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The Russian-Iranian "partnership" and the shifting Sands of the City

Russian experts have mastered in the mind of the fees for the glorification of the new ambitious "diplomatic victory of Moscow - the deployment of Russian airbases in Iranian Hamedane, but the harsh reality is categorically confused their plans. The evening of 21 August, Iranian defense Minister Hossein Dehghan announced the termination of flights of Russian long-range aviation in the country. Moreover, in explaining the reasons Tehran is not particularly restrained itself in terms.

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Bloomberg: Russia left the base after Iranian accusations of "window dressing"

The Russian planes left the air base in Hamadan, which they used to implement the strikes on extremists in Syria. Earlier the fact that Russia has disapprovals on this basis, has caused outrage in the Iranian Parliament, and the country's defense Minister accused Moscow of "window dressing," writes Bloomberg.

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Tehran refused to buy Moscow's s-400

Iran plans to buy Russian anti-aircraft missile complexes (AAMS) s-400, said the Minister of defence of the Islamic Republic Hossein Dehgan. On Saturday, August 20, reports RIA Novosti, citing Agency Tasnim.

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Iran have spread their wings Russian

The intensification of military cooperation with Russia in Syria turns Tehran into a global player.

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Iran will move "Turkish stream"

Iran wants Turkey to supply gas to Europe. The Islamic Republic is a direct competitor to Russia on the market of both the EU and Turkey, which Moscow has resumed talks on Turkish stream". Ankara uses Tehran as a bargaining chip in negotiations with "Gazprom" — the threat of a potential supply may force the Russian company to give the Turks a discount.

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