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The American sectarians, who are the main lobbyists for war against Iran
Material posted: Publication date: 16-03-2012

According to surveys, approximately 78% of US residents professed Christianity in various forms, with between a quarter and a third of them belong to the American variety of the Evangelists. American Evangelicals are strange and from the Russian point of view, almost absurd mixture provorny rhetoric, denying Darwin's theory of evolution and the belief that the Bible should be interpreted literally.

One of the leaders of the evangelists, preacher Chuck pierce declared a conflict of Russia and Georgia in 2008, the first stage of the "last times" and the beginning of the Apocalypse. He argues that Russia, Iran, Syria and Libya are Gog and Magog - States, the invasion and the invasion of Israel will be the prelude to the final judgment. Religious allegories of the struggle between light and darkness, the forces of the Antichrist and it is easy to see a clear implication that "Gog from Magog" must be stopped, otherwise "the wave of terror and horror will overwhelm the middle East".

Evangelists are sometimes called the "informal" part of the Israeli lobby in the United States. Informal lobby includes some Pro-Israel Christian television networks, Newspapers, news websites and a huge number of religious blogs. The lobby also includes a well-known Christian television preachers: Harry Bauer, Jerry foluell (died in the summer of 2007 – approx. translator), Ralph reed and Pat Robinson. Joining them are former leaders of the majority party in Congress dick Armey and Tom delay. They believe that the rebirth of Israel is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy and support its expansion. In their view, to oppose Israel means to oppose God's will. The non-Jewish neoconservatives such as John Bolton, a former Walt Street Journal editor Robert Bartley, former Minister of education William Bennett, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN Jeane Kirkpatrick and the influential columnist George will are staunch supporters of Israel.In fact, such activity has in itself nothing conspiratorial. In the U.S., and in many other countries, there are many such groups, the Israeli lobby it is noteworthy largely because of his success; which in turn can explain features of American culture, in particular its unusually powerful religious-conservative part.

The journalist Eric Alterman writes that among the experts on the Middle East, whose views are aired in the media, "the vast majority of people for whom criticism of Israel is completely unimaginable". He further lists the names of 61 "columnist and commentator, blindly and reflexively support Israel". Alterman was able to name only 5 experts consistently critical of Israel or sympathetic to the Arabs. Newspapers sometimes publish articles, skeptically evaluating Israel's policies, but the General nature of the discourse is not affected. "Shamir, Sharon, Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu – approx. translator) – what would these guys didn't want to, I like all their desire," once said Robert Bartley. It is not surprising that the Wall Street Journal, along with other authoritative publications of the type the Chicago Sun-Times and Washington Times, which regularly publishes editorials, in which Israel expressed powerful support. Magazines such as Commentary, New Republic and the Weekly Standard defend Israel in all situations.

Living in America Jews also are sometimes referred to informally lobby. But here not all is simple – not all U.S. citizens of Jewish nationality willing to support Israel. So, according to 2004 study, about 36 % of American Jews said that "not much" or "does not" feel any emotional connection with Israel. Here important another - American Jews are notable for the fact that they are literally always vote according to some estimates, nearly 94% of American Jews come to the polls. On the other hand, and possibly unfortunately lobbying forces, Jews almost always vote for the candidate from the democratic party. If you believe the exit poll-the polling 78% of the Jewish vote went to Obama last election, while John Kerry received 76% the week before. According to the newspaper The Washington Post, presidential candidates from the Democratic party "depend on Jewish supporters, 60% funding of their electoral campaign". Due to the fact that the voters of Jewish origin demonstrate a high voter turnout and are concentrated in key States (California, Florida, Illinois, new York and Pennsylvania), candidates for high office go to great lengths in order not to alienate that part of the electorate.

But back to our... Evangelists. In the political life of the country they love far-right and conservative currents. They always vote Republican. It is through this religion a politician and television commentator Rick Santorum had moderate success in the primaries of the Republican party. Perhaps he will even overtake MITT Romney and become a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination - Romney the poor are unlucky enough to be a Mormon.

Santorum and the Evangelicals hate sexual minorities and abortion, but I adore Israel, the army, the Navy and the war. Conspiratorial-minded experts see the activity of the Pro-Israel lobby in the US, but in reality the religious-conservative movement in the country, always have been and always will be. Love for Israel permeates the Christian world through the United States and any politician who takes a neutral or anti-Israeli will instantly lose a significant percentage of the potential electorate. This position of the Evangelists is an additional trump of Israel in the negotiations with the United States. The Israelis today, in fact, blackmailing Obama: either he will start a war against Iran, or lose the support of the Pro-Israel lobby within the country.

Santorum recently declared one of the Pro-Israel publications: "If Iran does not get rid of their nuclear facilities, we will come and demolish them with their hands". But this is not the only "good news" from Santorum. He also has a terrific Christian peacefulness and love of neighbor, the statement made during a debate of candidates in US presidents from Republican party, which was held in South Carolina. They were aired CBS television: "Iran must not develop nuclear weapons. And we'll do whatever it takes to prevent this from happening. I hope... We're discussing the secret operations of the (U.S. intelligence). Already found the corpses of nuclear scientists in Russia and Iran. Have been computer viruses, there were problems in (nuclear) facilities. I hope that the U.S. were involved (in these operations). I hope that in the course of covert operations, we are taking all necessary steps to Iran's nuclear program has not moved forward."

Today when the position on Iran is becoming one of the main points of the candidates from the point of view of the voter, the politics of "religion" become especially important. Obama's presidency leaves much to be desired for most Americans and a candidate from the Republicans, who managed to break forward on the shoulders of conservative religious movements can count on a more active and energetic electorate. That's bad news for Iran and, to a lesser extent, Syria.

The U.S. state Department is currently headed by Hillary Clinton -- a Democrat and an opponent of Obama in the intraparty political war four years ago. Despite the fact that Democrats are more careful to war than the Republicans, Hillary is probably provorny Democrat in the United States. Clinton believes that Iran's nuclear program is aimed at developing nuclear weapons. In his speech at Princeton University, she stated that a nuclear Iran is a threat to Israel, "We use any methods in order to explain to the leaders of Iran that they are not allowed to have nuclear weapons". Not all Democrats are equally useful! Four years ago, during the presidential race Hillary was even more explicit: "at whatever stage or was the Iranian nuclear program, if they even think about attacking Israel, we will obliterate them from the face of the earth." At the same time, Obama has been criticized for insufficient support of Israel and too soft on Iran.

According to a survey conducted by the Reuters 8-11 March 2012, 56% of Americans polled support the United States attack on Iran if there is proof that the Islamic Republic is developing nuclear weapons. 53% would support a war with Iran, even if it leads to higher fuel prices and 62% support the Israelis if they decide to attack Iran on their own. What is the role of Evangelicals in creating this opinion – I think that everyone can answer yourself.


N. To.


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