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Western mentality
Material posted: Publication date: 08-09-2013

You love Tankistam incident in the Gulf and the Vietnam war, the Kuwaiti incubator and the first Gulf war, from the massacres in Racak, from the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and the second Gulf war, the threats to Benghazi and the war in Libya, you will like and the gas poisoning the civilians of ghouta and the bombing of Syria.

In a statement released by the White House, the Director of Intelligence James Clapper claims that during the massive chemical attack perpetrated on August 21 in twelve locations in the oasis of ghouta near Damascus, killing 1429 people [1].

According to declassified Memorandum of Intelligence coordinator Alain Zabulon the French secret service could not conduct an investigation at the scene [2]. However, they counted 281 victim on video footage, while the French "non-governmental" organization "Doctors without borders" counted for them 355 persons who are in hospitals.

All services of the allies refer to the video from the Internet. For example, the United States found a hundred on YouTube, while the French Minister of Defence found only 47. Washington and Paris consider all this evidence credible. However, some of them were posted online in 7hours a.m. Damascus time (this explains the fact that they were dated August 20th on YouTube, which is located in California), but the sun is almost directly overhead, and from this it follows that they were filmed in advance [3].

All observers note a disproportionate number of children among the dead. The United States counted 426, that is, more than one-third. Many observers – not U.S. intelligence agencies and their French colleagues are surprised to see that all children almost the same age, and that among them there are no relatives to be mourned. Even more strange is the fact that this gas poisoned children and adult men and women this gas is somehow spared.

The wide distribution of satellite video with images of victims of chemical attacks allowed Levitski families from the suburbs of Latakia to see what happened to their children, which kidnapped by the "rebels" two weeks before these events. Their identification was made immediately, because few people survived the mass killings committed by allies of the United States, Britain and France in the villages, where we support the legitimate authority and where buried in mass graves more than a thousand bodies.

The Americans, the British and French in one voice declare that the victims were killed with poison, neuroparalitical action. It was either sarin gas or its composition was sarin gas. They say they are based on its own analysis of samples taken independently each of these services, and carried out in relevant laboratories. However, the UN inspectors arrived on the scene for the selection of their samples, will present their verdict in just ten days. It is not known what methods of analysis were used by the Americans, the British and the French, but the known methods require much more time for analysis.

There is no doubt that the children died as a result of chemical poisoning, but there is no certainty that they were gassed. On the videos, which captured their agony, we see that they have white saliva, whereas in cases of poisoning by sarin, it should be yellow.

Three great Western powers also agree that the responsibility for these developments have in one form or another to sustain the Syrian Arab army. The Director of American Intelligence notes that his service has evidence that Syrian military four previous days produced mix of chemical components. While the British claim that Syrian Arab army is doing is not the first time and for the period from 2012 she applied gases in 14 cases [4], i.e. the same times as, and the United States during the Second Gulf war.

Reports of American, British and French special forces are supported by the record intercepted phone conversation. A senior representative of the Syrian Ministry of Defense frightened talking to a unit commander of chemical defense about this attack. However, this recording was made not by Americans, English or French, and referred to them by unit 8200 from the Israeli Mossad [5].

In short, American, British and French intelligence agencies are 100% sure that the Syrian Arab army poisoned gasses, an undetermined number of civilians:

1. For this purpose, she used a new kind of old sarin gas that affects men and children, but has no effect on women. 2. United States for four days watched as preparing the crime, but did nothing. 3. Before use of this magic gas killed children who were abducted by jihadists two weeks before this event to more than 200 kilometers from the place where the event occurred. 4. This event became known through reliable to films made and, in some cases, and posted online in advance. 5. This is supported by interceptions of telephone conversations made enemy Israel. 6. Western intelligence agencies possess a secret method of identification of sarin gas, without resorting to the cultivation of tissues affected. 7. Because it was about the fifteenth of the operation of this type, the mode, therefore, passed the "red line" and should be punished by bombing, which will kill his chances to defend.

Under international law, war propaganda is the biggest crime, because it opens the door to all other crimes.

Thierry Meyssan


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