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Rahmon in Riyadh
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 13-01-2016
Visit of the Tajik president to Riyadh began in day when in the Saudi prison the sheikh Nimr an-Nimr was executed. That, however, in any way in the visit schedule of "the leader of the nation" Rahmon it wasn't reflected though the same prime minister of Great Britain David Cameron which difficultly to suspect of sympathies for Shiites and the Muslim world, possible the meeting with saudita to postpone the account.

However, that can afford the Prime one of the leading world powers is completely inaccessible for the head of a small state. The more that the leader desperately needs now is political and financial support, because the former allies, the full nahlebalsya its treachery and duplicity, the President of Tajikistan has frankly disappointed.

The main purpose of the visit was obvious from the start – money, money and again money. This is the most important thing now Dushanbe. And the Tajik ruling elite is ready to negotiate with anyone and on any terms. Especially with the Saudis, generously paying for the loyalty of their "Junior partners". Therefore, Rahmon did not stint his kind words, stating that "our peoples and countries are United by many common historical, cultural and spiritual relationships".

And then invited his interlocutors to participate in financing the construction of medium and large hydroelectric power plants, substations, high-voltage power lines, development and creation of textile enterprises, enterprises for extraction and processing of minerals, as well as in financing projects of irrigation. "Now is the time so we paid special attention to fundamental and real sectors of the economy and has established long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation in these fields between the two countries," explained to the Saudis Tajik President.

Moreover, a "leader of the nation", and accompanying him persons – all were aware that no economic interests in Riyadh in Tajikistan no. And in reality the rulers of the Kingdom want to know other things, namely the expansion of its presence in the region, as, in particular, is already happening in Afghanistan. Riyadh needed a foothold to expand its presence, including in Tajikistan – and, as it turned out, Rahmon has nothing against it.

However, this aspect of the collaboration suddenly broke out between Dushanbe and Riyadh friendship was discussed already behind closed doors. Officially announced the signing of three agreements and two memorandums: on cooperation in the sphere of combating crime, cooperation in science and technology and the interaction of the relevant ministries, on cooperation in the field of youth and sports and the brain.

But, clearly, these agreements and memorandums are just the tip of the iceberg. Those 108 million dollars, of which Dushanbe will gain through Islamic development Bank "for the reconstruction of the international highway" is just an advance for the fact that the ruling elite of Tajikistan will give Riyadh an opportunity through a network of legal institutions, Saudi Fund for development, to expand its presence in the region. If all goes well, in accordance with the plan, which Tajik President discussed with the Deputy crown Prince, second Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Minister of defense of Saudi Arabia, Prince Muhammad bin Salman, responsible for the specific implementation of some of the sensitive aspects of foreign policy of the Kingdom – that Dushanbe will get much more, but personally, the Tajik President is a guarantee of further stay in power and the loyalty of those local Salafi, who is focused on Riyadh.

To ensure that the Saudi aid rain watered the Tajik ruling elite, now Rahmon, on his return from Riyadh, you need to re-do policy mix: first, to convince Moscow and Beijing that it was nothing he Saudis have not agreed – only business, culture and charity. Secondly is to continue to minimize contacts with Iran under any, even absurd pretexts. Two of these intrigues and will become soon the main areas that the ruling elite Dushanbe calls "foreign policy".

Igor Pankratenko


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