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Hard in new York without Osama
Material posted: Publication date: 26-05-2011
Another "sensation" that "defectors from Iran" testified about the participation of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the preparation of the attacks of 11 September 2001 in new York, was the culmination of the stream of disinformation ("smelly herring", in the words of the American PR) plesnevami on Iran over the past few days. From an outside observer, the whole week was under the impression that the global media community rushes like a monkey from the famous anecdote between "smart" and "beautiful", choosing from heaps of anti-Iranian fabrications pieces and more posabilities.

Another "sensation" that "defectors from Iran" testified about the participation of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the preparation of the attacks of 11 September 2001 in new York, was the culmination of the stream of disinformation ("smelly herring", in the words of the American PR) plesnevami on Iran for nroselie days. From an outside observer, the whole week was under the impression that the global media community rushes like a monkey from the famous anecdote between "smart" and "beautiful", choosing from heaps of anti-Iranian fabrications pieces and more posabilities. Judging by the genuine enthusiasm of the media, enthusiastically sucking creature of Benjamin Weiser and Scott Shane in "the new York times", the search failed. And it was happiness...

So, last Thursday, several families of the victims of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001, filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal district court in new York. The goal of the lawsuit is to prove the involvement of Iran the organization of the terrorist attacks on the twin towers trade centre in new York. And, accordingly, to receive financial compensation from Iran.

However, the payment here is still secondary, the payment of lawyers, reporters and ensuring activity of members of the families of the victims. Initially the same – namely, obtaining a court decision about the involvement of Iran in the terrorist attacks and his ties with al-Qaeda. This decision creates a legal precedent that will be further used by higher-level (until the international Tribunal) for legal recognition of the fact of Iranian involvement in "international terrorism" in the Western sense.

Although the material issue is still the place to be. The Manhattan court's decision could help the Obama administration to solve another case and the old problem with the old "Iran's duty". The fact is that with the advent of the Islamic revolution and the exile of the Shah in 1979, all the accounts of the Iranian government in U.S. banks were frozen. This money is the property of Iran and they are refundable. In 32 years with interest and indexation amount is almost $ 90 billion. Political will to dispose of these funds in their own interests, the Obama administration is not. Give the money to the "green movement" and all other opposition groups had not mastered. More precisely developed, but not as much as they would like the Obama administration. And then – there is great reason Iran is considered a "stronghold of terrorism", the organizer of the explosion of the twin towers and the victims family sued his victims. According to the court, the money (or some part of them), frozen after the "terrorist act" in 1979, can be transferred to the victims of the "black Tuesday 11/09/01".

In General, it seems that with the death of bin Laden part of the American political elite felt at once orphaned. Gone convenient a personified image of the enemy, and most importantly – have disappeared one whose existence in itself was a wonderful occasion for solving geopolitical problems for Washington, whether the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, or active involvement in the middle East and North Africa.

But orphaned not only the political elite. His death bin Laden was deprived of a piece of bread with caviar, a significant portion of Medi-elite, from the reporters and ending with Hollywood producers. Everything was simple and clear - there is a villain, progressive part of the international community "mobilized and called". This villain can be attributed to all, it is endless to write stories, books and scripts. All this required no special mental effort, the main thing – to remain in the mainstream of the international political and expert party. And suddenly he was gone... can you Imagine the level of material losses of the media business?

But this "tragic" the consequences of the unexpected and mysterious departure of Osama does not end there.

Much the way the ideology of the modern ruling elite of the West (and the ruling elite of the Russian, what the hell, let's be honest) that it cannot exist without the "enemy image". Without dealing with the "external foe" this ideology withers, deflates... And strips in front of sane people all their wretchedness and failure.

Is the enemy – so there is "international anti-terrorism efforts, protection of Western civilization", "the missile defense system as a prevention of possible missile attacks by States members of the international axis of evil." There is no enemy, and all this propaganda husk flies, revealing the true meaning of pompous phrases: neo-colonialism, occupation, bombing the civilian population, interference in the internal Affairs of sovereign States and the establishment of military domination of the Atlantic bloc in Eurasia.

That bin Laden will be empty not for long – it was obvious from the beginning. The only question was who would be appointed, it was appointed by Washington and Brussels in its place.
Profound reasoning "scientific experts" that at the end of "political casting" it will be Libya, Syria, the Taliban, and even North Korea, nothing but smiles could not cause. With all the hype around them, note that they are all for the Obama administration – the problems of operational-tactical level. And requires a level of strategic final solution of the "Eastern question", the destruction of the last obstacles for the Atlantic military-political dominance in the greater middle East. And, as if incidentally, savory and long-term reason justifying the claims of team Obama for a second term.

In fact, only three countries in the world can claim the title of "the main strategic problem" for the United States - people's Republic of China, Russia and Iran.

For open confrontation with China, the US today there are no possibilities. Against Russia the best policy for US now – "soft power", maintaining the inertial scenario of development of the country and the support of liberal circles in the guide, and nothing more is not needed, Russia would kill herself.

