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Results of elections in Iran

Results of the Iranian elections-2016 to Majlis and Council of experts haven't been officially declared yet, and the majority of mass media have already hurried to declare "a convincing victory of reformers". Data on Tehran where candidates of "conservatives" and "independent" haven't managed to win in one of thirty districts were a source of optimism. But data from provinces have soon begun to come, and it became clear that to speak about "a convincing victory" at least prematurely.

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Opinion: "whip" against Iran hasn't helped, and the West will put on "gingerbread"

In Iran parliamentary elections have begun on February 26. The political scientist Sergey Grinyaev on air of radio Sputnik has expressed opinion that in current political campaign won't do without intervention from the West, however approach will be another.

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WSJ: Iran doesn't support idea of Moscow and Riyadh

Iran doesn't intend to join the arrangement of Saudi Arabia and Russia on freezing of volumes of oil production. About it writes The Wall Street Journal with reference to the official representative of the Ministry of oil of Iran.

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Dollar as shaitan: to what will give refusal of Iran of calculations for oil in dollars

Oil from Iran will begin to flow on the European and Asian markets soon. The authorities of the country declared that won't sell the goods for the American currency. The Islamic Republic frankly declares that this decision — purely political. Than it can threaten the issuer of dollars — to the United States? That's just the point that anything: refusal of dollar Tehran solves exclusively internal problems.

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What will give removal of sanctions from Iran to the countries of Central Asia? - expert

Strategic objectives of Iran in Central Asia carry, first of all, political character and consist in creating in cooperation with the leaders of the Central Asian states a reliable barrier to terrorism, to religious extremism and activity of cross-border criminal groups, first of all – connected with drug traffic. Igor Pankratenko, the orientalist, the expert in the Middle East told about it in the exclusive comment of CA-News.

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