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Washington is seeking to lead the "Arab revolution"
Material posted: -Publication date: 24-05-2011

The American administration in the face of Barack Obama the other day was presented a new vision for U.S. strategy in the middle East. The expert community have been waiting for something like this. Painfully delicious was this theme. A series of Arab revolutions and bin Laden's death left little doubt that the former region. And here on may 19, Barack Obama explained how the United States sees its new strategy in the region.

A key thesis of the message of the President of the United States, which was voiced in Washington before representatives of the American-Israeli public Affairs Committee AIPAC, was the statement that Israel needed peace process. So he had a real chance to succeed, he needs the appropriate base. And this database, according to the American President, should be Israel's borders from 1967, but it required an exchange of territory by mutual agreement with contiguous States.

Thus, Barack Obama has recognized the Palestinians right to their own state and, referring to 1967, made it clear to Israel that must concede part of East Jerusalem and evacuate settlements from the West Bank. As noted, in this regard, a number of media reports, Israel considered that the President of the United States at this time went too far.

The issue of middle East settlement today arose with new urgency, it is no accident – the radical changes taking place in the region under the influence of events in North Africa and known in the press as "Arab revolution", make the expert community is increasingly to say that if today not to undertake active steps to change the status quo in the region, the situation may go the way of Islamization that lies outside the interests of the United States and the entire international community.

That question will be decided, mainly on the side of Israel – also for anybody not a secret, although in Moscow and held confidential negotiations with representatives of the Palestinian leadership, and the military attache of Israel in those days was declared persona non grata.

Another thing is important: the US needs to start a new round of negotiations on the middle East issue, said during the election campaign of Barack Obama famous political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski, who at the time was an adviser on foreign Affairs in the election headquarters of Obama.

Then he in his book "Another chance" said that the alternative to world leadership the United States today in the world. No country is able to fulfill the role that potentially can and should play the USA. In their asset – the world's largest economy, the most powerful armed forces, the enormous potential of scientific discoveries and technological advances. On their side and have a foothold in international public opinion (though not always openly expressed) belief that the international system needs an effective stabilizing force and that the alternative of the refusal of the U.S. this role could only be world chaos.

At the same time, Brzezinski pointed out that over the last decade the U.S. administration has made a number of fundamental mistakes that have put the issue of world dominance the USA is almost on the brink of failure.

One of the key errors, which Brzezinski stops especially, it is the policy of the US towards the Arab world and Islam. Reckless support for many decades of Israeli interests in the middle East has led, according to Brzezinski, that the multi-billion world of Islam was hostile to the U.S. and its interests around the world.

The second important circumstance consistently follows from the first. For the former U.S. strategy of Islamism in all shapes and forms is a reaction, opposing Western progressive views. For Brzezinski, the opposite is true: Islamism – this may be the basic, perfectly legitimate, not only, but the most powerful expression of global protest. Islam is a political protest against Western domination in world politics. Therefore, he concludes, " much of today's complicated global context, much depends on whether America can restore some degree of trust in its relations with the Islamic world...". If America won't do it, its position in the world of Islam is China, already normalizing its relations with Pakistan and Iran, and in this case to talk about world domination would be too many.

According to Zbigniew Brzezinski, the U.S. can regain world leadership only if they demonstrate to the world the justice of their social structure, willingness to compromise, self-restraint, overcoming claims for their own uniqueness, even to a narrowing of sovereignty, if so requested by the interests of all mankind. The world will not follow America until, until you no longer see it as a dictator and exploiter of scarce resources.

As the quintessential new strategy was then proposed America to lead the process of "world revolution", which is objectively directed against itself. By the way, America since the Second world war did exactly that – the interception of the revolutionary activity of the population of the planet in order to take her away to use against its closest competitors – the British Empire and then the Soviet Union.

It seems that in his speech, U.S. President Barack Obama decided to heed the arguments of his adviser on foreign policy and voice acceptable proposal for Israel to return to 1967 borders. In parallel, I think, will go another process that is associated with a deeper involvement of the USA in modern revolutionary processes in the Islamic world. Will this lead to a new "Golden age" for the United States, or this time, they still have to go back on the path a global leader for someone else, will show already the near future.


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