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Media learned about the key role of the Iranian general's Russian operations in Syria
Material posted: Publication date: 09-10-2015
The first step in the planning of the Russian operation in Syria was the visit to Moscow of the influential Iranian general, learned Reuters. It was he who persuaded the Russian colleagues is that Assad is not lost.

To Moscow in July of this year there came the Iranian general Kasem Sulejmani, commanding subdivision "Кодс" as a part of the Case of guards of Islamic revolution. Its visit became the first step to planning of military operation by Russia in Syria, writes Reuters referring to the informed sources.

According to agency, the general at a meeting in Moscow «has developed a card of Syria» and has explained to the Russian colleagues, «as a series of failures of president Bashara Asada can turn by means of Russia to a victory». At a meeting the general has depicted in general worsening situation in Syria because of advancement of rebels to the Mediterranean coast where Russia has a base of the Navy in Tartuse.

«Sulejmani has developed a card of Syria on a table. Russian have been very disturbed and understood real dangers to a mode [Bashara Asada]. Iranians have certified them that still there is a possibility to correct a situation», - the agency of a word of the source gives. «During that moment of Sulejmani has convinced them that is not still lost», - he has added.

Russia and Iran, according to agency, planned the operation within several months. It was a question of drawing by the Russian Air Forces of blows on rebels in Syria from air and participation of the Iranian special services on the earth. Agency sources underline that the Iranian general already controlled land operations against rebels in Syria, and now takes part in working out of "new Russian-Iranian operation», writes agency.

As have told to agency three high-ranking sources in region, the trip of Sulejmani in July was preceded by the Russian-Iranian consultations at high level in which course of the party have come to the political agreement on necessity to intensify support of Asada.

One more source has told to agency that the decision on joint irano-Russian military support of Asada was accepted at a meeting of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Russia and the Supreme leader of Iran ajatolly Ali Hamenei several months ago. «Sulejmani appointed Hamenei responsible for Iranian unit of operation, went to Moscow to discuss details. Since then it also went to Syria some times», - the official has told.

Messages on secret visit of Sulejmani to Moscow have appeared in the western mass-media in August. In particular, TV channel Fox News and newspaper The Wall Street Journal have informed on it. Visit, according to mass-media, has taken place on July, 24th, it connected with discussion of removal of weapon embargo from Iran. Thus Fox has specified that Sulejmani ostensibly met president Vladimir Putin and Minister of Defence Sergey Shojgu.

On August, 7th the Press Secretary of the president of Russia Dmitry Peskov on a question, whether met Sulejmani Putin, has answered "is not present". Once again Sand answered a question on Sulejmani on September, 15th. «Is not present. I cannot, I have no such information», - have answered then Sand a question, whether he can comment on messages on visit of the Iranian general to Russia (the citation on RIA Novosti news agency).

Maria Bondarenko

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