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Gafurov B. G. `the history of the Iranian state and culture`

The collection is devoted to 2500 anniversary of the Iranian state and contains articles by leading Soviet iranists, archaeologists, art historians, philologists on the problems of ancient history and culture of Iran, as well as articles on historical and cultural relations of Iran and the peoples of Central Asia and the Caucasus. Throughout its long and rich history of the Iranian people has created the monuments of material and spiritual culture and made a huge contribution to the development of world civilization. An important place in the history of Iran and its culture is the period of the Achaemenid Empire, created in the mid-sixth century BC and laid the solid foundations of Iranian statehood...

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Information and analytical magazine the Modern Iran

New information and analytical magazine about modern Line, about the Iran-Russia though is their present and boddam. For a wide range of readers interested in obtaining objective information about the situation in and around Iran.

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