment for camp David in $ 1.8 billion annually. In fact, aid to Egypt was also an attachment to the security of "Israel". They also include support costs compromising Palestinian elite against Hamas.

Today, however, the U.S. economy is no longer able to cope with such a burden. Borrowing money in order to transfer them to "Israel" – the destruction of the financial system, the erosion of the dollar, the cost of which today the already exorbitantly high compared to its real support. The background of the deteriorating socio-economic situation of the Americans, crisis, "salt of America" – the middle class (which includes, incidentally, a large part of American Jewry) – U.S. dependence on "Israel" causes extreme irritation in the public mind of the Americans.

For these reasons, American public opinion begins to rethink and events of recent history, which involved their country. People think that, for example, the immediate cause of the invasion of Iraq, where they were lost trillions of dollars and many thousands of soldiers ' lives, was exactly the requirement of "Israel" – the chief of the customer and the beneficiary of this senseless war that began with a brazen deception of the international community on the alleged Saddam Hussein's WMD. On balance, Israel is perceived today by Americans as the direct culprit for the heavy losses suffered by the US in the conflicts of the last decade.

The Americans, of course, less than other Nations are able to objectively evaluate yourself from the position of the world. However, they realize that unconditional support for Israel makes America in the eyes of the rest of the world from "the shining city on the hill", which once said Ronald Reagan, "evil Empire", which has no relation to democracy, justice and freedom. Moreover, since the destruction of the twin Towers in Manhattan these values are rapidly leached from the American reality.

Israel got the US to the diplomatic impasse regarding Iran's nuclear program, as the United States are forced to cover the Zionist entity of violating the "Israel" of the principle of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. The Jewish "state" has at least a couple hundred nuclear weapons that is the open secret for the world community. At the same time, the United States at the insistence of the "Israeli" hawks are forced to pretend to believe in the imminent creation of an Iranian nuclear bomb that could threaten unarmed Israel.

The United States has a rich experience of racial oppression and still maintain a reserve system in which extinct indigenous population of the New world. However, the rest of the world are far from indifferent, that in "Israel" against the Palestinians apartheid, not worse than existed in South Africa until 1990. USA forced to reckon with the fact that humanity perceives Israel as the embodiment of evil and injustice that persists on the historical stage only due to direct military coercion from Washington. Thus, Americans in the eyes of the world with the Zionists share responsibility for the violation of Palestinian rights.

A new generation of American Jews cease to identify with their Jewish identity with the fate of the "state of Israel". Their Zionist ideology is blurred under the influence of negativity that we have to suffer the American people, including them, because of the service adventurous and criminal policy of this small middle Eastern "education." A striking example of the frustration the American Jewish community in "Israel" was their refusal to vote for Republican candidate MITT Romney, contrary to the hysterical demands of Netanyahu. Insulation die-hard Zionist lobby against "American Jewish street" unties Obama's hands in order to begin a phased process of gaining the United States independence from Israel.

"Israel", being a unique example of a state parasite, exists only through the direct support of the American Empire. The factor of Diaspora has long ceased to exert any significant influence on its survival. Therefore, as soon as the USA will cease to support Israel with financial, military, political and other resources, it will be doomed to extinction from the political map of the world in its present form.


A few days ago the leader of the Palestinian authority Mahmoud Abbas took a decisive step: he declared the establishment of a Palestinian state with the adoption of new state attributes in the form of the coat of arms, flag and anthem. The event could not have taken place since 1947, when it was decided by the UN, has finally happened. Of course, that behind this decision there is not only the UN General Assembly just approved the status of Palestine as an observer state. This is also a solution of the "world backstage", which acts as a real organizer of history. Determination Mahmoud Abbas is rooted in the support he has received from the highest authorities "of the world community". This means that its political and historical function of Israel failed. Decision – the legal emergence of Palestinian statehood is the funeral knell of the Zionist "Israel", all of which was intended to prevent Palestine to be held!

Heydar Jemal


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