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In the White house this lesson was learned
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 16-01-2016
Without desire, special on that, Tehran largely salted to the anti-Iranian lobby in the Congress and the Senate of the USA. The equal rank of the democrats who forgot about party disagreements and republicans, touchingly the zadruzhivshikh because of full rejection of the Vienna agreements of 2015 (they are JCPOA or SKPD – the Joint comprehensive plan of actions according to the nuclear program of Iran), already prepared for large-scale and spectacular participation in the new crisis connected with detention in the Iranian waters of ten seamen of US NAVY.

And the beginnings already and the anxious public to be filled with anger of especially impatient American politicians "Tvitter". On back streets of the Washington corridors "absolutely authentic" hearings about the one who exactly from candidates by the black helicopter will depart Also have already spread to release from the guards of Islamic revolution of seamen grasped by the bloody Case, providing itself with this show almost absolute guarantee of entrance to the White house. But because of insidiousness of Iran, without any preliminary conditions released seamen, crisis has ended, without having had time to begin.

Active workers of the Antiiranian lobby in disappointment spit in that place on the card of Persian gulf where the island Farsi is specified, journalists sigh about the passed by fees, and ten American seamen, one of which - the woman, after friendly embraces of command of the Fifth fleet of Naval Forces of the USA write to fathers-captains reports on how they have appeared in so ticklish situation.

And it is valid, how? There was all enough budnichno. As reports Fox News, in the afternoon on January, 12th two boats of 1st river squadron of Naval Forces of the USA (point of a constant disposition - San Diegos), given to 5 fleet, left Kuwait, time point of a disposition, to Bahrain.

In a way as the official American representative has declared to agency AP, boats have received mechanic damages (breakdowns in engines) therefore have laid down in drift and have been taken down by a current in the Iranian maritime belt. It, perhaps, most slippery place in the given history - at two boats simultaneously fails a running gear. But we will not multiply essence needlessly and we will accept the official American version.

Near to island Farsi (jazireye Farsi) where the confidential base of Naval Forces of the Case of guards of Islamic revolution is located, boats have been detained by sea patrol and together with their crews are towed off to island.

According to the standard procedure seamen have been interrogated about finding-out of circumstances of an event, and a boat - inspected. I will notice that anything that could interest the Iranian military men - the confidential equipment or documents - was not.

All hospitality events have been finished by 01.30 local time. In connection with the come darkness it was offered to American seamen to spend the night in base territory.

Thus to them it has been declared that in the morning they can continue movement and leave the Iranian maritime belt. The American seamen have given on this consent, having asked to help them in debugging.

The hot supper has been offered crew, - necessary technical assistance is rendered mechanics, and in the morning unlucky katerniki have been sent back home.

Having learnt about where exactly the American military seamen have got and who exactly "has accepted" them, state secretary John Kerri has personally called the head of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to doctor Zarifu. Which has assured the American colleague that the question holds on the personal control, the Iranian party does not intend to show any charges to seamen, and in general - such good and it is not necessary to us for nothing, we will show the door in the morning. That, actually, also it has been made.

Here and all history. Here, probably, that place where it is necessary to tell about good will of Teheran (though that to hide, were there wishing to "play" a situation). Or about posramlenii the Antiiranian lobby. Or something else, so politically the correct. But personally to me in this history interesting another.

Crisis has not taken place mainly because for the first time, perhaps, Kerry - with the consent of Obama who was completely in a situation rate - communicated with Iranians without threats and great-power arrogance.

Passed a hearth of negotiations on the nuclear program - and Iranians in dialogues for any diplomat, to put it mildly, not the gift - Kerry has acquired one lesson. You want problems in relations with the Iranian (I will add both a Turk, and the Arab) - talk to it haughtily, and the request state in the form of the requirement.

Reaction to wait for itself will not force and will rather unpleasantly surprise. Judging by the ending of history with ten seamen, at least two persons in the White house have learnt this lesson firmly.

Igor Pankratenko

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