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To the Iranian officials came a TORNADO
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 21-08-2018
Iran's Supreme leader said that the government deals more damage than the us sanctions.

The Internet and the media for officials is an absolute evil, and the people in any country to their "servants" is without any gratitude. They regret in the heat management, do not spare themselves for the sake of the electorate, and that to appreciate it flatly refuses. Moreover, even publicly accused. "Every day we see how there are new luxury villas what kind of life are those at the top, said at a regular protest, with alarming for the authorities regularly held in Tehran. And the poorer we are, the more luxurious it becomes life from them."

Social protest in Iran has reached, apparently, its peak. Protesters say no more about specific social problems and not blame the West, America and Mr Donald trump. Their anger is now directed more specifically to the Executive – that is, the administration of President Hassan Rouhani. Starts looming prospect that soon the slogan "death to the regime!" will be shouting not a separate opposition, and the whole Iranian "street."

No, the government did not remain deaf to the voice of the people. A vote of no confidence with the subsequent dismissal has received from members of Parliament, the Minister of labour and social security. Was dismissed by the head of the Iranian Central Bank. But these and other measures, the Iranians trust has not caused. The more that Rouhani has continued to generously give promises and still blamed only trump. In short, the President and his administration, and loyal to him, the media started the final move to an alternative reality. In which nobody in the world of anti-Iranian policies trump is not supported, in which the foreign business is not going anywhere, and all the ills of the population that's over – new multi-billion dollar investments in the economy already going on the road.

Against this background, frankly looked mysterious silence of the Supreme leader, Rahbar Ali Khamenei that the Islamic Republic has the final word. But as it turned out on Monday, he was silent not because he had nothing to say. Some pause was necessary to weigh all "for" and "against", choose the right words, and most importantly – to identify the only true line of conduct in a social crisis and a fierce battle within the Iranian political elites.

As a brilliant political tactician, the Supreme leader made at a time when "yesterday is still early, and tomorrow is already late." And managed in its relatively short treatment not only answer the most important for every citizen of Iran and the foreign observer issues, but also to take part of the blame for the crisis in the country.

"There is nothing in trump's to blame if the government is inept". It is this message – if we ignore the inherent formal speeches of the Supreme leader of Iran's restraint has been a key in the treatment of Khamenei to the Iranian audience. "Versed in Economics experts and many officials believe that the cause of this issue (the crisis in the country. – I. P.) is not so much outside as within, he said. – Inefficient work of the government causes the national economy a larger damage than the American sanctions."

And the expectation is that with the lifting of sanctions, Iran's problems will be solved by themselves, dialogue with the United States is a panacea for all problems – what, in fact, Hassan Rouhani, and President – are deeply flawed. And – partly a bug in the Khamenei. "The way he conducted negotiations on the nuclear agreement was a miscalculation, and I personally made a mistake when he gave permission for something, to lead them the way I suggested our officials," he said.

According to Rahbar, which, of course, will now become a key element of Iranian foreign policy, "negotiations with America can lead only when we are able to withstand the pressure and blackmail on her part. Today we have no such opportunities". Consequently, major efforts need to focus on domestic issues. As for the confrontation with the Americans, as Ali Khamenei wrote on his Twitter, clearly addressing one well-known user of the social network from Washington, "there will be no war, but there will be no negotiations with the United States."

Literally "smeared on the asphalt" and bringing to a sorry state Hassan Rouhani and members of his team, Iran's Supreme leader however did not send him into retirement. "Sacred cow" of Iranian policy – the balance of power between fiercely competing groups of elites – limits even to him who has all power in the Islamic Republic. But this good news for Rouhani and officials of his administration, in fact, end.

Because on the eve of his address, on Saturday, August 11, Ali Khamenei approved the plan Sadeq Larijani, head of judiciary of Iran and the brother of speaker of Parliament, on the establishment of extraordinary and endowed with very wide powers of authority, special revolutionary courts to prosecute economic crime and corruption. In Russian history, was SMERSH – "Death to spies". In Iran in connection with the economic war created a kind of TORNADO that will punish officials for abuses under the simplified procedure, inexorably, quickly, but, according to its head, is true.

Just a day before the treatment of Ali Khamenei to the nation, one Sunday afternoon, however, in Iran he is working in the country were arrested 67 officials and businessmen involved in the recent rocked the country fraudulent currency. More than a hundred people the same day received a summons to the investigators and the regulations on prohibition to leave the country. And something tells us that this is only the beginning of interesting events awaiting Iran in the near future.

Igor Pankratenko


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