But Iran... Here in the US and its allies harder. If you call a spade a spade, over the 32 years existence of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the United States has failed to solve any of its own tasks in relation to this country. Economic sanctions, funding of the Iranian opposition, support for the separatists and terrorist groups like "the Mujahideen-e Khalq" and "Jundallah", direct attacks against top officials and key figures of the Iranian nuclear program – all to no avail. Iran pursues an independent foreign policy, the Iranian leadership has sufficient political will to implement plans of building an Islamic state, the economy shows steady growth. And, most importantly, Iran is very close to mastering the key to its economic development – nuclear energy.

But the main reason for rabid hatred of the West to Iran is not even in his foreign policy, economic success, or the nuclear program. It is much deeper – it is about ideological confrontation that Iran offers the rest of the world, and primarily the greater Middle East and the Muslim Ummah alternative way of civilization development, a world without the dominance of Bank interest, the world of balance of interests of man and society, a world where different systems of social and political systems coexist and are not in antagonism and conflict, a world in which the wealth of the country vested in the people and not transnational corporations. Here is the alternative offered by Iran is the worst thing for the West. And, of course, present-day Iran, from the point of view of the West must be destroyed.

The difference between a man with a club and the Western elite is that Pithecanthropus could recoil the opponent in the head in obedience to spiritual impulse. And the Western elite brings down on the heads of opponents of the bombs in his pocket, a court order or some other mandate. Civilization yet, 21 in the yard...

The probative value of the mandate, very few people care, it is important its presence. And therefore should not be surprised that the Manhattan Federal district court of new York hearings on mentioned the lawsuit against Iran was a complete fraud and inconsistencies.

In fact, the claim is based on evidence of whether three, or two of the Iranian defectors, which, according to the elegant expression of the lawyer of the victims of Thomas E. Mellon, Jr., "the nature of their activities were related to a secret Iranian documents about the cooperation of Iran and Pro-Iranian organization Hezbollah with "Alkaeda" in the attack on the US in September 2001" (hereinafter – the quote on the report "Court Filings Assert Iran Had Link to 9/11 Attacks", THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 19th, 2011 and "Is Iran culpable in 9/11?" DAILY MAIL REPORTER, May 20th, 2011). The names of defectors were not disclosed, and they are in court was not questioned, because "fear for their own lives and the lives of their relatives remaining in Iran." But the video of their testimony was referred to the court "in a sealed envelope", which, obviously, should we categorically convince exceptional authenticity of these indications.

The readings themselves also contain a very interesting point. In fact, the defectors, as it turned out, no such information and does not have. But I know someone who this information in full. Moreover, this person is well known to the FBI, which is 10 October 2001, included it in the Top 22 most wanted terrorists. However, a completely different set of charges. It would have been very good if not for one little detail – Imad Fayez Maggie, one of the leaders of the security service of Hezbollah, who in one voice indicate mysterious defectors, was blown up in a crack team of Israeli Mossad 12 February 2008. And, accordingly, neither confirm nor deny the testimony of the mysterious defectors cannot.

However, for the present case is a good witness is a dead witness. And Imad Maggie here - well, absolutely the best option. No worries with the evidence – the decision can be taken "on the basis of a deep personal conviction of the court" and it is, as you know, will arise.

Someone little evidence? For someone the entire process is unconvincing and contrary to the official conclusions of the government Commission on investigation of events of 9/11? No problem! If you require America, the brave "Navy seals" you will find the original of the memoirs of bin Laden, where black and white will describe the whole story of how the terrorists who blew up the twin towers, prepared in Iran, after it departed from new York to Afghanistan, and on the border has received awards from the Iranian military.

And need and these awards will find, from unidentified bodies, which then immediately drown. Pistols, for example, with a dedicatory inscription: "Employee of the al-Qaeda H. for the performance of a special assignment from grateful commanders of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps – on behalf and by order of the Supreme leadership of Iran"...

In short, preparing for "violent reformation" Iran is entering its final phase. Convinced of the futility of diplomatic pressure, economic sanctions and Subversion, the United States and its allies decided to start the preparation of "legal justification" final solution "to the Iranian issue" became familiar to Western diplomacy methods: "democratizing bombo-assault blow" and "humanitarian intervention."

Most interesting is that this "legal justification" in the form of the decision of the Manhattan court is unconditionally accepted "human rights activists" of all stripes. The defenders of the wounded penguins are ready to squeal on the slightest (and often) and self-imposed abuses of "human rights". But only in countries that are objectionable to Washington. If something like that makes the West or friendly to it the modes of all human rights defenders suddenly struck by the blindness and dumbness. It seems to be clear: who is "human rights activist" supper, he and his ... dancing. And when it comes to Iran – then the dance continues around the clock.

And it's not even double standards, not "Hamburg account", and almost animal hatred, the blind violence to the proud country that has not caved in. And which has strength and dignity not to accept any Washington morality, no justice Manhattan.



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