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Information and analytical magazine the Modern Iran
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 05-03-2011

New information and analytical magazine about modern Line, about the Iran-Russia though is their present and boddam. For a wide range of readers interested in obtaining objective information about the situation in and around Iran.

Having learned about the intention to release in the Russian analytical magazine about Iran, one other person, respected person, said that the authors of this idea, perhaps, all is not well with pragmatism, since to engage Iran today is not very promising. It would seem hard to argue with that — with Iran it really made up very difficult. The world sees Iran in a distorted way, through the eyes of the Western mainstream. In the world media on the Iranian theme dominated by black and white colors, the stamps, the prosecution, the presumption of guilt. Increasingly, experts — Western and Russian — with a sort of cold professional CA dismom scare readers with scenarios of war against Iran. Despite the seeming or artificially injected negativity around the "Iranian crisis", we do not believe that studying of modern Iran has no prospects.

Yes, tensions around Iran are not easing. An attack on Iran is not removed from westky day the U.S. and Israel — the concentration of armed forces near Iran's borders continues, the war may break out at any moment. The pressure of the UN and national Euro-Atlantic "crippling" sanctions on the economy and daily life of Iran is becoming palpable. Increasingly prevalent cyber — Twitter-attack and terrorist attacks in the Western media is politically correct is called - is called "technologies of regime change", simply the preparation for the overthrow of the authorities. Endless and fruitless disputes with the IAEA, unannounced inspections, from year to year repeated charges of "intention to create weapons of mass destruction," and more recently "ties with terrorists" is Happening ... around Iran are very similar to the situation that evolved on the eve of the American invasion of Iraq in March 2003 of Course, many people understand that Iran is not Iraq, America 2010 is not the America of 2003, but the interests — financial, oil, political, military — remain unchanged, and the temptation to gain such a valuable prize like Iran, great. Those who look at Iran as yet untapped space between a controlled controlled Iraq and Afghanistan, I guess that was to seize Iraq would work with Iran. Human suffering and material losses they do not care. Can the Nobel laureate Obama to stand before the onslaught of powerful anti-Iran lobby will manifest himself at the critical moment a peacemaker? Rates in Iran are really great.

In the face of threats, Iranian President M. Ahmedov. - dinejad demonstrates the rigidity and confidence, acts with the prudent-cocky statements - mi, travels all over the country, conducts proactive diplomacy. Tehran never misses a chance to show off in parades or maneuvers its military capabilities — and each time a new type of missiles. Enough and events, designed to show the determination of the people to defend the country and Islamic revolution. Iranian media reports about the stability of the domestic market, the success in exports of food and industrial products, on the development of Iranian scientists, new technologies, etc. — try to show that everything was normal, as usual — "business as usual".

It is clear, however, that in the mode of "crippling" sanctions and the constant expectation of war is not easy. Despite the efforts of the authorities and activists of the revolution, the prospect of war and natural in such circumstances, hard illiberal order "besieged fortress" has a negative impact on the life of the country. In such an environment is particularly important, as the authorities would react and the people of Iran. Can play a significant role and position of Iran with neighboring countries, including Russia.

And here in front of the journal "Modern Iran" offers a pragmatic perspective is pragmatic in the sense that in such a non - simple situation the log can perform a very useful compelling mission: to deliver to all those who want to understand and to understand what is happening in Iran and around it, accurate, unbiased information and evaluation recognized, knowledgeable Iran experts about different aspects of life large, very interesting, original and dynamic neighbouring countries.

Avoiding absolutely correct, but became the standard phrases about talented people and rich history, civilization and culture of Iran, let's face it — this country deserves much more attention and, more importantly, understanding on the part of Russia. However, with the exception of a narrow layer of scientists-Iranian and people working in different fields of business ties with Iran — in business, science, culture, etc. in Russia, unfortunately, not too well know its neighbor across the Caspian sea. But the population — 70 million people — is half Russian! Today our neighbor goes through a critical phase of its history and what the results of the completed tests, depend not only his fate, but the fate of its neighbors, including Russia and, to a certain extent, the world. After all, if war cannot be avoided, the tragedy will not only affect Iran will deteriorate the geopolitical position of Russia, back to the recent "single" times, when the attack under false pretenses, "regime change" and torture became the norm in international relations.

Since 1978, Iran had chosen an unusual path in life — he began to develop the economy, build a state and the socio-political and cultural life on the basis of the norms and ideology of Islam. Islamic authorities much happened — anyone who has had the opportunity to compare Iran with the Iran monarchical today, theocratic, could not fail to see significant shifts in politics, social sphere, education, science, medicine, human rights and freedoms and General landscaping. Islamic management lined up so that money from Iranian oil began to reach to the people. It's an interesting and, unfortunately, little known realities. They obviously didn't like the hard secularism and antiislamism. According to their understanding, in the age of "Muslim wars" (the term by Samuel Huntington) successful Islamic regime should not have the right to exist. This is one of the origins of hostility to Iran, which so far has managed to defend its civilizational choice.

The goals of the journal is not part of the promotion of the achievements of the Iranian authorities and IP - Islamic revolution — it would be both wrong and counterproductive. We look at the Iran open eyes — not through rose-colored or dark glasses. Our principles — realism, objectivity, broad multi-pronged approach, the ability to take the place of those in Iran who are making decisions — and those whom these decisions affect. Many Russian and foreign experts know in detail the problems and weaknesses of the Islamic revolution, is inevitable in any state, the failures of domestic and foreign policy. But, respecting the Iranian people, and see other Iranians are proud of, they are in a very difficult environment go its own way of development, make their own decisions and not succumb to dire challenges. The people and the country have an unquestionable right to build their lives quietly, without any wars, terrorist attacks and the electronic interference.

Following these principles, the magazine "Modern Iran" will be published once every three months and provide a forum for the publication of works by Russian and foreign experts on most topical issues of internal situation and foreign policy of the country. The special theme for each room will be an exclusive interview with one of the persons that are part of Iran's leadership.

On the website edition an electronic version is available of the first issue of the magazine (Download in pdf 24.3 MB).


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