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Rouhani turned to the East, but there it was waiting
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 05-11-2018
At the last Saturday session of the Iranian Parliament, Rouhani has revealed himself slightly shocked by the fact the deputies in the image of the fiery tribune.

Clenched right hand, emotional speech, meaningful hints and hammered epithets – all this was to convince the local Parliament two simple things. First, that the President the nominations of four new Ministers of the economic block it is necessary to adopt right here and now, and there is nothing to discuss. And secondly, he's not some loser diplomacy, nagavalli unrealistic promises, and politician, who managed the impossible – to split the Western world.

"A year ago nobody would have believed... that Europe will, together with Iran and against America – broadcast Rouhani from the podium. – Russia, China, India, the European Union and some African and Latin American countries are our friends." And America against Iran in General, "a sword out of cardboard", funny opponent, which, a few days ago, overwhelmed by the diplomatic skill of the Iranian President, "kneel".

However, it is possible that oratorical fervor Rouhani, its flatness and the pressure was due largely to the desire to quickly electrify the audience to the point where awkward questions to ask he has not come out, I'd be a dissident, a renegade and even a "fifth column". And given the simplicity of manners, often reigning in the Iranian Majlis – can and physically to argue. Here and tried the Iranian President, here and dabble generous emotions, just not to hear from members are shocking: "And what have you with your "look East", the honourable Sheikh of diplomacy and consummate Ustad foreign intrigue? How's Beijing? He's definitely in our friends?"

As for anybody – neither in Iran nor in the United States – it is no secret that the success started by Donald trump's campaign against Iran depends for the most part solely from the Beijing – today the largest exporter of Iranian oil and therefore the guarantor of the receipt of funds in the budget of the Islamic Republic of Iran. And the main international intrigue of last summer were waiting for a response, as China will accept "look to the East", proclaimed on the eve of the SCO summit in Qingdao, Hassan Rouhani, as new and "breakthrough" strategy of Iran in confrontation with the United States? And, of course, in what form will be given to this answer.

Last week, just a day before Rouhani solo performances before deputies of Parliament, two of the largest Chinese corporations – the China National Petroleum Corp. and Sinopec, the flagship of China's economy, the composition of which and the oil, banking, and many more which "divisions", – he announced that indefinitely, but in November of this year for sure – freeze and oil imports from Iran, and all its operations there.

And then – and this is most interesting – all will depend on how the meeting goes... Donald trump and comrade XI Jinping at the G20 summit, which will take place just in November. This information is, as usual, "confidential", but as in such cases is, I know that the two know everything.

Especially Chinese sources, albeit on condition of anonymity, demonstrate uncharacteristic talkativeness, generously sharing not only information, but her, shall we say, "nuances." Namely, under what circumstances he held this decision and even that it was approved "at the top". Although that's really what, and this question could not be initially, since China National Petroleum Corp., and Sinopec – from the "red list" of state corporations of China, the resonant steps which, especially in the international arena, agreed in austerely-furnished classrooms the focus of the Chinese authorities – of the Central Committee of the Communist party.

"The risks of oil imports from Iran exceed the possible gains," make it clear to the representatives of the two above-mentioned Chinese corporations that allows you to make some far-reaching conclusions. About that, in particular, that Beijing refuses to Tehran in the status of "the exclusive partner" and does not intend for him to go to the conflict with Washington. Moreover, Iran is becoming one of the "powerful stones" in the party, Chinese sverhamin that Chairman XI is playing with Donald trump in one embodiment, can sacrifice in the other – will use it.

Moreover, if we look at the schedule of export deliveries of oil from Iran to China in June of 2018, he was surprised to find that fluctuations in it literally until the day match the intensity of the trade war between Beijing and Washington. An unfriendly move by the United States – the volume of purchases increase, stabilization or improvement – these volumes begin to decline. Now the Chinese side raised the stakes, demonstrating to the Americans, to what is the minimum she can go in relations with Iran for the sake of restoring mutually advantageous ties with the United States and protect their corporations from hostile steps of the White house.

But it follows from this and the other – the collapse of the strategy Rouhani's "look East", a complete failure of his policies on China. A few months ago on the pages of Nezavisimaya Gazeta and in the same much-loved format "carte Blanche", the author wrote that the Iranian President "will have to work hard to Beijing quickly agreed to support Iran in a difficult time." As you can see – not have happened.

And not much fact, Rouhani and his entourage tried. Arrogant believing in exclusive for China's own worth as an ally. "Look East" was flawed – whether short-sighted, whether with strabismus, as correctly called strabismus. And that Tehran is very fraught, no matter how tried – and will try Rouhani and his administration to convince the Iranians and the rest of the world the opposite. About "cardboard sword" the United States and trump the Iranian President has already expressed. It remains to wait for its evaluation "jade wand" in Beijing.

Igor Pankratenko


Tags: Iran , Russia

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