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Orientalist: "the Upcoming visit of President Hassan Rouhani to Turkmenistan will be difficult"
Material posted: Pankratenko Igor N.Publication date: 15-03-2018
The main topic of the negotiations Rouhani and Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov will question for payment of debt for supplied by the Iranian side informed the Turkmen natural gas. About it in interview to IA "CA-IrNews", said the Russian expert, orientalist Igor Pankratenko.

Today in Ashgabat with official visit there arrives the President of Iran Hassan Rouhani. This time Astana will host the summit of heads of States of Central Asia. Perhaps for this reason, the President of Turkmenistan instead of himself at the summit of the delegated speaker of the Majlis.

According to Russian experts, officials, Turkmen and Iranian sides preparing for the visit of Iranian President to Ashgabat, talking about the upcoming summit talks, I prefer to use a dry bureaucratic language and the most streamlined language.

"Exchange of views on the current state and prospects of relations between the two countries, as well as about the possibilities of expanding bilateral trade-economic cooperation and strengthen interaction in the energy sector.Discussion of opportunities to attract Iranian companies and business circles are being implemented in Turkmenistan projects" and other "need to actively implement agreements reached earlier," says Pankratenko.

The expert believes that it means only one thing: neither Tehran nor Ashgabat there for each other for mutually acceptable solutions to the controversial issues, which for years was saved between the two countries. "Of course, the main negotiations Rouhani and Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov will question for payment of debt by the Iranian side over the previously supplied Turkmen natural gas, but the problem is that here the two presidents will not be able to tell each other anything new and enjoyable. Tehran continues to insist that no debt exists, that if something is there and should it still have to be clarified, and all the money we pay are not ready, take the goods and services," added orientalist.

He believes that the Turkmen side, the critical need of money in order to little to bring down the intensity of the consumer crisis in the country, such an option is absolutely unacceptable goods and services at a more reasonable price they could purchase in other, China. By the way, joint projects of Ashgabat and Beijing, in particular, the construction of the fourth branch of the gas pipeline Turkmenistan-China and the subsequent increase in supply volumes to China, also call for caution in Tehran. Since it seems the Iranian side, Iran may lose the ability to import Turkmen gas.

"In Kyrgyzstan at the end of 2019 will begin the construction of the 4th thread (D) main gas pipeline (MGP) of the Turkmenistan – China" - the head of the State Committee of industry, energy and mineral resources of Kyrgyzstan U. Ryskulov.

"In this situation somehow it is very foggy start to look prospects, which should provide deliveries of gas from South Pars field in the Mazandaran province. A year ago, after its opening, the representative of the parliamentary Commission on energy Asadollah Karen Hani, I remember, said that now Iran will no longer need to import gas from Turkmenistan. It now appears that the need for imports has not disappeared," said Pankratenko.

The Russian expert noted that Tehran continues along with Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan wishes to participate in the project southern gas corridor. Not to mention the ambitions of the leaders of the gas industry of the Islamic Republic as a gas hub in the region.

"Of course, not only gas is exhausted to the agenda of the upcoming meeting of the presidents of Iran and Turkmenistan. But the main thing now - not some specific items, and the General trend of recent years. The essence of which is that in the capitals of the Central Asian States - including, in Ashgabat, quite sensitively, and often nervously reacted to the decline under President Rouhani Tehran's interest to the region. Added to the list of already existing problems before more and new" - the analyst believes.

Interesting fact: This visit will take place before another not unimportant event, a Summit of Caspian countries, which will be held this spring in Astana. It will be decided the fate of the legal status of the Caspian sea and division of spheres of influence of the five States are members of Turkmenistan and Iran.

Tehran can no longer delay their decision. At the same time and ready solutions as yet. If we add to this that the region does not exist in a vacuum-that the activities of the other system players here also forms a new agenda, it becomes clear that in some questions with the same Turkmenistan, the dialogue will have to start almost from scratch. That is why the upcoming visit of President Hassan Rouhani and his meeting in Ashgabat will be very difficult. And, most likely, will end without much positive results. For the resumption of dialogue takes time. And one visit, even at the highest level, there is not enough.

The material was prepared by Aziz of Pirimkulov

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