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Summit results in Riyadh: public anti-Iranian opportunities of saudit were insignificant
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 11-01-2016
The urgent meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Council of cooperation of the states of the Persian Gulf ended yesterday, in fact, with zero result for the Saudi dynasty. No, certainly, other monarchs expressed to the Kingdom the full moral support of its anti-Iranian policy, angrily condemned "subversive activities of Iran", scarified "intervention of Tehran in internal affairs of Saudi Arabia" in particular, and in the region in general.

But empty concussion of air all it, by and large, pleasant words for which - vacuum and frank unwillingness of other Arabian monarchy to please the Saudi interests seriously to sacrifice the communications with Iran. Large-scale approach to diplomatic front which Riyadh expected to organise, has frankly failed. As, however, as well as attempt to hammer together the international Antiiranian coalition in which, on plans sauditov, should enter not only neighbours in Arabian peninsula, but also such states, as, for example, Egypt and Pakistan.

Both in Cairo, and in Islamabad to emissarys of Kingdom have unambiguously let know that their Antiiranian initiative - personal difficulties of the Saudi dynasty from which it and should understand. And the management of Egypt, Pakistan and other countries of full cares also do not have any desire to participate in the Saudi adventure. In a word, neshnepoliticheskoe department of Riyadh can record in the assets only joining to the Antiiranian coalition of Djibouti and Somalia that resembles a joke, than on practical politics more.

Format of the comment someone as the United Arab Emirates, diplomatic representation level in Iran has lowered does not assume that detailed analysis why each of monarchy-councillors of state cooperation of Persian gulf has chosen this or that form of the limited support sauditov - someone as Kuwait, has withdrawn the ambassador, and someone as Qatar and Oman, have limited only condemnation of incidents with embassy of Saudi Arabia in Teheran and consulate in Meshed. Important another.

Reaction of the monarchy which have collected under the request sauditov, allows to reveal one simple law - for them economy, that is that profit which they receive or expect to receive from trade and economic relations with Iran, it is much more important than a policy - that is paranoid iranofobii sauditov and appeals of Riyadh to the Arabian unity before mythical "Iranian" or "Shiit" threat.

Actually, the answer to also consists in this law what policy of Teheran concerning monarchy will be the most effective. Appeals to relaxation and the dialogue, proceeding from some Iranian politicians, for Riyadh and its partners on Arabian peninsula - an empty phrase. Moreover, the good will is perceived in capitals of these states as weakness and readiness for concessions. And absolutely others has put, when they should choose between ambitions sauditov and real economic losses, loss of those business projects which at them exist with Iran. Active development of business ties with Gulf monarchy as it is straightened out, quite effective though and not unique, a way of "separation" from sauditov their "allies", to be exact - those who of such names.

Would be naive to assume that after a fall of a diplomatic demarche saudity will calm down. Absolutely on the contrary, also it is a past underside yesterday in Riyadh of the summit. To provoke scale international scandal which would force the USA to interfere which would threaten failure the Viennese arrangements - and that in America weight wishing them to break under any pretext, no doubts are present - it is not has gone right. And now saudity will pass to not public steps. Better to say - intensify secret war in territories adjoining to Iran.

The logic here is obvious - to distract Teheran from support of legal requirements of Shiits in Gulf monarchy it is necessary to create to it a maximum of problems in other places which have strategic value for Iran. Therefore there are no doubts that in the near future there will be an activization salafitskogo extremism in Iraq and Lebanon. Object of special application of forces becomes and radikalizatsija separatists in Beluchistan, and - both in Iranian, and in the Pakistan its units. Well and, quite expectational, penetration sauditov and being at them on the contents of blasting elements in the Central Asia, including Tajikistan and Afghanistan will amplify.

At the summit in Riyadh diplomacy sauditov has suffered defeat. But the ruling dynasty expects to take a revenge. Peaceful statements of the assistant to the crown prince, it - the Minister of Defence of Kingdom, Muhammada that Saudi Arabia at all does not wish the scale conflict to Iran nobody should lead a bin of Salmana into error. Riyadh will shun direct collision in every way as its result will be one - shattering defeat and the dynasty end. But here large-scale secret war against Iran saudity there will be messages continuously. Without stopping before application of the dirtiest means.

Igor Pankratenko

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