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The Russian-Iranian "partnership" and the shifting Sands of the City
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 24-08-2016

Russian experts have mastered in the mind of the fees for the glorification of the new ambitious "diplomatic victory of Moscow - the deployment of Russian airbases in Iranian Hamedane, but the harsh reality is categorically confused their plans. The evening of 21 August, Iranian defense Minister Hossein Dehghan announced the termination of flights of Russian long-range aviation in the country. Moreover, in explaining the reasons Tehran is not particularly restrained itself in terms.

"The Russians are interested in how to show themselves to the superpower and to ensure its role in determining the political future of Syria. And, of course, they observed [the question of the use of the airbase Hamedan - I. P.] a certain amount of posturing and ungentlemanly behavior", - said Dehghan in an interview with the government television channel, and this phrase cite all the foreign mass media.

Demarche to Tehran and Moscow caught unawares, and almost simultaneously appeared two mutually exclusive formal review. The representative of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov stated that "Russian military aircraft taking part in operations in Syria, making flights from the air base in Hamedan, has successfully fulfilled its tasks". And now, he says, future use of the airfield in Iranian territory there is no need.

The General or forgetfulness, whether for reasons of secrecy did not go into details nor of what this task was completed in less than a week three departures. No why just a few days ago, the military claimed that their stay on the basis of Hamedan will be long enough.

The second comment followed Senator Franz Klintsevich, and I suspect that is his proposed version of the rapid withdrawal of Russian VKS Iranian territory and will become for Moscow the main: "...someone who Iran could not refuse, for some reason, insistently asked him to take such a decision. In my opinion, this third force could only be the United States, which did not hide their irritation with the use of Russian Iranian base".

In short – the culprit is found. It is certainly not "a knife in the back" from Erdogan, but Moscow considered the incident a serious blow to its international image. Not forgetting to inform you that the views expressed by Hussein Daghana complaints about excessive talkativeness, posturing and ungentlemanly behaviour of the Russian side – but who would doubt - absolutely far-fetched and have no basis.

The Iranian Minister of defence in this situation with the base – the person affected. In the administration of President Rouhani he is one of a very small group, advocated the need for cooperation with Russia. Now he Dehghan and his associates were compromised. But not only they, but also those political forces in Iran, which relied on the partnership with Moscow, albeit only in the "Syrian issue" - from the office of the Supreme leader Ali Khamenei, Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, the Supreme Council of national security and so on.

The information that the Russian aircraft will use the airport as a transit hub base in Hamedane sparked a fierce debate in Iranian society. Sharply opposed by the liberals and the representatives of the reformist circles, many critical comments have appeared in the Iranian blogosphere. Several members of Parliament demanded a closed hearing and investigation on the question "does not violate the use of the airbase in Hamedane Russian aircraft of the 146th article of the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran" directly and unequivocally prohibits any foreign military presence on Iranian territory.

In explaining the situation and defending the Russian-Iranian partnership has included such heavyweights of Iranian politics as an Advisor to the Supreme leader Ali Akbar Velayati, the speaker of Majlis Ali Larijani, the head of the parliamentary Committee on national security and foreign policy Alaeddin Boroujerdi, and Secretary of the Supreme national security Council of Iran Ali Shamkhani and many other influential persons. The discussion began to subside, the Iranian society, if not with enthusiasm, but with the understanding reacted to the arguments of politicians...

And then there were two circumstances. First, the Russian parliamentarians expressed their readiness to immediately legalize the presence of videoconferencing on the basis of Shaheed-Knife in Hamedane, as was done in the case of the Syrian Mamimum. Secondly, where necessary and where not Russian officials began to openly "flaunt" presence at the airbase as creating another Outpost of Moscow in the middle East. And, almost on a regular basis, turning it into a full-fledged military facility with the appropriate Arsenal (which, I note, the initial agreement with the Iranian side did not provided). And thirdly, perhaps most important, the Iranians became aware that the presence or absence of the Tu-22 in Hamedani was supposed to be the argument of Moscow in the negotiations on cooperation in Syria with the United States.

Tehran is once again faced with a situation where the relationship with him be for Moscow a bargaining chip in some of its global games with the West, and in relations with Israel and the Arab monarchies. Could in this case the Iranian leadership to continue support of the project "Russian HQs based in Hamedane"? The answer, I think, is obvious. As is obvious and the answer to what will be the consequences of what happened to Iranian-Russian relations.

Version about American pressure on Tehran or Persian perfidy and unreliability in partnership", which is now urgently created in Moscow, will be successful only in a very undemanding audience. That, however, distributors of these versions will not stop. Because otherwise they have to admit that the current Russian policy in the middle East is anything, a mixture of beautiful poses, incompetence, convulsive reactions, suggestive of intrigue, but not well thought-out strategy.

In this story there is a spicy nuance, a little-known in the world. A few years ago one of the Iranian air bases were used as airfields for the air force of China, to solve certain problems in the Persian Gulf. Beijing and Tehran have managed to conduct this operation in any degree without violating article 146 of the Iranian Constitution, so that it is still known only to a very narrow circle of persons. moreover, in Beijing for several years is present in the Syrian conflict is much more serious than is generally believed. A lot of information on this subject is present in the media? There many ambitious statements on this issue we hear from the Chinese politicians? Maybe it should be a real policy?

Pankratenko Igor

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