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Iran is talking about possible withdrawal from the nuclear deal
Material posted: Publication date: 15-10-2017
The Iranian foreign Minister Javad Zarif did not rule out that the country may withdraw from the nuclear agreement. According to the diplomat, this can happen if the States rebuild their sanctions.

Iran will consider the issue of withdrawal from the nuclear agreement, if the United States tries to recover sanctions against the country. This statement was made by Iranian foreign Minister Javad Zarif, broadcast on state television.

According to him, the statements made by the President of the United States Donald trump on Friday, October 13, showed a "lack of strategy". "If Iran at any time you feel that the action taken by the opposite party regarding the lifting of sanctions, is not sufficient for the Islamic Republic, then Iran will have several options to choose from. And one of them — out of nuclear deal", the statement quoted Zarif Bloomberg.

Tehran, according to the head of the foreign Ministry of the country, will have the right to withdraw from the deal if the sanctions will affect important sectors of the economy. "If sanctions will be imposed again in those sectors that are of particular importance, such as the sale of oil, shipping and shipping insurance, sale of aircraft, we will have the right to make the decision in favor of withdrawal from the nuclear deal," he said.

Zarif noted that since the signing of the Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD) on Iran's nuclear program, the government wrote nine letters to the White house, raising concerns of "violations" of the terms of the transaction. The Iranian foreign Minister promised to write to the representative of the European Union for foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini on the President of the United States.

On Friday, October 13, Donald trump announced a new strategy against Iran. According to trump, Tehran does not fulfill the conditions on its nuclear program. As a result, States could withdraw from the nuclear deal and impose new sanctions against Tehran, warned the American leader. The President of the United States has also accused Iran of supporting terrorist groups "al — Qaeda" and "Taliban" (both banned in Russia) and technology of the DPRK.

Joint comprehensive plan of action was signed by Iran, Russia, USA, Germany, France, UK and China in 2015. AGREEMENT restricts Iran's nuclear program in exchange for lifting of sanctions by the EU and the UN. In 2016, when the deal launched, Iranian imports to the EU reached $6.5 billion.

The white house began to criticize the conditions of the nuclear deal after the arrival of Donald trump to power. In early August, 2017 trump signed the bill on sanctions against Iran, Russia and North Korea. After that, the Iranian authorities promised to strengthen ballistic program, the latest such statement was made by President Hassan Rouhani.

According to the Director of the Department of foreign Affairs non-proliferation and arms control Mikhail Ulyanov, policy, leading to the undermining of SVPD and credibility, "really deals a serious blow to efforts to ensure the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons".

Maria Bondarenko, Paul Kazarnovsky


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